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Margie now Maya

Can you believe, Thanksgiving is only a few days away? Some of the pups are super excited because they’ll be settled into their homes in time to celebrate how grateful they are to be a permanent member of their own furever family!

It feels like it was Shepherd week because Margie (now Maya), Rambo, Sophie & Tango all met great people ready to “put a tag on it” as it were.

Ferguson (now Potter), Iggy, Juliette & Zoey all have homes in time for the holidays, as does Miss Shana (aka Ridley) who changed her name to Blossom.


Vivi & mom

Vivi & mom

We’d like to thank Vivi FKA Victoria & her mommy for all the support they’ve given us, and a special thanks for all the items they donated to us this week too!





We have some pre-holiday updates to share with you:

Annalee FKA Anna Lee

“Here’s our precious Anna Lee at Halloween. We’re having a great time with her. Thanks for bringing her into our life!”



“Logan is great. love his energy and spirit. Were discovering more of his traits as we go along. He’s very smart…..super fast. I like the idea of agility training. Love his confidence.
He went to the vet today. He checked out great….a couple of parasites which we are treating for. Stool is still loose.  Crating is going well. We will definitely get him some training. such a great pup. I hope Sue’s family is not missing him too much.
Thanks for checking in.”


Charlie FKA Champ

Charlie FKA Champ

Charlie FKA Champ

“Great to hear from TLC!

Charlie is doing brilliantly and loves his fellow canine Pip Marie. Charlie is loving, affectionate, funny, obediate and some how I feel “grateful” for a home where he is loved. Charlie can still “shy ” and does have more difficulty with males. Charlie is quite the watch dog off AND on leash and we are working on training him to understand he is safe – and that I am too.

We are so grateful to have Charlie – my son is so devoted to him as well. Thank you for providing a safe refuge for dogs before adoption!!! Here is a silly picture of Charlie having a laugh!”


Luna FKA Diana & Mady FKA Tamber

Luna and Mady

Luna and Mady

“Hi TLC Team!
Luna developed a lump on her hind hip that we had checked out. Originally they told us it was a fatty mass, but told us if it got larger or harder, to bring her back. Well, wouldn’t you know it, it grew and got a bit firmer. They surgically removed it. She spent 10 days with that darn cone thing on her poor little head. It didn’t stop her from doing anything after 2 days. We were told to make sure she didn’t run around, yeah right, they know Luna!! Anyway, the biopsy came back as just a benign, fatty mass. We were all on pins and needles for about 2 weeks until we received the results. Luna is such a blessing to our family. She, along with Mady, bring our family so much joy and make us complete. I don’t know what we would do without them. Just took this photo of them, are they not the cutest puppies ever!!! Oh by the way, the vet told us that the fatty mass is very common for a boxer!!! So I guess Luna has some boxer in her!
Happy Holidays!!”


Ruger FKA Ruben

Ruger FKA Ruben

Ruger FKA Ruben

“Ruger is so happy and we love him more and more each day!

He is 40 lbs now and such a love bug! He gives hugs it’s adorable, he puts one paw on each shoulder and lays his head up to ours.”





“We adopted Jesse in September and she is amazing she let’s me rub her tummy and does a happy dance when we go out. She is so lovable and sweet. It’s so wonderful to see how much love can change a soul, thank you so much”


Duke FKA Floyd

Duke FKA Floyd

Duke FKA Floyd

“Overall, he’s been a “puppy”.

We get lots of compliments on the color of his coat. He’s really good with kids and loves attention. “




Penny FKA Shayna

“Thank you for reaching out, I hope you’re doing well! 

Penny is doing great 😀. She is such a sweet, loving dog- she has fit right into our life! Penny loves going for walks, playing in the dog park, and snuggling at night. She is mostly house trained at this point and passed level 1 of her dog obedience class! We’re hoping to get her in the next level class or agility class next year. 

We are so grateful to have found her- thank you so much for all of your help and support!! I attached a few photos of our little muffin too!

We’re signed up for the newsletter but please continue to keep in touch and let us know if we can support TLC in any way. “



“All is well with Odie! He has adjusted well to his new home. He’s a good dog! Loves taking walks, digging in the backyard & chasing squirrels & birds!!! He is also very playful & loves belly rubs and attention!! Lol

we love having him as part of our family! :)”


Chester FKA Chase

Chester FKA Chase

Chester FKA Chase

“Chase (now Chester) is a happy boy- and so is Roxy! Thanks for finding us such a lovely boy!”





Norah FKA Harley

Norah FKA Harley

Norah FKA Harley

“Norah turned 2 at the beginning of the month we’ve almost had her 2 years in January … she’s so perfect we love her so much and so does her big sister ”





Remmi FKA Genny

Remmi FKA Genny

Remmi FKA Genny

“I got the DNA testing back! Remmi (genny) is chow (as u mentioned all dogs are) white swiss and german shepherd, bulldog and boxer!! 🤗 🐶 i love her to pieces! Thanks so much!”




Lady’s pups celebrated their first birthday

Piper FKA Lally

With our litter celebrating their first birthday this week, we wanted to send some updates on Piper (Lally).


  • She is up to 35 pounds and still very short.
  • She loves most other dogs, especially golden retrievers, yellow labs, and French bulldogs.
  • She loves to chase squirrels in the park, walk along the Delaware River on Penn’s Landing, and take lots of naps!
  • We thankfully got her stomach issues figured out through a mix of specialized food from Royal Canin and a daily probiotic.
  • She has also gotten a lot less anxious thanks to her vet recommending a daily dose of Prozac.


We would love to see photos and hear about the rest of the litter as well!”


Copper FKA Laddie

I love seeing and hearing about Cooper’s (Laddie) siblings!   


Cooper is a big boy!  He weighs about 50 lbs.  I’m hoping he’s done growing soon. 

He’s VERY smart, playful and loves other dogs.  He’s not very affectionate but seems to be getting a little better.  He’s such a guard dog!   If he doesn’t know someone who comes over, all the hair on his back goes up. He’s friendly with everyone except some tall men. We can’t figure out why he picks and chooses.   He loves to play on his back while holding toys with his paws. Super funny!   He’s not a fan of the car since he gets sick.  Maybe he’ll outgrow it. 

He’s also great using his doggy door.  He’s a rough and tough dog.  He loves digging, playing ball, frisbee (not a good jumper), going to the dog park and being with family. As you can see, he looks so much like piper but with much longer legs.

Thanks for the update and happy birthday to a great litter! 🎉🎉🎉


Luna FKA Laurie

“It’s so great to see the other pups! It seems that our Luna (Laurie) is the only one with long fluffy hair in the litter! A dog trainer today told me she looked exactly like a Finnish spitz! When I looked it up I couldn’t believe the resemblance!

Luna is a very energetic and bright girl and gets along with other dogs very well. She is very cautious of new people though and will keep her distance until she warms up to someone. She had 2 spells of tummy issues at about 6 months old but we seem to have it under control now. She is a huge cuddle bug and wants nothing but to make us happy! She is quite the chewer though and tends to destroy all of her doggy sisters squeaky toys so we tend to keep those for supervised play time. She is fully grown at only 39 pounds but she has the biggest personality! “


Endor FKA Lawler

“I love seeing how everyone grew up!! My 1.5 year old instantly recognized Cooper and Piper because she started calling them “Endy” when we showed her the pictures. 

Endor is also 50lbs. He’s losing his summer coat, so he looks pretty lanky right now. 🙂 He’s DEFINITELY a teenager! He loves playing ball and frisbee, and he enjoys chewing on bones and his antler. Does anyone else’s pup bury their treats??? I’ve NEVER had such a stereotypical dog in my life. If we give him a special bone or treat, he immediately starts looking for someplace to bury it (under the rug…in the yard…in the couch cushions… 🙄) 

He’s a happy boy with a lot of energy. He loves his kids, cats, and mom and dad. And he enjoys chasing the squirrels in the yard. And digging holes. So many holes. In my garden, in my planters, in the lawn… Lol

We took a bunch of training classes, but now that I’m back to work, we’re taking a small hiatus.

One thing’s for sure: he is a very handsome boy! 

Hope everyone else is well. Keep the updates coming, and happy birthday to the L Litter!”


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