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griff and rox

Griffin & Roxie (now Lucy)

While a lot of people are stoked & celebrating the Super Bowl today, a bunch of our pups are more interested in their supper bowl than this year’s Super Bowl. Of course, regardless of which team wins the game, 7 of our pups are definitely winners having found their furever families this week.

Griffin’s gotcha day rounded out a stellar week for him that included a trip to the WPVI studios where he got up close and very personal with Karen Rogers during a taping for next week’s Shelter Me. Roxie, now Lucy, may not have had a celebrity encounter like Griffin, but she was very happy he was willing to share the limelight with her when they were adopted together this morning!

Duke & Heather also made such a great pair that they were adopted together, and Dusty, Yoli & Yoko are also celebrating moving in with their new families this week as well.


We also have some nice updates to share:

Trudy Louise FKA Julie

Trudy Louise

Trudy Louise

Miss Trudy Louise and her momma stopped by to pay us a visit, and be filmed for the aforementioned Shelter Me segment that will air next Saturday (February 13) on 6 ABC’s Action News at 9 am. It will also run on FYI Philly at 7 pm & midnight. If you’re like us and can’t get enough of the adventures of Trudy & her crew, you can follow her on Instagram @furry4pack







Thank you so much for our new baby. Harper loves her new little sister. She fits right in and is such a joy. She loves to snuggle and so do we. Thank you for all you do finding all these angels forever happy homes. She has already brightened our lives.





Emma FKA Xena (momma to the X litter of puppies adopted December 2014)

We can’t believe that six months have gone by since her Gotcha Day! Emma is very much a part of the family (David and me). She really enjoys going out for her daily walk(s) and gets excited (comes running to us and dances about) when we put on our coats. She does very well on the walks. She enjoys being with us at home, too, curled up next to us on the couch. When she’s had enough together time, she goes off into her own spot in her crate or in the living room. She is still on the shy side with others when they come to the house. We just love her so!

Wiley B FKA Naughty

Wiley B is doing great.
He made his first visit to his Vet. 1/28/16. We took care of the flea/tick, heart worm meds. First Lyme shot. Follow up Lyme shot 2/16/16. Vet stated all is good.

House training/crate training is going good. Now working on basic commands. Socializing with all kinds of people(from very young, to elderly) he is wonderful with people. He meets his dog friends (6) almost every day. Doing well in this also. Wiley B is very special boy! He’s loved by everyone who he meets. He is especially loved by me!


Jack Biscuit FKA Biscotti

Jack Biscuit FKA Biscotti

Jack Biscuit FKA Biscotti

Still feeling lucky to have our Jack Biscuit. He is 14 months old and has filled our home with love and fluffy fur that is not only an accessory it is also a condiment! Thank you TLC.

He is so much fun. We know he has herder DNA he is always herding us and our old dog Wookie. He has been great for her. She got a new tude when he moved in.



Shelby FKA Rosetta

As you can see she’s very happy here with Brian and I.  She makes my heart smile each and every day. Thank you so much for caring enough about these animals to bring them to decent homes. Especially our Shelby. We love her to pieces.

Josie FKA Joy

Josie was a timid girl when she met her mom & dad, but she’s super happy with them and has really come out of her shell.

Delcie FKA Katie

Delcie FKA KatieThe best thing about a great photographer adopting one of our pups is that we get amazing pics of her!





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