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Making sure that dogs and families are a great, mutual, match for one another is something we at TLC work hard to accomplish. We know that some times, it just seems to take a while to find just the right family and, some times, people who thought one dog would be the one realize that someone else is actually the best match. When things are meant to be, they’re just meant to be and this week’s adoption featured a lot of that “yup, this was worth the wait” moments.

Our little Jedi master, Tink, waited patiently for the right family to come along and the worth was definitely worth it! Chico II also hung around a little longer than we expected but, once he met his new family, it became clear that the universe was doing him a solid for being so patient.  Some things are just mean to be. The Chihuahua mixes weren’t the only lucky pups celebrating gotcha days this week: Cilantro (now Charlie), Diana (now Luna Tonks), Gabbana (now Faith – the last of Guess’s pups), Otis, Penny, Shayna & Sheba (now Pippin) were adopted this week, as was Anna Lee’s pup, Chewy.

Two of the pups already have TLC alumni family connections: Diana’s new big sister is Mady FKA Tamber of the Ta litter from March/April 2014 & Sheba’s new cousin is TLC alumn Samwise FKA Wrangler.


We have some great updates (including some DNA results) to share!


“Hi everyone, Baby’s DNA results came back. It was a 27 page report. She is 37.5 lab, 25 chow chow, and 37.5 mixed breed (sporting, guard, and terrier groups). She tested normal for MDR 1 (multi-drug sensitivity). She is a carrier for exercise-induced collapse. It’s an interesting report to read. You can see her family tree. Have a good one!”


Taffy FKA Cherry

Hi! I wanted to show you how cherry looks . . . she now goes by “Taffy” and had a little haircut today . . . they told me she may actually be an Australian Terrier. We have all fallen in !!!”


Annalee FKA Anna Lee

“We are so happy that Annalee is part of our family. She is the sweetest, funniest little girl. We kept her name because she answers to it and also because Annalee is the name of a river in county Cavan Ireland and I always wanted a dog with an Irish name or connection. I think we are meant to be together. It just seems like she fits right in and has always belonged here. I’m attaching some pictures. Please excuse the one in the dress, a friend gave it to us and we just had to take a picture with her in it. I never imagined I’d be someone who dresses up their pet but here I am lol!

Thank you so much to TLC for the gift that is Annalee. We are so grateful. “


Tito FKA Thor (aka Annalee’s baby daddy)

Tito FKA Thor

Tito FKA Thor

“Tito (aka Thor) Is our little sidekick. He goes everywhereeee with us.”







“Samantha is doing great! Wed did keep her name. She is really attached to my daughter Ava!  My entire family has already met her and she loved the attention!”


“Things are going well. We kept the name Sydney because we really like that name. We had her first vet visit this past Saturday and the said everything looked good! She is sleeping in her crate at night and we are averaging 2 pee breaks throughout the night.  She loves playing with my other dog, Roxy, as they play for hours on end.

Thank you for everything”


Wendy FKA Windy (mom to Brinley, Tank, Bleu FKA Blue & Junior)

“Wendy is doing great. We are all being trained so that our walks are a bit nicer. Other than some barking and excitement, she’s been a dream. “


Bowie FKA Wolf

“Our dog has settled in pretty well and has quickly found a place in our hearts.  After much deliberation for the week we’ve reached agreement and have changed his name from Wolf to Bowie.  He has enjoyed numerous walks and has met most of the neighbors and their dogs.  We have plans to get him to the vet soon.  I’m not very good with social media but have attached some pictures to this email.  Please thank the foster family and all of the volunteers at TLC for the wonderful care he’s received.  We feel extremely fortunate.”


Wilson FKA Boomer

“We had a little birthday party for Wilson and celebrated with a homemade “cake” of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter & milkbones. We also got our fence and he loves how free he can roam. 🐾


Chip FKA Terk

“Chip is doing very well, he’s a little scared of all the cars and subway grates in the city but he’s getting better every day!  I’ve attached a few pictures, he was very curious about the fountains in Logan Square Park!”


Lila Grace FKA Haley

“We love our Lila Grace so much, and she and Bodhi  get along spectacularly well.

Right now they are playing i’m making adorable, playful sounds.

Lila is such a sweet girl who loves to give & receive love. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.  “ 


Zoey FKA Mabel

“Yes, the time’s flown by and I can’t believe that Zoey’s been with us for 7 months now. When she came to us she was a reticent dog who didn’t like to be touched or cuddled and would bare her teeth at the smallest instance. Today, she’s a loving dog who loves to go on car rides, enjoys vanilla ice cream, loves chicken jerky and doesn’t leave my son’s side. We have really been busy over the last few months and in the chaos and our ups and downs she’s helped us stay sane. She’s just wonderful! Here are some pics for you and the amazing TLC team. Btw – that’s my son’s lap if you haven’t guessed that already. She’s happiest when she’s with him. “

Remember those stinkin’ cute fluffballs in the La litter from January? They’re about 6 months old now

Piper FKA Lally

“Today is Piper’s six month birthday (we think) and we wanted to send an update on how she’s doing!

  • Piper is now up to 27 pounds, growing long and wide but not very tall
  • She was originally described to us as “independent and confident” and she has definitely displayed those characteristics at the Agility classes she has been taking at Zoom Room in Philadelphia
  • Piper is a social butterfly always excited to meet new dogs in the city and to see her normal doggy friends at the local dog parks
  • Our biggest challenge with Piper has been due to her protective instincts as she is always on alert for strangers walking by – and makes sure that they hear her bark!

We would love to hear about any of Piper’s siblings if you have any updates on them.”

keep reading because sharing Piper’s update set off a cascade of updates from the extended family

Cooper FKA Laddie

Cooper FKA Laddie

Cooper FKA Laddie

“I just sent Cooper.   Hopefully you got it. 

He’s Much bigger than piper!  Look at his legs!

Cooper is 37 lbs.  He’s also very protective especially around tall men. 

He’s been a great puppy.  Loves walks and gets along great with other dogs. 

He’s very independent and is going through a chewing stage.  

He’s not very affectionate but I’m hoping that changes.  The vet said he could be

Part corgi and chow.  She thinks he might be 60 lbs!  Yikes!”


Endor FKA Lawler

“Endor (FKA Lawler) is doing great. We had a rough start with him, but we found an excellent local trainer, and it’s really helped a lot. Endor has two kids, 5.5 and just-turned 1, and two cats. (We have our hands full!!) Every day he enjoys going to the bus stop to see all of his neighborhood friends; he’s very popular. We’ve even had people stop their cars to ask what he is and where they can get one.

He’s a bit unsure of strangers, especially men, but we’re working on that. He loves to play fetch with a number of frisbees outside and one particular tennis ball inside. He seems to be a water dog; he’s  always digging in his water bowl and playing in our little garden pond. I can’t wait to get him a baby pool.  Right now he’s a very hot puppy with this heat wave. We’re looking forward to hearing about his adorable siblings!”


Luna FKA Laurie

“Luna is doing great! She’s up to 25 pounds and is extremely intelligent! She is still very wiry of new people and can be a bit protective at times but she has her big bulldog sister to reassure her! The two are always together! She eats like a horse and loves car rides but can’t help but get sick if it’s too long. She LOVES attention and always has to sit right next to you or right on top of you! She learned many of her tricks while she was very young at only 12 weeks! She knows how to shake with each paw, lay, roll over, wave, and dance! She also knows to sit before I open the door outside so that she will never rush out of the house. We went away over the weekend one time so far since we have had Luna and it took her quite a bit to trust the family member we left her with so she takes time to warm up to others when alone with them but she comes around and loves other dogs! She is overall an amazing intelligent dog! We have so happy to have her as a part of our family!  “ 

speaking of family updates, Faith FKA Gabbana’s mom and a couple of brothers sent an update this week too

Zoey FKA Guess

Zoey FKA Guess

Zoey FKA Guess (r)

“Zoey is settling in very well! She took no time in making herself right at home. We’re so happy with how well she fits into our family. We have a vet appointment scheduled. Thanks for everything!”





Chewie FKA Armani (Guess’s pup)

“Chewie is doing great!  He was at the vet yesterday for a checkup and his shots.  He is now weighing it at almost 30lbs.  Attached are some pictures.  His new hobbies include naps on the couch, playing with Roxie and eating bunny poop in the yard!”

Kors FKA Versace (Guess’s pup) & Bandit FKA McCall (Mc pups from March 2017)

“Yes, we are all doing well and McCall and Kors have settled in nicely. We are into a regular routine of going potty and playing outdoors.

My son initially wanted to adopt Versace but he was taken…so he has renamed Kors. He is Versace now but I call him cuddlebug and chunky spunky monkey! He’s full of energy and loves playing with McCall. They play tug of war daily over rope toys, bones and sticks. Versace has a big, loud mouth and when he is sleeping, we whisper and tip toe so we don’t wake him.! He is crate training and learning quickly to hold it until he gets outside. He is a joy!

McCall has also been renamed. He is Bandit now. It is very fitting too! He runs really fast, like a bullet. Versace and Smokey try hard to keep up but bandit leaves them in the dust. Just like the movie characters, we have our own Smokey and the Bandit. Bandit is a sweet heart. He is very curious and enjoys exploring the house and yard. He has boundless energy and loves to get the others to chase him. He is also protective of our home and is quick to bark at anyone passing by our house. He loves to jump on the couch, cuddle up and sleep next to us. I have attached a few pics for you to show their foster Moms.” 


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