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Adeline w/TLC alum Lola FKALois

Geez, it seems like it was just yesterday that we were mourning the end of the holidays, but we’re already in the last few days of the first month of 2017 already. It was a fun week where we got to see some old friends and make some new ones.

Sweet little Addie, who came to us in a cast and healing from a broken leg, was finally ready for adoption and happily became a little sister to TLC alumnus Lola FKA Lois. She’s not the only one who celebrated a gotcha day this week, Amber, Blitzen (now Maulik), Boston, Copper, Duke, Jade & Tink, Jill, Laddie & Laurie were also adopted!



We have a lot of updates to share too


Remington FKA Danny (Darby’s pup)

Back in September, our baby was in our wedding and he was PERFECT! We also did a DNA test on him (cheek swab from Mars Vet Clinic purchased through Amazon) Turns out our little guy is half Beagle, and part American Staffordshire! Along with a small mix of other breeds from different groups. It definitely explains al of his behaviors.


Kona FKA Nugget

Kona is settling in very well so far. She is such a great dog, and always seems happy. I’ve also attached some pictures


Haven (mom to Harbor, Harmony & Hope)

Doing great. Awesome dog. Fits in so well. A real lover. Loves the cats and other dog. Everyone gets along great. She plays with their son’s large puppy GSD wonderfully. Remarkable how well she fits in. She met a fox up close in the yard the other day and surprised the fox. He hasn’t been back since. She chases geese and watches the deer go thru the yard.


Mr Darcy FKA Hummer

Everything has been going great with Mr. Darcy (formally Hummer)! Attached are a few pictures from some of our adventures!


MoeMoe FKA Moe

We changed Moe’s name into Moemoe. It sounds cuter!

Moemoe is such a great boy, 8 month old and grows up to 53 lb now.

He is very smart, has learnt many tricks like sit, down, up, stand, shake hands, high five and even fake death.

He adds a lot of happiness and laughter to me and my husband. We thank your team for bringing him to our family.  


Charlie FKA Stiles

Charlie (fka Stiles, adopted November 2016) is the sweetest pup ever!! He has brought so much joy to my little family and is BFF’s with his big sister Bella. Thank you TLC!


Maia FKA Dawn

Dawn, now Maia, has adjusted beautifully! She and Raven are becoming better friends each day and Raven seems to be enjoying (or maybe just tolerating) Maia’s playful puppy behavior. We see lots of wagging tails from both of them when they interact.


Gus FKA Mike

Gus fits right in.

Life feels normal with him here! I almost forgot he’s so new to us. Although our day isn’t normal with the added bit of excitement and extra love/joy. Wes has made so many comments like “our dog is so mellow, aww mama I love our dog, he’s so sweet, he’s so funny, he can’t stop tickling me”, he has really taken to using commands and learning to be an alpha dog. It helps that he’s more of an alpha person than I am. And he loves having jobs.

I let Wes even hold the leash a little bit today-much earlier than I expected. But Gus really is so mellow and while he’s active he doesn’t seem to lurch.

Last night he got right into the swing-he laid by my feet while I cooked. This is good-I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen! He goes into his crate on his own. He knows where his nest is! Right now he’s asleep on the rug in the parlour while I spin yarn to knit up items for our next baby. I’m having a lovely evening with my little companion by my feet!

Here are some photos-the first one from yesterday. The rest from today. I put a handspun knit cowl on him and he posed.


All has been going very Well! She is settling in nicely. The only think she barked at so far was the ice cream container on the counter. 🙂

Her first visit to the vet is this Saturday. She seems to know some commands and learns quickly.
Thank you for allowing her into our family.


Ziggy FKA Theodore (Jolie & Gizmo’s pup)

Ziggy FKA Theodore

Ziggy FKA Theodore

Ziggy (f/k/a Theodore of the Chipmunk pups) has made such a positive impact on our lives. We take him everywhere we travel from the shore to the mountains and even New York City. He loves everyone and every pet he meets, and we are so thankful for the love that he gives us everyday. Thank you so much to the entire team at TLC Rescue for bringing us together.

I have attached a photo of Ziggy watching the Chipmunk Pups video from TLC Rescue’s YouTube page. As you can see, Ziggy is ready to jump into the television and play with his brother Alvin and sister Eleanor. It is obvious that he misses them so much. Maybe he will reunite with them at a future TLC event…


Gidget FKA Wanda

Gidget’s DNA test came back and we thought everyone would be interested in what she would be. According to the wisdom panel she has four primary breeds in addition to “mixed breed”.

  1. American Staffordshire Terrier
  2. German Shepherd
  3. French Bulldog
  4. Chow chow

I’ve added a screenshot of the pedigree they sent us. The Chow chow part is still blowing our minds. She is walking a lot better on leash for us. She is proficient with Sit and Down and is learning Shake


Gunner FKA Sneezy (Avery’s pup)

Gunner FKA Sneezy

Gunner FKA Sneezy

We renamed him Gunner. Gunner is doing well. He loves playing with the kids and running in the back yard. He had his first visit to the vet, everything looked good. He just needed to be dewormed again. Our vet recommended getting him neutered at 1 year of age since he is going to be a big boy. Other wise he is doing great sleeping the whole night in his crate.



Kimo FKA Happy (Avery’s pup)

Happy has been renamed Kimo (after our favorite Philadelphia flyers player). He is thriving and seems to be enjoying every minute of his new home. He had his first visit with his new vet on Thur 1/19. He is growing so fast, was 20lbs at his appointment. He will be going back for shots on Feb 3rd, and once more a month after that. At that last appointment for shots we will also be doing his pre-surgery check and then scheduling to have him neutered.

We are looking into 2 local puppy kindergarten classes and will be scheduling that soon since he is 10wks old now. I am confident he will do well with that, as he has been crate and potty training great and is also starting to learn to sit when told.

It’s crazy how much he has learned and changed in 2 weeks! Thank you again for such an amazing dog…he has brought so much joy and love to our family


Keifer FKA Kefir

Keifer FKA Kefir

Keifer FKA Kefir

Kiefer (we changed the spelling), is doing awesome! He is 26 pounds and is a very mild tempered dog so far. He loves walks around the neighborhood and has met many other dogs! He sleeps through the night and goes potty outside. He is a very smart dog and is already listening (for the most part). He sits, goes potty, down, wait, come and shakes hands. The vet says he is going well. The only issue we have had so far is ticks, but we put medicine on him and things seem to be good. Oh and he loves sticks!”



We also received a nice pictures of Lexi Rose, Bear FKA Laker & Belle FKA Lydia, and Garth (Gaby’s Shep-Hound litter from September 2015) that were posted on FB and had a visit from Dory at today’s meet & greet!




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  1. Love seeing all the animals in happy homes and doing well! Thank u for sharing with us!
    Foster moms for mike

    • we know how much we enjoy hearing updates for our fosters, so we know that the people/fosters at the originating shelter who worked so hard to get them into rescue need to see how well they’re doing too!

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