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It may be a gloomy day today but love is in the air as we approach Valentine’s Day. We had a pawsome event at  Stable 12 yesterday and really enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones! Our brand-spanking new kissing booth got quite the work out and the pups were exhausted from all that smooching too. This week also saw a fabulous parade showing Philly’s love for our Super Bowl winning Eagles and, of course, we have some adoptions to celebrate as well.

Cami was adopted this week and joined sister Daisy and TLC alum Eddie. Also adopted this week were: Big Ragu, Bonnie, Bubbles, Cami, Chappa, Louis, Muddles, Nanette, Orin, Paco, Porter, Prince, Puddles, & Tess (now Tessa)



we also have updates to share too!

Abby FKA Gail

“Abby is doing GREAT! Loves her toys and not possessive with them. Actually just started playing with them the other day. Initiates play everyday with all 3 dogs. Has officially taken over the couch and my blanket. Curls up in bed with Anthony or myself, and then goes into her crate at night of sleep. Wakes up everyday at 7am and ready to play/wrestle. She has adjusted very well, and I think very quickly.”

we also have a great update on her sister Abbi FKA Abbey, who is in training to become a service dog with Main Line Deputy Dog

Abbi FKA Abbey

“here are some pictures of Abbi in her training at Deputy Dog. Abbi is truly a blessing. Keeley can now go out again with more confidence. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”


Cinder FKA Uhura

“I am Cinder, ( formally known as Uhura) Tomorrow is my 4 month birthday. I am going to PetSmart!


Asher FKA Spock

“Well, we love him!  And he seems to love all of us!  We’ve changed his name to Asher (Ash for short) and he reponds to it already so he seems fine with the change

He was at the vet yesterday and I brought them the records you gave me.  Everything seems great!  

We all go for walks two or three times a day, he runs around the yard a couple of times a day and fetches balls and toys.  We try to tucker him out so we all get a good night’s sleep.  All three dogs seem very happy together. He’s a really good puppy.

Thank you so much for everything!”


Faith & Wesley

Faith and Wesley

Faith and Wesley

“Everything is great! She has turned out to be a solid little linebacker and was the PERRRRRfect mate for Wesley! ”


Chloe FKA Godiva

“We have changed Godiva’s name to Chloe.  I was fighting for the names Folesy, but i was overruled by the Steelers fans in my house, although my son has all of a sudden become an Eagles fan! She seems to be settling in quite nicely. She is a sweetheart and just loves to be near us!”


“we decided to keep his name as Franklin. Franklin is doing well working on the house training! He loves to cuddle but has a lot of energy.  I plan on taking him to our vet this week. “




“Time flies!   She’s been great”




Dobby FKA Sheba

“Everything is going very well!  We can’t imagine life without Dobby!  She has definitely become one of our family members, and she bring us such joy.  We just did a DNA test on her and found out that she is 100% chihuahua, which was a surprise since she’s a little bigger than the average range of the breed.  

I’ve attached a few pictures.  Thanks for all you do!”



“we adopted Roscoe when he was about 4 months old and he is now almost a year old! He is a friendly, cuddly, and energetic boy and brings so much joy (and laughter) to our lives. He loves walking through the woods and going to doggie daycare to play with other dogs. There are deer that walk through our yard and he loves letting us know when they are outside by barking excitedly. He continues to work on his manners and learn new commands and even some tricks. 

Thank you TLC for all that you do!”



“We are absolutely in love with our Gaines! We kept his name. We felt it fit him so nicely. Our cats are still getting used to this “big cat” new to the house, but they are becoming a little bolder. He’s playful and lazy and so snuggly. We just love his attitude! And we love his happy dance when we are getting ready for a walk and putting on his harness. He’s very attached to us already but is doing great in his crate when we go out. I’ve adjusted my work schedule this week to see how he’s settling in and build up his crate time. His crate is a place he goes to when we are home to hang out with a treat puzzle!

My 11 year old daughter cannot believe we have a dog finally after years of talking about it. She’s thrilled!

We already reached out to Jeri to sign up for training. He could use some help not jumping and coming when his name is called. 🙂

Thank you helping us find Gaines. We feel so lucky he came into our lives.”


Keira FKA Ivanka

“We changed Ivanka’s name to Keira. She is settling in now. She shows some hesitation still but is getting more comfortable in our house. We will be reaching out to the trainer and our vet at the check-up for tips for introducing our cats and dog to each other. We noticed she had a few accidents in the house so we are working on finishing housebreaking before starting obedience classes with her at the end of the month.”


 We also have a few more picture updates, including one of Alvin and Dharma FKA Finley graduating from training class with our own Jeri Wagner







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