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Maverick with Bo, Sadie & parents


Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s so cold today that we hope you’re minimizing your, and your dogs’, outside time and spending quality time keeping warm cuddling with your favorite snuggle buddies. Maverick is very happy to announce that he is now off the market!

In addition to Maverick, Bella, Cody (with new sister & TLC alumnus Lila FKA Andrea), Maggie & Molly, Quinna, Shorty, Trey, Xander (now Ben) & Xavion (now Cooper) are also celebrating very special Valentine’s Days with their new furever families this year



It was a really nice week for us, especially with regards to updates. Our Shelter Me segment aired yesterday; Maverick was adopted today and Griffin, who was featured at the end, was adopted prior to the story airing. If you watch the montage of pictures from our website closely  you’ll see his happy tails picture. We’ve even received an update on how the little celebrity is doing:

Griffin & Lucy FKA Roxie

It’s been three days and it going fairly well. Griffin has adopted the spot of Older Brother to Lucy. He is a smart cookie and he really knows his name and responds well. He seems to direct Lucy when I say come, down and sit. As you can see we have some snow in our backyard which Lucy loves. Griffin plays in the snow but will come in fairly quickly.

We truly appreciate how well Griffin and Lucy were cared for and loved during their foster care days. I think this makes adopting a pet so much easier for both the dog and the new forever owners.

Again, thank you and what you and your volunteers are doing to help man’s (woman’s) best friends.

Odin FKA Columbus

We adopted Odin back in August during the “Clear the Shelters” event, and he is the perfect fit for our family.  He is the sweetest dog and loves playing fetch and getting hugs and belly rubs.  He has adjusted well, and our kids adore him.  In fact, most nights he sleeps in my daughter’s bed with her.  He hates the snow, but otherwise is doing great.  I have always liked dogs, but Odin turned me into a dog lover!  

Bella FKA Jolie

Bella FKA Jolie

Bella FKA Jolie

She is my angel and gets kissed all day long. Our favorite activity is snuggling on a sofa and going for walks with her brother Remington who she loves and who loves her. 

We are so lucky to have her.

Thank you for bringing us together


I just wanted to send you an update on Spike. He is doing very well settling in to his new home. We are already working on long leash training and not jumping. Thankfully he is very treat motivated! We are slowly working on his nails but hoping jogging him with keep them lower. Otherwise we could not of asked for a better dog. He sleeps in between Tom and I like he already knows he is part of our little family.


Chevy FKA Yoshi

Chevy FKA Yoshi

Chevy FKA Yoshi

Chevy is doing great! Working on his training is still a process, he’s got “sit” down packed. He’s just about 9 months and just shy of 70lbs. Happy and Healthy.






Paisley FKA Sugar (Willow FKA Bindi’s & Roscoe FKA Elvis’s pup)

Love her more and more every day 🙂 The blizzard- oh what fun we had!!

Paisley loves when other Aussies come to visit at work!

Penny FKA Liza

Penny FKA Liza

Penny FKA Liza

Penny is 11 months old and it has been so much fun seeing her grow since we got her in October. She really likes the snow and jumping around in it. Penny also likes to keep watch outside on our patio, seeing all the people and their dogs too. She is a very social pup and loves to say ‘hi’ to every dog!




Oliver (Ollie) FKA Trevor

Trevor’s new name is Oliver (Ollie). He’s doing great! We think he really likes his new home. He’s done very well with crate training and has already learned to sit on command! We’re still working on potty training and chewing, I’m sure that will take a while.

Norah FKA Harley

Thank you so much for everything she is such an angel! We decided to name her Norah J She is going to the vet today. Harper loves her already and Norah follows Harper around it’s adorable. I confirmed the pet insurance and extended it for the additional 15 days.

. . . we plan on taking Norah in a few months for basic obedience but in the meantime they have a puppy socialization beginner class that we hope to start in a few weeks! You guys have been amazing and we thank you for all you do. We love dogs so much and we of course think ours are the absolute best and we love them more than we can ever explain. She’s a perfect addition to our family. She can sit and lay down already and she cuddles constantly J We’re working on potty training she’s not doing too bad so far. We will keep you updated and post more pictures definitely!

Tansy FKA Trixie

Tansy (formerly Trixie) is doing great! We are so happy with her. She is a very sweet, fun, smart little girl. Loves food, walks and play time.

Duke & Abby FKA Heather

We are just loving Duke and “Abby”. He is the sweetest thing ever and she, well, it’s a good thing she’s cute!

Both dogs are doing well. Duke has separation anxiety and we are hopeful that once he becomes more confident and secure in his new surroundings that will dissipate. Abby is experiencing no adjustment issues. She really is a holy terror and Duke is a Saint. He is so gentle and patient with her. When he has had enough he gives her a warning growl and if she doesn’t take the hint he smacks her with his paw. We are going to look into obedience school soon. I told Abby if she doesn’t shape up she is going to boarding school.

Duke FKA Dusty

Elsewhere, Duke’s brother Dusty decided to change his name . . .

Hello. We changed Dusty’s name to Duke. We really liked this name and thought that it might remind him of his brother. He fit in with our family the second we took him home. He is very loved and it seems like he has been with us forever. He enjoys his new yard and playing fetch with the kids. He also like to play come and get your toy/ shoe back with the kids. Haha! Can’t thank TLC enough! Here are a few pics!

Fred FKA Apollo

Fred is doing GREAT!  We love him so much, and he has really settled in with the clan.  Just recently we feel like we turned the final (?) corner of his settling in: he will go into the backyard to go potty without us (before he wouldn’t go unless we stood there with him!), and he will come into the bathroom (he was afraid of this room for some reason!).  He’s still a big ol’ momma’s boy, but he’s steadily becoming Henry’s best bud since Henry takes him for extra walks, plays with the squeaky ball with him, and gives him his dinner.  Fred’s also learning that most fallen crumbs come from Grace, and so he is spending more time her too.  Fred has also become a bit of a local celebrity!  We walk the kids to school every day where he is greeted by a large fan club of teachers, crossing guards, and students who are willing to test his training skills and reward him with treats!

Adopting Fred was the best thing we’ve ever done as a family!  We are so happy this happy little guy has come into our lives!

Argo FKA Joby

Joby, now Argo is doing great!  he’s packed on some healthy weight and loves playing with other dogs, especially his cousins.  He really really enjoyed his first big snowstorm too

BB8 FKA Yoli

She has been such a joy. We re-named her BB8, BB for short  🙂 which is from the new Star Wars movie. I’ve attached a few photos to this email. She is such a wonderful girl – so smart and loving! She loves people and is acclimating quick to life in the city. I can’t thank you enough for rescuing her and taking such good care of her and helping us find her! Please extend that to her foster mommy as well.

I’ll definitely reach out to a trainer if I need any help, thanks! I’m looking forward to getting her enrolled in puppy class so she can exercise that big brain of hers. She’s learned so much in just the past few days. and * knock on wood * potty training has actually been pretty easy!

Luna FKA Adelle

I just wanted to give you an update on Luna. She has been a wonderful addition to the family. My husband keeps saying how lucky we are to get such a great dog. She is very sweet, happy and smart. We started dog training class a few weeks ago and that has helped with a few behaviors that needed improvement. She seems to really enjoy it, when we get there she can’t wait to run in.

Luna and the cats are still getting to know each other. Unfortunately for Luna that means an occasional claw in her face when she gets in their space. Luna loves to play in the back yard. She ended up being a bit of an escape artist, she actually figured out how to unlatch the gate. We manage to find all her escape spots and fix them so she can spend as much time in the yard as she wants. While she wasn’t thrilled with the snow when it was really deep the cold and rain don’t seem to deter her from wanting to run around the yard (she lasts much longer out there then the rest of us). She and I also walk a couple of times a day. Before the holidays she tried out doggy daycare. It was a bit overwhelming for her, but we started back this week and things went much better. She even made a new doggy friend this time. Hopefully taking it slow will help a bit with her shyness.

Suzi FKA Nora

Suzi (formerly known as Nora) has been the best addition to our family! I had no idea how wonderful it is to have a dog companion. She gets up happily with me at 6:30am to go for a walk at any wind and weather when my family just turns around in bed.

I now understand the craziness about having a dog and how unconditional their love is.

Suzi is a perfect fit, she is calm but happy, loves the kids and even our cat.

Thank you so much for all you do!!!

Bear FKA Zaiden

Good afternoon. I hope the day finds you all well and keeping warm during this bitter cold weekend. Sorry that we haven’t sent an update sooner, but with the holidays and then the snow storm and now this crazy weather and training Bear (we renamed Zaiden Bear due to his Plott Hound roots and Bear hunting capacities)….

Bear is wonderful. Took some consistent effort to get him fully potty trained. He’s great in his crate overnight, but spends little time in it during the day due to the fact that I’ve been working from home since we got him. He gets along with our 2 Aussies wonderfully and he and our 3.5 year old red merle female Aussie Hayley have become best friends. Our 4.5 year old male Aussie Rocky gets along great with Bear, but Rocky is much more people focused.

Bear loves all his chew toys. He chews everything and anything and we’ve needed to be stern with him although rewards based to keep him focused on chewing only what he should. He does love chewing on sticks and picks up rocks and carries them around when outside. He can be a bit stubborn.

During the week he gets exercised 3 times a day or so, 0.5 to 1.0 miles per outing. Over the weekends he typically gets in up to 5 miles. Man he loves to run. Him and Hayley have a blast playing tag. His recall is solid. Still working on that with snacks. And oh boy he is food motivated and loves to eat. We were originally feeding him out of a normal bowl a handful @ a time but we ended up getting one of the bowls with topography for dogs that eat fast. That has slowed him down now where out of the 3 dogs he is last to finish.

He sits well prior to eating and for all snacks. He takes snacks very nice now, which took some encouragement due to how much Bear simply loves food. He’s not food aggressive, just food happy.

He loves to snuggle. Always wanting to be touching someone. 

Now how about the snow…. You’d think he was a Husky. He absolutely loves the snow. He seems to have a very high tolerance for the cold despite his short coat and can hang with the Aussies running and playing in it.

We had Christmas dinner @ our house. If you remember it was almost 70 degrees. The windows were all open. Lots to setup and get done. We had 25 people and 3 dogs. We let the dogs out and about with everyone except when we sat down to eat. We closed the 3 of them off downstairs and left the crate open. Both Hayley and Bear rested in the crate and Rocky on the floor and not a sound was heard. Everyone in my family and Wendy’s Mom know our Aussies, but Bear might have been the favorite. We told everyone how we acquired him and had several of my family members looking on TLC’s website for Bear’s sister. We recommend TLC Rescue whenever an opportunity pops up.





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