Oct 022016
Gill (now Cotton)

Despite the dreary start the week-end, the rain held off today for a very successful day at Sproutfest. We were very sad to have to sit out the event last year because Miles For Mutts was on the same day so we were happy to be back today! We had the great pleasure of being situated right next to the Lucy the American Bull Terrier’s kissing booth – the last time we saw her she was adorabull & completely bald, so you can imagine our surprise to see what a beautiful brindle she is now.

We also had a chance to catch up with our friend Chris Grimes, Director of the documentary about puppy mills, “Dog By Dog,today. Chris was in town to shoot some footage for his upcoming documentary “Puppy By Puppy” which is a kids cut of the documentary (and, of course, to spend some time at Sproutfest). Chris let us know that there will be a special showing of Dog By Dog in King of Prussia at the end of November. We’ll update you as soon as we have all the details.

We had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. As a matter of fact, Greg spent time with his new family there and Dory came by to play with her litter mates and tell them what life is like in her furever home!

In addition to Dory & Greg, Chet, Chris, Milo, Picford, Squirt & Gill (now Cotton) were also adopted this week!


We have some pupdates to share:

Denver FKA Tex

Denver FKA Tex

Denver FKA Tex

We adopted Denver (formerly Tex) in July and he is already part of the Family ❤ ❤



He is doing great! We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. Still working hard on potty training but he is starting to catch on. He found an unlikely best friend with one of the cats. They are inseparable. The cat even sleeps right outside his crate door. They play with each other most of the day. He’s getting to be a little chunker! He can hear the sound of his food bag opening up from a dead sleep 2 rooms away! We love him so much! Thanks for everything! Everyone in your rescue is and has been extremely friendly and helpful! My kids are actually signing up for the volunteer group which they are very excited for!

River FKA Corrie & Luna FKA Maddie

Just wanted to give you an update on River (formally Corrie) and Luna (formally Maddie). It’s been over a year since I brought River home and she couldn’t bring me more joy.  She is always full of energy, and loves to jump in to my arms when I get home from work.  Luna is the trouble maker of the 2, you can’t leave her alone for more than a minute or she’ll find something to chew.  We took them both out on kayaks a few weeks ago and they love it, which was surprising because they hated the water when we took them to the beach.  

This is how Luna sleeps at night.  She’s my cuddle bug.


I’m actually in the process of buying my first home! I’m so excited for Scooter to have a nice backyard to play in that’s his own. Finally! He is doing wonderfully. Still pulls on the leash but that’s his only little issue. We’re still working on it. He is a joy and really truly lights up my days. He’s a great friend for me and of course always there for me. He’s such a funny little guy and I love him so much and tell him every single day.


Murphy FKA Reese

What a wonderful dog Murphy (fka Reese) is!    She’s perfect for us at our age.  She’s still got spunk, but one long walk per day keeps her calm.  We are so happy she rescued us. Thought I’d share the results of Murphy’s wisdom panel….so much for Bernese “lab” mix 😉

DNA results are in: Bernese Mountain Dog mixed w/Staffy, St Bernard, Aussie & Rottie



Coco is adjusting well to our home…..the occasional chasing of the cats is still being worked on…


Fern FKA Natesa

When we saw Fern at M4M check-in, her mom explained that they decided on the name because, when they adopted her, she would pee on the ferns!

fortunately she has stopped peeing exclusively in the rock garden (and what’s left of the poor ferns! 😉 

Here are a couple of fairly recent photos of Fern. She loves to dig in the dirt and go into the water garden so, we’ve relented and finally just established an area where she and our westie are allowed to dig themselves silly (at least my veg. garden is safe now!).



ZivaI wanted to let everyone know that she is wonderful!! She is a loving, sweet, Daddy’s girl of course. She is such a calm pup, listens most of the time. she loves playing with other dogs, most of her friends are bigger dogs, and she just rolls along with all of them. She loves being at the beach with us, but is definitely NOT a water dog!! she usually wants no part of it, and we’re at the bay, not ocean! she’s about 35 lbs now I think. We love her a lot,as does all of our family and friends! She also gets along fine with our 14 year old cat, Mittens, who can be a bit ornery when he wants to! It was certainly a good decision for us to adopt her!


Mack FKA Mitch

Mack FKA Mitch (and Mila)

Mack FKA Mitch (and Mila)

We hear Mack FKA Mitch is doing great. His mom sent a pic of him (left) and his brindle sister, Mila






Sadie FKA Gabby

Sadie FKA Gabby

We also had a nice visit from Sadie FKA Gabby today, she’s fostering our sweet little adoptable Willy but wanted to make sure we remembered how adorbs she is






We hope you had a great week-end too! For those of you celebrating Rosh Hashana, L’Shana Tova!


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