Jan 242016
Polar & Bailey

Polar, Bailey & some of their humans

You’ve probably seen the memes about how winter is coming – all in one week-end, and considering how many people are still digging out, we’re kind of hoping that’s all winter 2016 has to offer. Most of the dogs, on the other hand, seem to be very happy for new soft white playground to romp in.

Despite the inclement weather, some lucky dogs found themselves saying “I do” to furever families this week. As you can tell from the look on his face, Polar thought his family adopting him was a no brainer. He joins TLC alum, Bailey, a human sister and two human brothers. As a new, but full-fledged member of the family, Polar was very happy to help his human brothers celebrate their birthday today!

Also adopted this week were: Brady, Freddie, Reagan & York

Most of the updated pics we saw this week were posted as comments to our Snowmaggedon 2016 post on Facebook, but we did receive a couple of other updates as well:

You may have seen updated about some of her female litter mates last week, and now we have an update on India


India is doing great and has become a beloved member of our family as well as the perfect companion for our older dog, Boone. She has a ton of personality, energy to spare and loves snuggling. She is super affectionate and we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter dog.




We also received notice that Ziva completed her level 1 training class with Pepper’s Paws






We hope you & your family weathered the storm well. We also hope, after a week-end being housebound only to get out in time to go to work all week, that you’ll consider enjoying a night out by joining us at TLC’s Bow Wow Buffet & Baskets at Trappe Tavern next Saturday night.

 January 24, 2016  Featured, Happy Tails

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