Jul 162017
Jacques now Odie

Another week is over with a bunch more dogs saved and a few more adopted.  All in all, that makes for a good week here at TLC. Our boy Jacques’s foster family fell in love with him immediately so, to paraphrase Beyonce, they put a name tag  on it and now he’s a full fledged member of the family!

Also adopted this week were Baily, Carly, Cookie Crisp, Elvira & Sheba (the Chihuahua)


We also received some updates to share with you:


Lucy aka Lulu

“Yes, she’s settling in well! She loves her dog bed (photos below) and relaxing in the house (must love the AC!). She also has some fun running around in the backyard! She is very smart and lets me know when she wants to go outside by going near the sliding glass doors. She’s also gotten used to my schedule with going to the bathroom, work, sleep etc. I taught her to sit in order to get a treat in just 1 day! She now does it right away. I plan to teach her a few more commands, working on ‘stay’ right now. She has been very well behaved, very gentle and friendly towards people, and has gotten along with most dogs (petsmart and pet store visits; holding off on bringing her to work for another week).

I have kept her name Lucy but also have her the nickname of Lulu. So Lucy ‘Lulu’ is on her new dog tag.”



“We just love Oliver! He has become a wonderful addition to our family! Yes, we kept his name and he is settling in just fine. He has a house full of love!” 



“On Saturday it will be exactly 6 months since we picked up Avery. She is a most wonderful dog, loving and lots of fun. She has a great sense of smell. It’s amazing what she comes up with on our daily walks in the nearby woods.

Wouldn’t trade her for the world.”


Izzy FKA Doc (Avery’s pup)

“Izzy is doing wonderful. Her and my other lab are great companions. Best decision I ever made!!!! “


Bailey FKA Dopey (Avery’s pup)

Bailey FKA Dopey

Bailey FKA Dopey

“Yes, I can’t believe Bailey (Dopey) will be 8 months old this Friday!  He (we) are doing very well.  Bailey is a crazy loving character who LOVES doggy day care and car rides to his “mom mom and pop pop’s” house where he has his own baby pool to play in. as well as a big fenced in back yard.  He is going through training with the woman I used to train my beloved mastiff, Cooper, and has his level 1 test this Thursday.


I will send you some pictures of our boy very soon.

I’d love to have a meet up with his litter mates if their humans are up for something like that sometime soon.  I may also stop at one of the meet n greet events with Bailey, so some of the TLC family can see how well he is doing.”


Theia FKA May (Marsha’s pup)

“Hi! We are very happy with May-Theia! We named her Theia because it means Goddess of Blue Skies. She is growing and doing well. I had one appointment with the Vet on July 7th and have a follow up on July 28th. At the time Theia weighed 6.5 pounds. She is very smart, alert and sweet. Theia has adjusted well to her surroundings”


Flint FKA Mark (Marsha’s pup)

“We changed his name to Flint. He seems to be taking to the home quite nicely. My vet did not have any openings until next week, so unfortunately I won’t be getting him in as soon as I would like to. He seems to sleep pretty well at night, last night he was a little whiny but not bad. We are looking forward to a very happy life with him!”


Fiona FKA Mary (Marsha’s pup)

“We are loving our new little puppy. She’s so adorable And good. I put a picture up on to love the canine Facebook group. And it looks like our picture was up as a group picture. We named her Fiona. And thank you for all the information that you gave me. I really appreciate it and your follow up .”


Reese FKA Maybelle (Marsha’s pup)

“She is doing really well. We changed her name to Reese. We have an apt on Sunday for her first vet visit. She has been such a welcome addition to our family. We have only had a few accidents a day with peeing. She has learned to sit with commands and treats already. Next week we will start a new trick. We couldn’t be more happy with out decision to adopt her. She does really well in her crate too. “


Cassie FKA Marcy

“We decided to change her name from Marcy to Cassie! She is settling in very well and we have been keeping her in a decent schedule. She is so lovable and playful. Such a happy friendly puppy. I will send some update pictures when i get done work today. My girlfriend is setting a vet appointment as well. We couldn’t more happy right now!”


Dolly FKA Ivory

Dolly FKA Ivory

Dolly FKA Ivory

“We are changing Ivory’s name to Dolly.  It just seems to fit her personality.   She’s doing ok.  Has a serious thing about shoes but is not chewing them.  Dolly collects them and moves them to another room.   Maybe this will train certain people to put them away?


Dolly has the first appointment I could get with our vet so that is scheduled.  Also her first obedience class begins with Peppers Paws and Eryn on July 19th.  I am looking forward to this.  We are still working on sit. 

Thanks fior such a beautiful gentle little girl for our family.    My husband is her biggest fan! “


Lupo FKA Baxley

“We have changed his name to LUPO.  He has been perfect!

We have been taking him for walks 4-5 times a day and he is great on the leash and has not had one accident in the house so far, knock on wood.  I have put a crate in our bedroom with the door open, but he seems to like his dog bed better.  He also never cries when we leave in the morning or at lunch.  The only strange thing so far is that he poops almost everytime we walk him.  It was soft at first but has been getting better. I think maybe we gave him too much food to begin with, but have cut it back to a cup a day now.

He has been barking at people and other dogs while walking, but it seems to be getting better.

We found a local vet with great reviews and scanned and sent them Lupo’s records: http://sheehanveterinarycentre.com/.  We have an appointment on Thursday.

I believe Erin updated his name and address online and we got him a new tag.

I want to thank you and Erin so much for your help.  I feel like other shelters may have looked down upon us simply because we have a Camden City address while your shelter responsive and so nice since the beginning.  I have whole-heartedly recommended your organization to my family and coworkers at Rowan University and the Cooper Hospital.”


Kona FKA Nugget

“Everything has been going so well with Kona (FKA Nugget), and I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months! She is such a sweet dog and loves to greet everyone and anyone. She loves to sleep, which means she’s also the best cuddler. She loves going on car rides and I try and take her everywhere, including an upcoming road trip to Charleston, SC and Shenandoah Valley, VA. She also loves to be outside and lay in the sunshine. I’ve never met a dog that is more laid back, sweet, loving, and goofy as Kona. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to adopt her, she’s brought so much happiness into my life!”



“He is just a delight! He is really enjoying summer at our house…loves playing in our backyard, chasing away the rabbits that are so plentiful around here , sunbathing on our patio, going on long walks.   He also loves to snuggle, and looks forward to stretching out on the couch with us in the evening to relax !  He is just a wonderful little dog, a much loved member of our family …we are still amazed that he was once a unwanted pet!   Thank you so much again for bringing our little guy to us

Please pass our thanks on to everyone at TLC!  I v recommended TLC to many people since Snowball has become ours….you all do such a selfless and amazing job. “



He is a perfect personality match for Mabel and they have become fast friends!!





“Parker has graduated from obedience training! He is currently attending scent training classes to enrich the hound side of him! He loves scent training and obedience training. He is enrolled to start the next level of obedience training at he end of July!”





“Iggy was shy at first but is coming out of his shell and has already wiggled his way into our hearts. He likes the couch much better than his dog bed because he wants to be by his people all the time. Vet gave him a clean bill of health.”


Elvis FKA Harold

“Elvis is doing great. He loves going camping with us. He gets to meet other dogs and people too. He’s very friendly and playful to both. He now weighs around 90 lbs and is very strong but also gentle. We certainly are happy to have him as part of our family. Saturday he will be coming with us on a long RV trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. Lots to see, and smell. And I’m sure he’ll meet more new dogs and people.”


We also had a visit from a blast from the past during today’s meet & greet when Chai FKA Tai came by







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