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It was pretty quiet on the adoption front on a week filled with Passover Seders and Easter celebrations, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a busy one. In addition to adoptions, we had our hands full with vetting issues and whelping some litters of puppies that will be ready to make their debut over the next few weeks! We’ also busy getting all the raffle & silent auction items for our upcoming Raffles For Ruffs event, which is only a few short weeks away. We’ll start updating the event listing with pictures & descriptions of the items that will be available over the week and we hope that will get all of you excited enough to start getting your tickets now!

It was love at first site for our boy Thor & his new mom, but he wasn’t the only lucky pup to find himself a new home in time for the holiday. Grady, Sahara (now Delta) & Sandy also made love connections and were adopted this week too!


We also received some nice updates this week too:


I adopted Parker about a month ago. I just wanted to give some updates on him! He is doing amazing in his new home. He loves his new doggy siblings very much. He is recovering very well from his hip surgery! Soon he will be coming back to work with me at a doggy daycare! Parker is very happy and is very loved :)”


Kahlua FKA Sal & litter mate Sadie (Sa litter Feb 2014) had a playdate

Kahlua’s mom was scrolling through reviews on Great Nonprofits and saw a review with a picture of his litter mate Sadie.

I have Kahlua (fka Sal) and there was Sadie, looking just like a mini version of Kahlua. We had a puppy play date this morning and it was great to see and talk about all the things they have in common. Their gait is very similar and they both raise a paw and “point” at things. They both bark a lot, but Sadie has a much

smaller and more pleasant bark!

If you can, please pass this email on to anyone else from the Sa litter of 2014. We’d love to hear from any other siblings and would happily arrange more playdates!

We’ve sent that message along to help connect the whole extended family and have already heard back from sister MacKenzie FKA Salma

MacKenzie FKA Salma (Sa litter Feb 2014)

Mackenzie FKA Salma

Mackenzie FKA Salma

“Mackenzie is an amazing Big sister now! If anyone is in the Wilmington area we would love to get to get her and play! “





Kami FKA Camo

We decided to change her name. She is no longer Camo; she is Kami. I have scheduled her an appointment with the vet on Saturday the 15th. I contacted 24PetWatch and updated her info with them. I also registered her for class with Deb Murray (class is on 4/26/17).

She is settling in well. We are working on getting her to go potty outside on a more consistent basis. She’s maybe had 2 or 3 accidents. We’ve been walking her pretty often because she doesn’t really have any distinctive tells when she has go potty. She spends a lot of time during walks sniffing everything and getting distracted. Since she is very treat and attention motivated, we have been praising and treating (when I remember them) her when she goes potty outside.

She has really warmed up to Dwayne and likes to follow him around the house. She also likes to play chase with the kids and they run up and down the hallway together. The cat is not very happy about her, but he goes over to sniff her and spends a lot of time staring at her. Hopefully with time he will get used to her more. So far, so good!”




Rachel’s parents sent a picture to her foster mom to let her know how well Rachel is doing, how spoiled she is and how she is enjoying her fenced in yard





Daisy FKA Carrie

“Hi TLC, it’s me Daisy (fka Carrie) my Momma had my DNA done using a Wisdom Panel 3.0 and here are my results! As you can see I am about 65% Border Collie and 35% Cattle Dog and definitely 100% awesome! My Mom says it’s good I found someone who likes to run and teach me tricks and go to agility, because these breeds aren’t for the lazy! We soon ‘level-up’ to a tougher agility trainer and Mom is going to work on teaching me frisbee to add to my ball playing skills”


Memphis (M litter Oct 2016)



“Loving Memphis. He’s such a good pup! Thank you for connecting us ❤”


Memphis wasn’t the only one from this litter we heard from this week, we also got a twofer update from Lula & Gus:


Macy FKA Lula & Maze FKA Gus

Macy FKA Lula & Maze FKA Gus

Lula FKA Macy & Gus FKA Maze (M litter Oct 2016)

We are doing great since adopting Lula FKA Macy. We are in New York City this week visiting her brother Gus FKA Maze. They get together once a month or so. Lula and Gus are referred to as City Dog and Country Dog! Amazing to see how different they can be. Thanks for finding us these beauties! They get lots of attention when they walk together. Happy Spring!


Beasley FKA Paul

“I wanted to give you an update on Beasley. He just finished his first session of private training. He’s definitely making improvements. He starts group training next week. He’s been to a local dog park & is doing great with other dogs. It really brings out his inner puppy. He went to doggie day camp twice this week & really opened up his 2nd day. The camp posted a video of him playing with another dog, he looked so happy. He even started going up to the staff to be pet. He goes to work with Travis on the days he’s not at camp. And he’s adapting really well to that environment also. He’s made quite a few friends with Travis’ coworkers & regular customers. He’s still fearful of new people & needs work on his leash skills. But he’s making so much progress in the month we’ve had him. He hated being crated, so we leave him out & he’s been an (almost perfect) pooch while we were gone.

We got his dna tested & he is quite the mutt 😊 He is 50% mix – mostly hound, 25% pitbull, 12.5% rottweiler, 12.5% chow chow (what?) Beasley is the perfect addition to our little family & we’re so thankful we found him through to love a canine rescue.”


Carli FKA Djali

“Carli fka Djali is getting bigger by the day. She can now get on the couch by herself to take her afternoon naps. She’s almost got sit learned but teaching her always becomes a biting game very quickly. Every chance she can get to go outside she will. Potty training is also getting very close. She is starting to whimper sometimes when she needs to go. Overall she’s a great puppy and we are really happy to enjoy her company”




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  1. I just wanted to let you know that Gerry (we actually spell it Jerry) who we adopted in August is scheduled to neutered tomorrow at Exton Vet. Thanks very much. Tracey York PS He is doing great and has added so much to our lives! We are crazy about him.

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