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Regardless of which holiday(s) you’re celebrating, we hope your week of holidays has gotten off to a safe and very happy start!

Some lucky dogs managed to kick off their holidays with a happily ever after in with furever homes. It was love at first sight for our Velma, who’d been waiting for that perfect family to come along and notice her.

In addition to Velma, Eddie, Leo, Lola, Lukie & Sable were also adopted this week!



We also received some wonderful alumni updates and holiday messages/pictures:


Athena FKA Jaden

Hey there TLC! I’ve been meaning to send you some updates on Athena! She is doing wonderfully! She is the sweetest little girl, so friendly and well mannered! So big now too! We just love her!

We pretty much get her a new toy every month lol this was for Thanksgiving! She has gotten very good at posing for pictures! 




Memphis is very happy and very much looking forward to his first Christmas with us. I’m so very happy to have him and can only imagine the amount of gifts Santa might be bringing for him. (I have SOME idea)

Merry Christmas to all at TLC rescue!



Merry Christmas from Shelly, Joe, Hope and Tank (our other doggie). Just thought you would like to see how well Hope is doing. She is a great dog.


Holly FKA Queen (Princess’s mom)

We are even way more in love now than we ever imagined we could be last Dec. 20 – and that’s saying a lot!  Thank you so much for contacting US about adopting Holly (then known as Queen) when we had just about given up hope after trying so many rescues for so many months and always hearing that by the time the application was processed, the dog was gone.  She has fit into our family so perfectly, we keep exclaiming over it.  Two nights ago she went with us to a live drive thru nativity (she in the front passenger seat to see better, the poor kids in the back!) and watched every scene with interest.  I had completely forgotten, but the kids reminded me that the night we got her last year, she also attended the same event with us, but stayed plastered to the floor, unsure in the newness of life as a “McIntyre kid”.  She has certainly become quite a happy “person” who loves her life, her family, and car rides to adventures new and old. 


We just love our Sassypants. Here’s a picture taken of her recent grooming. The bows were off about 5 minutes after I took the pic! 

We also received a picture of her relaxing from her festive Christmas morning today

Guinness FKA Ken

Guiness FKA Ken

Guinness FKA Ken

Remember this handsome young fella??

Well at the time his name was Ken… but when we adopted him we renamed him Guinness Hogan🐾

He is the most precious loving handsome young boy that has made such a wonderful addition to our family. 

Thank you for the opportunity of bringing such a loving caring soul into our life.  

Is there any way we can arrange a family visit with his sisters?

[Editor’s note: we’ve sent an email out to the family of Guinness’s sisters to help put them all in touch with one another]



Abbie & Shade

Abbie & Shade

I am attaching a cute picture of Shade and Abbie staring through the back door waiting to come back in. The days have been getting colder! They are such good friends!




Puddy FKA Larry

We are so excited to celebrate Puddy’s first Christmas with us. He has brought so much joy to our house!



Braxton and Coco

Braxton and Coco

Braxton and his BFF Dory Coco snuggling up for Christmas.  Braxton has gotten so big and is such a great pup!!! He has filled out and is almost as tall as our other lab mix Dory Coco…  and Dory Coco is about 55 pounds.  He and Dory Coco are totally bonded. He likes to also sit with our senior dog Nelly but she is really slow these days and watches Braxton and  Dory Coco run around in our back yard.

I will keep you posted on Braxton.  He is a real sweetie and loves to lick our ears.  I also think he is a bit of a chow hound (he loves his snackers).  He gets lots of long walks at the park and playdates with his BFF Snickers (my friends rescue).  He also likes to take turns sleeping on our kids beds.  He is a great pup!





Joey is doing great, and is enjoying his Christmas. He is awesome, and we love him so much. Thank you for taking such good care of him until we brought him home. Merry Christmas to you and your family






We also received some additional alumni holiday pics to share




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