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Breann now Kari and Rari

Independence Day is tomorrow so, unlike most Sunday nights, we’re not moping that the week-end is already over. Instead, we’re enjoying the weather and celebrating “gotcha” days relishing the fact we have one more day left in this holiday week-end. A few of the pups celebrated their very own sort of “independence” day early, in the form of getting adopted.

Rari & Kira (FKA Breann)

Rari & Kira (FKA Breann)

Breann (now Kira) has a great set of parents, a handsome brother named Rari and a lop-eared bunny in her new family, and she couldn’t be happier. Her mom describes her as an absolute joy and says:

“She loves everyone she meets and is the biggest couch potato ever! I took her with me to my company picnic the day after I got her and she was as calm and perfectly behaved as could be.”


Ben, Chesney, Daphne, Diesel, Evelyn, Minnie, Odie, Raina (now Rae) & Randy (now Wyatt) were adopted as well


Last week we heard from a couple of Rachel’s pups, this week we received an update on her and have updated pics of two more of her pups who celebrated adoptiversary days earlier this week

Ella FKA Rachael

Thank you all for the birthday message for our adopted dog, Ella.  She is doing just GREAT, and everyone loves her.  Our guests and family members all love her as well. 

Thanks again for making the process so smooth and obtaining a great dog for our family.

Cleopatra FKA Rae (Rachael’s litter from July 2015)

Cleopatra is a happy full of energy 80+ pounds rescued canine. She’s exhausting but we love her!!

Hazel FKA Ramsee (Rachael’s litter from July 2015) & Luna FKA Millie

Hazel & Luna celebrated their adoptiversary at home but are spending many of their Summer week-ends down the shore


. . . and had a few updates from other alumni as well:




Here is my 11 year old with fast growing Kali! She’s doing really well. We love her. She is a joy.

Take care!! Thank you!!!





This is Dakara, adopted from TLC one year ago. Amazing dog, Australian Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel (wisdom panel), then unknown and looks like Ridgeback.

Duke FKA Zeke (last July’s Z litter)

He is great! We’ve been spending weekends at my parent’s lake house and he loves it. He spends the entire day outside, and as soon as he goes inside he’s back at the door wanting to go out. He loves the water but is still afraid to swim very far out. He just hops around and splashes everyone. He has such a personality and is a lot of laughs. He’s currently about 55lbs.

Marley (Shih tzu – Maltese mix)

We just love our little Marley and he is very good with the grandson. I will have another grandson to watch in September. He will be curious but will love him too.

Thank you so much for recommending Marley to us. Could not be happier


Rusty (Red Heeler)



Rusty went exploring the pinnacle Overlook Trail and his dad sent us this picture





Joey FKA Ulysses

Joey (Ulysses) thinks he’s a retriever…he’s doing great

Axel FKA Adam

Axel had a banner week, graduating from his training class and helping his dad propose to his mom.


We hope you all have a safe & happy holiday!

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