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We’re ecstatic when any of our dogs finds their furever family but some of our pups need a little more time with our fosters to find that perfect family for them. It’s extra rough for the pups who need to be the only furkid in a family when they first move in because people often infer something is wrong with being an “only heart.” During his time in foster, Kip continued to learn & grow while waiting for someone to recognize that he already was their perfect pooch. Well, Kip is very pleased to announce that he finally made that special love connection that added a little extra spring to his step, and you can tell how happy he is in his happy tail photo!

Likewise Fiona aka Fi Fi also need some extra time with us, but to every season there is a turn and as she and her litter mates celebrated their first birthdays, she quickly turned the chapter to start her happily ever after with a family that includes a patient dad and TLC alum brother, Joey FKA Ulysses.  Also adopted this week were:  Adrian, Andy, Blackie,  Cereno, Foxy, Ingrid, Luna, Maria (now Rosie), Marilyn, Marsha, Mary & Rudy!



We also received some alumni pupdates to share with you

First up are Fiona’s sisters who, sadly didn’t send updated pictures for us to see how they’ve grown up but are doing really well!


“Things are going great with Faye.  She seems to have just fit right in with the family (including the cat). Thanks for the follow up.”

Gidget FKA Freya

“All is going well with Gidget, we just celebrated her one year birthday! Thanks for checking in.”

We also received some fun updates & DNA panels from a bunch of other alumni too:


“While we are home, things are going extremely well. She is really the best dog ever!! We have even gotten her to the point where we can go out without a leash and she doesn’t run and listens to commands very well!!! (Remember the first 12 hour escape escapade). However, we have learned that she has tremendous separation anxiety. She will literally look for things to chew the moment we leave and we cannot cage her because she shakes sooooo intensely and will harm herself to get out of her cage. So we are working with our vet and with a dog behavior specialist to see what we can do to help her learn that it is ok and we will come back home. We know it’s a slow process and we love her so…. so we will get there.”

Gracie FKA Petunia (Macy’s pup)

“We love our Gracie girl very, very much!  She keeps us busy and brings a lot of joy and love to our lives.  Our vet feels she is doing well physically, which is a blessing, and her little personality is growing and changing day by day. We enrolled her in dog training and the dog trainer mentioned that she feels Gracie may have some valid anxiety issues. We also have a wonderful friend who took care of our beagle when we would go away for a few days and watched Gracie for us for two days and she is also is concerned about anxiety. We summed it up to just being a puppy, but we are now a bit concerned.  We want to do everything we can to help her grow into a healthy, happy dog! Is there anyone at TLC that specializes in these types of issues?   We are open to any suggestions!! “

 We referred Gracie’s family to our own Jeri Wagner


Peppa FKA Kiwi Frita


Thank you for reaching out in the card. Peppa (formerly known as Kiwi) is doing just fine. On the days that I work her grandpa comes and picks her up to spend the day with him. Peppa is rarely left unattended which she LOVES. In addition to her doggy daycare she has transitioned from typical dry dog food to homemade organic lean food. 

(Pop pop daycare)

After I took her to the vet we found that she has some allergies so the homemade food alleviates her itching and licking. Her knee caps pop in and out too so we are able to give her more omega 3s in her diet. We also have been able to slim her down with the diet so she can walk further distances now! 

(Her favorite activity is snuggling)

She is quite the fashionista… my coworker knitted her a sweater! She loves it because it helps her stay warm. She misses the southern heat and hates the PA weather elements. We dress accordingly 🙂

(The knitted sweater)

I might be biased but I think she is pretty spoiled and loving it! She loves the car rides and accompanying me everywhere! 

She might be a diva but she loves her humans… big and small ️”


Toby FKA Jacob (Gracie FKA Jannece’s pup)

“ I just got the results of his genetic testing and I thought you might be interested.  I was surprised at the results, but it’s fun to see.”


Penelope FKA Joy

“Hi I just wanted to send some pictures of our baby Penelope (formally Joy ) she’s doing very well, and just a sweet girl.”


Milo FKA Pancho

Milo got sick after the holidays so we’re very happy that his family updated us to let us know he’s on the mend!

“ We had a Wisdom Panel DNA test done on Milo. Attached are the results. 

He’s doing much better now. He ended up having hookworms, but had his treatment and another round of antibiotics and he is back to his playful self stealing my dish towels every chance he gets.”


Calvin FKA Sam

“We got your card a few weeks ago! We’ve been busy but here’s some recent pics of Calvin 🙂



“Want to share Fonzie’s DNA & his pix with you”


Wilco FKA Zeke

Everything has been great since we adopted Wilco (FKA Zeke) in August! Wilco likes long walks, playing with his toys, hanging out in the backyard (looking for rabbits), and resting on the couch. He also loves hanging out with his “aunts,” Stella and fellow TLC alum Ruby (FKA Giselle or Mama G), along with his “cousin” Salem, a DC rescue adopted a day before Wilco! We love Wilco so much! Thanks, TLC! “



“Prince is doing great! We kept his name, although one might say a good substitute would be King because he has easily become king of the castle. He settled in easily, no signs of trouble adjusting. He is acquiring lots of toys, loves playing and walks, and trying out various laps or couches to cuddle in.

Despite displaying typical energetic Australian cattle dog energy, we can’t believe how much he naps and sleeps all night long.

Prince did really great at his veterinary visit, the staff was impressed. He tested positive for ehrlichia but doesn’t show any symptoms. He also has some pretty bad tartar and like any youngster does not want to brush his teeth. He will need a good dental treatment soon.

Otherwise, we hope to get him to behave more princely when on a leash and then look forward to trying to teach him a trick or two.

He’s a real bundle of love and member of the family now.”


Senna FKA Bear

“Bear is now called Senna and he is doing very well! We are very happy and we hope he is too. We have learned he loves swimming and running water as well as to run endlessly without ever getting tired! He is a lot more energetic than we had anticipated but we are adapting to his needs and trying very hard to figure out how many more daily walks and visits to the dog park he requires to not be restless at home. He is wonderful and we are quite in love with him already. But, alas, we do have a couple challenges. 

First, he is the most food-motivated dog we have ever met. He is constantly roaming for food even after being fed. He will chew on absolutely everything hoping it taste good and that has led us to take shoes, paper, cardboard, his leash, his bowl, sunglasses, and many other things out of his mouth. He is also just 1 year old so we are hoping that eventually he will be better at not eating everything. 

Secondly, he does not like being in his crate at all. We are starting from zero and getting him used to it but we are not sure if he will ever be able to safely (and quietly) stay in his crate when we are not around. This is an issue with us because we cannot leave him unsupervised yet due to his obsession with chewing on everything and because the cat is not too happy to share the house with him yet. I hope we can train him to be there without our presence for 2 hours a time so that we can start using walkers and I can start going to work. My boyfriend can take him to work 2-3 times a week but the other two days will be challenging at first once I go back to my normal routine at work. I think we will give Jeri a call to see what she suggests. 

I am attaching a few pictures of him as well. “


Kairi FKA Hailey

“Hi! We decided to change Hailey’s name to Kairi. She seems to be settling in pretty well despite a few minor accidents(which we are currently working on). We are currently in the process of house training her as well as getting her adjusted to a sleeping schedule. We are going to see the vet tomorrow afternoon to do a check up as well as to see what and when she next needs to get vaccinated. Although it has been a rough couple of days we have pushed thru and enjoyed all the time we have spent with her. Attached are a few photos we took the first day she got home.”



“Zeus is settling in well. And yes, we decided to keep his name. 🙂

We have a vet appointment scheduled for the 1st.  I’m looking into training options, although he is quickly picking up on my cues, so he is clearly a smart dog.

He had his first day at daycare the other day (Dogtopia), and he did very well — got along with all the other dogs.  The only hitch was that it happened to be the dog warden’s day for inspection, so he got cited for not having a license.  The paperwork is on its way to the county treasurer, so it will all work out”


Zeus FKA Jacob

Zeus FKA Jacob

Zeus FKA Jacob

“We changed Jakob’s name to Zeus.    We have a neighbor named Jacob and my son really likes the Greek Gods.     

To date he is doing well.   He is very curious and our 8 year old lab, Gator, tolerates him.   He is starting to mimic Gator and went to the bathroom outside today for the first time.   He does not bark except if he is left alone in his crate.    He is afraid of loud noises which is a good thing when walking him and cars are heard.   He scurries to the grass and sits down.   


So far so good.   The vets will be either late this week or early next week.”



Hank Williams FKA Mitchell

Hank WIlliams FKA Mitchell

Hank WIlliams FKA Mitchell

“Everything is going great! We’ve renamed him Hank Williams (because he’s got star quality) and already taken him to the vet. He’s still getting acclimated, for sure, but making great strides. 


Simon FKA Mack

“Mack (now named Simon) is doing great! He went to the Vet today since he’s been having some diarrhea.  But other than that, he is adjusting very well. We are so thankful for TLC rescue for bringing him into our lives.

We will send pictures as he grows! And we will reach out to the trainers for some  questions that we have.”


“A photo of him, newly arrived home, is attached. Thanks for everything.”

 As you can see, we love Bailey! He has a wonderful disposition and is good company. Many thanks to all of you for the good things that you do!”





“ Buddy is amazing and is doing very well.  I just recommended TLC to someone yesterday as they see Buddy and would love a wonderful puppy like him.  Buddy turned 1 this month and enjoyed a lot of goodies.  He loves all food except for certain duck foods.  My kids adore him and he has an internal clock that tells him when they will be home from school.  Buddy completed puppy training last year and will soon be starting next level training.

We love him and thank you to TLC for him.”


Pippa FKA Paris

“Thank you for following up! We changed Paris name to Pippa. She is doing amazing! We love her so much! Thank you for all your help with the adoption.”

Stanley FKA Gunner

“Everything is going great! Stanley (previously Gunner) was the greatest decision we have ever made. He brings so much happiness to our lives. I’ve attached some pictures of our baby, he is almost 9 months now, and 37 pounds! We got the DNA test and it said he is 25% chow, 12.5% German Shepard, 12.5% lab, 12.5% boxer, and a mix of terrier and herding.

Thanks for everything you do. Hopefully we will be adopting another in the next couple years :)”





“Time for our 6 month checkup.  We have complete unconditional love for Jackie.  She does have some interesting habits.  Pairs of shoes have to be separated I into different rooms.  A person can not watch TV with socks on.(She will pull them off.)  A pile of clean wash can not include a bra.(She will take it somewhere else in the house)  The most fun toys are acorns.  She throws them and then chases them.

Walks can be halted by laying on her back.  At times we call her “Wacky Jackie”




“Hello. I hope you are well.

Archer is awesome. He is doing so well. He just passed his puppy training class and we are going to go on to the next obedience class. He is just a sweet ball of energy. Here are some pictures.”




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