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RZA now Teddy

Well we had a very busy birthday week-end which entailed spending Saturday at both Pridefest and the Community & Trails Celebration, followed by a Sunday at the Malvern Memorial Parade. Needless to say, we’re exhausted! In addition to all the meeting & greeting at the fun community events, we also had a bunch of adoptions too.

A few of Anna Lee’s pups, Greta, Magnus & Rza (now Teddy), started off life in new families this week, and some alumni swing by to welcome new additions to their family as Timber FKA Batman adopted Amando and Mussels FKA Squirt adopted Tank. Also adopted were Bayard, Boo, Greta, Jett, King, Louise II, Oliver, Prince, Sally & Tootie!


We also received some great updates & pics to share:




“Charlie ( yes we kept his name) is doing brilliantly! He knows his name well responds very well to “stay, come, and sit” and is very successful with his house training. Charlie is also pairing well with our welsh corgi Pip- Marie – they often play with each other AND eat treats off the same plate respecting each other’s space – amazing. 

My son is in heaven as Charlie is so delightful cuddles at every opportunity and has the sweetest eyes.

We are in love! Charlie is with strangers reticent though he tends to watch Pip-Marie for cues and is socializing better because of this.

Charlie has seen our vet who believes Charlie is likely around three and is in need of a dental cleaning which I am doing next month. I wanted Charlie to be well established with us before he has such a procedure. I was informed that his breed often has dental issues so I want to ensure that Charlie has good dental care too. He has been registered with the county too.

We are thrilled to have met Charlie and consider him family and I believe he does as well!!!”


Layla FKA Prada (Guess’s pup)

“Thank you for your card in the mail! We wanted to send you an update on Layla (formerly Prada).

She’s doing very well. She has made this her home and is a very fun and happy puppy. She’s made friends at part-time day care and her training is coming along nicely! We’re looking forward to a fun summer with her!
Thanks for everything!”


Chase FKA Sam

“Sam, now known as Chase, and I are settling in pretty well. A lot of new things for him to experience in apartment life like elevators, stairs (that’ll take time for him to grow), lots of doors. He’s doing well on the leash. We’re working on the crate- he plays in it all day-we did a few test runs where I left the house-some crying- todays my first day back at work, I’ll be home for lunch in a few hours. The housebreaking is doing well all things considered (4th floor of an elevator building- it’s a walk just to get outside! I tend to carry him down and try one flight of stairs, then take the elevator back up.

He’s just a sweet boy and is so friendly to everyone he meets- canine and human. Curious, and that nose of his smells everything!

I’m calling the vet today to make our initial appointment- will ask them which pet insurance they may recommend as better than another. I have his current records and we’ll keep on plan for the remaining shots and medications (flea, heartworm, etc)

We will definitely take advantage of some classes – we can both learn. As much as I’ve read already, I can use some reinforcement from a live person. I will reach out to Deb and see what our choices are.

Thank you to your organization- they were so nice, so helpful and so caring. I’ll be recommending them to everyone.”


Lilly FKA Sadie

“I am so pleased to have Miss Lilly be apart of our family. I love her to pieces! I have reviewed the information and everything is correct but I do have an appointment set for her for next week to go meet my vet.”


Callie FKA Rachel

“Our little family is great! We are so in love with our Callie (FKA Rachel)!  As you can see we renamed her. Callie is doing very well. She is around 10 months old now and weighs 36.5 lbs. The vet doesn’t think she will grow much more. We got her DNA tested (Wisdom Panel) and they say she’s 25% English Springer Spaniel, 12.5% Whippet, 12.5% Neapolitan Mastiff (CRAZY, we know! You would never know she has mastiff in her DNA since she looks nothing like that breed) and the other 50% is mixed-breed groups. 

Callie is a smart girl who has mastered all of the basic commands plus a few more (paw, touch, place and roll over)!  She was the star student in her obedience class. She has lots of energy and loves to play! Callie already has three toy bins (which are overflowing) and we’ve only had her for 6 months. Callie also enjoys going to doggy daycare and the dog park a couple times a week.

Thanks TLC for helping us find our furbaby! She has been such a great addition to our little family and we couldn’t be happier! Attached are some pictures of Callie (some are around when we first got her and some are more recent).

Have you heard from the people who adopted her brother Rocky? We would love to see some pictures of him! :)”

Julie FKA Snookie

We received Wisdom panel results & some pictures from Miss Julie FKA Snookie

We also received birthday wishes fulfilled with pictures of alumni & a visit from Jessie FKA Harmony

All in all it was a great way to





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