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Happy Winter everyone! We had some light dustings of snow to wrap up the week, luckily not enough to delay any adoptions though. 

Simone may have had a tough start in your young life but she’s had a fairly charmed existence since she was found, emaciated, by a good Samaritan who nursed her to health and got her into rescue. That good Samaritan sent her to us with her lucky penguin which, in addition to her winning personality, let her Pittsburgh Penguin loving adopters know that she was their soul mutt.

In addition to Simone, Bridget, Darby, Elroy (now Barkley), Naughty (now Wiley B), Nicholas (now Boomer) & Rocky were also adopted this week.

We also received some wonderful updates & pictures from alumni to share with you:

Chai FKA Tai

Chai is doing great! I really couldn’t ask for a better dog and am so grateful to TLC to have her. We had a great Christmas and she even went to see Santa. Her and my oldest niece love each other and Chai follows her everywhere. She is still growing on my cats but they get along pretty well. I am so happy with my decision of adopting her!

Lucy FKA Orchid 

Lucy and my mom were made for each other.  They both love going for walks, so Lucy gets 3 looooong walks pretty much everyday.


Izzy FKA Isadora

Izzy FKA Isadora

Izzy FKA Isadora

Everything is going wonderfully 🙂 Izzy now has a brother (my roommate adopted a greyhound named Opie) and they’re getting along really well. Izzy loves hiking and I’m looking forward to training her as a running buddy in April (once she’s a year old). She’s super healthy, other than one bacterial infection that she had a few months ago. She’s 40 pounds now and has been growing 5 pounds a month for the last three months. I think she’s about finished growing now, but who knows!




We recently enrolled Italia in puppy training through Pet Smart! 

She has come leaps and bounds in the last few weeks and is a quick learner!

We absolutely love our little girl and couldn’t be more thankful to TLC for helping us to rescue our beautiful pup!


Ava Lucia FKA Hart

Ava Lucia FKA Hart

Ava Lucia FKA Hart

She is loved dearly. And smart. Very much a problem solver. She’s learned to use our ice dispenser, and to open our front storm door (much to our dismay).





Stella FKA Rhoda

Stella FKA Rhoda


Stella is doing great! She loves playing with her toys and running like a cheetah throughout the yard. She is very loved and is a lot of fun.




Callie FKA Carni

Callie (previously Carni) is doing great ! She has made a wonderful addition to our family. She loves playing with her brother (our 5 year old son) all the time. She is fully house broken and crate trained now. The only thing we still need to work on is the jumping and nibbling. I am hoping over time that begins to stop. Oh and the barking. Whenever she goes outside she barks at every little thing in the yard.

I can’t appreciate you guys enough. Every time I know of someone looking to get a dog I always recommend you guys! I can’t wait to add another dog in our future and I will definitely be coming back to you.


Summer & Coco (FKA Samantha)

Just wanted to reach out and let you know that Summer and Coco (was Samantha) are doing great. We adopted them on 3/22/15. They are truly the best. We love them to bits. They turned 1 on Jan 10th. Very different personalities, they just love our family and each other. It was so funny to watch them play in the snow for the first time a couple days ago.

Have a Happy New Year!

Shelby FKA Rosetta

I know [it’s been a year since adoption]. We can’t believe it ourselves.  And what a TREMENDOUS difference there is in our Shelby. (Rosetta)  She loves Brian and I unconditionally.  And has taken to 2 of our daughters.  She is still apprehensive with other people (unless they have a dog with them lol) but she is extremely protective of us.  She will growl at people she has not taken to or seen before; however, she would never harm a fly.  She is a “flight rather than fight” pup. 

I vowed the day we picked her up that I would bring this baby out of her shell (hence Shelby ….whatever shall be, shall be) and so she has.  She wants nothing more than to please us and has proven this over and over with the ease it took to train her.  My heart is filled with such love for her that I can’t imagine life without her. 

As I sit here crying over what I have written, please know that they are tears of joy.  Our baby now knows that there are things to enjoy/love in life.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Shelby.  She is my lifeline.  I believe the saying goes, “My Rescue Dog Rescued Me”


Ooma FKA Reith

We wanted to give you a quick update on life with Ooma (Reith).  She is wonderful and we couldn’t imagine life without her!  She loves long hikes, romping in the woods, chasing squirrels and playing with her cat-brother.  This past august Andy and I got married and Ooma played an integral part in the day – see pictures below!   Thanks again for helping us to bring this sweet pup into our lives 🙂




Just wanted to share a picture of Monty celebrating his first birthday a day early. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Monty! He has brought so much joy to our home!




Dodger FKA Jacoby & Bailey FKA Buttercup (aka Morgan)

All is going well!  Adding Dodger (FKA Jacoby) last summer was one of the best decisions we ever made! He turned 1 year old on December 29,2015.  He has adjusted extremely well and seems very happy.  Especially since he can play with his big sister, Baily all the time.  He is definitely taking advantage of being the youngest and totally bothering his big sister every chance he gets!  Bailey (FKA Morgan) has been with us since July 2014 and she will be 2 in February 1st.

Both additions to our family have been a godsend, having gone through the tragic lost of our daughter last September, they have more than once kept us going.  Their unconditional love continues to be one of the most important factors for us to get our day started.

We cannot thank TLC enough for their support.  Finding and working with TLC in adopting Bailey and Dodger has completed our family.

I’ve attached a picture of Dodger, on his birthday and one of Bailey just hanging out with her little brother on our bed. I think we need a bigger bed!

Thank you so much for everything!

Seamus FKA Griffin



Just wanted to update you all on Seamus! We have had him now for a little over 2 years, and couldn’t love him more! He is a happy, fun, playful and totally hilarious dog with the best personality ever. He loves going for his walks, and playing with all his toys. Thanks for doing what you do….if you didn’t, we wouldn’t have the best dog ever!


Jilly FKA Midnight

We just wanted to send an update on Jilly!

She is doing really well. She has stolen the hearts of our whole family, even Maddie, our 12-year-old Golden. She has settled into a nice routine that includes waking at 5am (ugh) for breakfast and morning play time with Maddie. She also enjoys multiple naps throughout the day, either huddled under several blankets or snuggled into Maddie. She has also welcomed her daily chore of waking the kids for school with her wet puppy kisses. She walks on a leash well as long as Maddie is in front of her, and is the hit of afternoon bus stop pickup. She really is the perfect fit for our family. She has put a little pep in all of our steps. Thank you for helping us make her a part of our family, we are so grateful.

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