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Another weeks is winding down and that means it’s only two weeks until Miles For Mutts! Advanced registration ends tonight, so hurry up an register before the price goes up. We’re hoping to see a lot of alumni and that there will be a lot of family reunions too.  Speaking of alumni, a bunch of pups celebrated gotcha day this week!

Adam, Baby, Braxton, Fabio (who, immediately changed his name to Mason), Hannah, Holley (who is happy that every day will be Taco Tuesday) and Mishka were adopted and started living their happy tails.


We also have some fun pupdates and a virtual family reunion to share:

Bonnie & Stewie

Bonnie and Stewie are doing great! They’re settling into their routine and love our daily walks to the local parks. There’s a ton of parks around here and they all have trails and walking tracks. I’ve kept their names the same, I don’t want to confuse them. My son adores them and they are so gentle with him! We also go to our local dog park and they have fun chasing and sniffing the other dogs and plating fetch. They might be getting older but they’re still extremely active pups! Oh here’s a funny picture for you. Stewie likes to nap under the couch with Bonnie close by lol.


Cam FKA Harris

You are right about the months flying by. I adopted Harris the Pointer but I changed his name to Cam. Cam is doing very well. He is such a happy puppy. Runs all day, goes searching for stuff in the woods and was swimming with me last weekend! Cam also has a friend, Jonas the cat. They are best buds. Play together, sleep together, and unfortunately eat out of the same bowl together sometimes. I am extremely pleased with TLC and am so happy I adopted from your organization!


Garth (Gaby’s pup)



Garth’s a very lucky boy. Not only does his dad love him, but his grandma is super proud of her handsome granddog – and look at him, who wouldn’t want to show this pup off?





Gregor FKA Hampton

Gregor FKA Hampton

Gregor FKA Hampton

The Hound graduated from his first obedience class on Sunday and passed the STAR puppy test. We’re starting nosework classes on the 25th and he’s going to crush it, I’m sure! Inborn houndish sniffery aside, he’s obedient and does a terrific job following commands.


He has adapted to his new surroundings very well. He looks to Chloe all the time for guidance. He has learned his yard, so he knows where he may go off the leash. He loves the side deck and when it is cool or warm enough to keep the door open with just the breakaway screen so he can come in and out as he pleases on the enclosed porch. He loves to play with his treat ball and loves to be chased, it is all quite the fun game for him! He does get testy at times and seems to have something that happens that seems to be a reminder of his past treatment that he just turns to nip. He also loves to chew.. seems to be anything that is made of paper or fabric. So we have made adjustments at home so that he doesn’t have the temptation by just keeping all paper and fabric out of his reach in our absence. He has moved to the legs of the kitchen table, lol! Just hoping that he grows out of his misbehavior. Any recommendations would be appreciated. He is a lovely pup that loves to snuggle up in bed, be pet, played with and loves to lay at my feet when I am working on my computer. We wouldn’t trade him for the world! He makes our hearts overflow with joy every day and is the perfect companion for Chloe. Thank you again for selecting our home to be Wess’ lifetime home!


Maisy FKA Summer

Maisy has been having a great summer! She has been to the beach and hiking and camping in the Adirondacks! She has proven to have a whole lot of energy which is great for me; on some of the cooler days we have even jogged a couple miles!  


The families of the K pups from November 2013 have been sharing stories of how they’re all doing and sent us some updated pictures to share


We also received a nice pic of Copi FKA Christian and his big sis, TLC alum Daisy FKA Xandra, and a picture of Louise’s pup Nellie FKA Ivy imitating her “big” bro Tito



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  1. how is oyr beautiful louise?

    • She’s doing very well and has completed her treatment for heartworm. We had to delay spaying her because she’s gone into heat but will do so as soon as she’s ready, and then we’ll follow up with the orthopedist to determine how to best treat her paw.

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