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Duke Sinatra

Thanks to Labor Day, we still have one more day to go of what’s been a glorious holiday week-end for us so far. We know Hermine’s still threatening the East Coast so we hope that people are prepared for stormy weather and staying safe. For those who say you can’t find a purebred in rescue, we present the case of Duke Sinatra. Duke is a 1.5-year-old, purebred Chocolate Lab who found himself in need of a new home after his mom was transferred for work to a place she could not take him. Duke’s a wonderful boy so it wasn’t too long before he was moving along himself and happily celebrated his own gotcha day earlier this week.

He’s not the only pup that was the subject of a happy adoption notice: Bonnie& Stewie, Cinnamon, Crissy, Magnolia, Mary (now Riley) and the last of our Chipmunk pups, Theodore, were also adopted.


We also have some nice pupdates to share as well:

Sophie FKA Oreo (Willow FKA Bindi & Roscoe FKA Elvis’ “cookie” litter)

Another update on our Sophie, formerly Oreo who is now a little over 1-1/2 years old. We just love her so much and I wanted to let you know that she makes me so proud when we are out. I take her to the Warminster Bark Park several times a week, which she LOVES, and she is one of the popular dogs there. You can be sure she will stir up the pot and get play started when she arrives. She likes to wrestle but, best of all, she loves to chase and be chased and she is very fast. She isn’t interested in the pool there, but loves the water squirting out of the fountain. Sophie hasn’t met a dog she doesn’t like and always plays gently if a dog is smaller. She is also the only one that retrieves the ball or frisbee. Yesterday she went to her first community yard sale where people stopped us and commented how cute and well behaved she was.

Sophie also goes to a doggie day care one day a week. I’m sure you remember how much she hated the crate–and that hasn’t changed. This day care averages 20 dogs a day and they spend the day playing together either in the yard on inside the building, un-caged. I really enjoy watching her have such a good time.

I’ve attached a few pictures of Sophie at the dog park. You will recognize her, the blur in the pictures, playing with her friends.

Thanks again so much for letting Sophie become part of our family and brighten up our life!

PS: For 8 months now Sophie has been whining at night and looking at my nightstand. I couldn’t figure out what she wanted because I have no food there. I just realized that she was smelling my mint flavored mouth spray. So now I keep her doggie dental spray there too. When she whines I give her a couple of sprays, she wags her tail, and lays down. She is VERY amusing


Jack Biscuit FKA Biscotti (Willow FKA Bindi & Roscoe FKA Elvis’ “cookie” litter)

Jack Biscuit FKA Biscotti

Jack Biscuit FKA Biscotti

Just wanted to share a photo of Jack Biscuit at almost 2.

Thanks for the beautiful member of our family. He has healed our heart.



Cooper FKA Tavis

We love him and couldn’t imagine our lives without him. 


Phoebe FKA Trudy

She is so playful and definitely keeps us on our toes! We are working on basic commands. She’s pretty much mastered sit and stay! She’s very treat motivated (she loves Cheerios)! Her favorite toy (her baby) is her fuzzy snake. She carries around most of the day!

We would be open to keeping contact with the litter mates! We have a pretty busy couple of months coming up but for sure in the future!

 Editor’s note  – the families of all 4 of the pups in this litter are now in touch with each other (which means we were copied on pics of all of them!)

Ava FKA Tallulah

I adopted Ava (Tallulah) and she is doing wonderful!  She is a perfect fit for me and I for her.  I too couldn’t imagine my life without her.  She is so smart and gets along with everyone she comes in contact

and last, but not least, from this litter. . . heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Tucker FKA Teegan!


Nutmeg FKA Melissa

I also wanted to let you know in case any other families from her litter wondered, but I did pay for the DNA test to determine breed and they are a litter of mutts!  The results showed American Staffordshire Terrier, Golden Retriever, Shih Tzu, Miniature Poodle, and undetermined other!  Definitely a melting pot of breeds!

Daisy FKA Curly Sue

Daisy FKA Curly Sue

Daisy FKA Curly Sue

We are all so in love with Daisy and she has settled in just perfect! She is such a good dog and the foster family really did a great job training her and loving her!

We have a vet appointment next Friday, the 9th – which was the first we could get in!

Thanks for the info on the micro chip and the trainers!

Here is a picture of daisy with Bailey. Bailey is still trying to figure out if she is staying for good.

Thanks so much for allowing us to adopt her and for all your help through the process! She is just perfect!


Lola FKA Lanie

Lanie (now Lola) is doing great!! She’s settling in very well! She has a well visit appt with the vet next week. Here are a few pics. As you can see she loves her naps!!


We also had the pleasure of meeting up with some alumni at the Reading Phillies Bark in the Park event! Cincy FKA Ray swing by and let us know that he’s hoping to run into some of his litter mates at Miles For Mutts and Skipper FKA Johnson brought his brother, Alex to say hi.

We hope you have a safe & happy Labor Day!


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