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Despite a little bit of rain during the beginning of the Goshen Country Fair last night, it’s been a fabulous week in TLC land. We, of course, had a blast meeting so many people and helping some pups make love

Simon shops in style

Simon shops in style

connections at the fair over the week and, as exhausted as we were, we still had enough energy to make Lather for Louise a super fun event too!

It didn’t take Simon from our “Chipmunk” litter to settle into his new life & being spoiled by his mommy & daddy after he was adopted. His folks even shared a pic of his first shopping spree and it’s clear his parents go out of their way to pamper him when he’s out & about.

Also celebrating gotcha day this week were: Blair, Darius, Harmony, Mary, Matty, Patsy, Simon (lab puppy), Utah & Wynn (now Peanut).


We received some great updates & pics that made us very happy

Lola FKA Chandell

Lola FKA ChandellLola FKA Chandell is doing great and enjoying her morning walks



Yes, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year that I have adopted Petey. He is doing sooo good. Petey and my cat Slyder play everyday. They make such a good comedy team. They entertain me everyday. He loves his walks and if he is lucky, he gets 2 a day. He is such a joy. He gets compliments all the time. Thanks for all you do for these dogs. It has got to be so rewarding to see them off and hopefully never to be returned back. Petey says hi. I don’t know if you ever talk to the couple who owned him before, but if you do, please tell him that he is doing well. It took about 6 months for him to get adjusted. He makes a great walking buddy and bed buddy.

Major FKA Woodstock (Ziva’s pup)

Major (FKA Woodstock)…we love him to pieces! We just got back from vacationing in the Outer Banks, he did so well on the trip and enjoyed all the new experiences.


Emma FKA Xena Nicole (mom to the X litter adopted December 2014)

We celebrated Emma’s first year Gotchaversary by going on a week-long trip to Kingston, Ontario. She did great and loved being with us! She had no problems riding in the car. Once there, we took lots of walks with her. On these walks, she met other dogs and people, which was good for her as she is shy. She was fine staying by herself in our rented flat when we left to explore things on our own. She didn’t bark or make a fuss while we were gone. Of course, we were all happy to return home, with Emma settling right back in to her routine. We just love her!


I wanted to send some updated pictures of Hope. She has turned into such a beautiful, loving and funny dog. We love her so much. It has been so awesome to see the changes in her. She goes to doggie daycare once a week for a half a day and goes to basic training 2 and also noseworks. She has a brother Tank and they love each other and have really bonded.


I just wanted to give you an update about Michaela. I am so sorry for the lateness in this. Oh my goodness! She is beautiful!! She gives me and my family so many smiles. When I first brought her in to my home she would only be with me. For weeks and weeks she wanted nothing to do with anyone else. She, of course, has gotten over all of that. She also absolutely DID NOT like my oldest grandson. Now?? Oh my! Next to me, he is her absolute favorite and he spoils her terribly with hugs and kisses and cuddles. She has helped him get through a terrible heartbreaking time with his own dog. He says that if it would not have been for Michaela he would never have been able to handle or deal with his dog’s illness and passing. His dog passed the day before her 15th birthday. Now Michaela and him are inseparable.

Michaela is a very loving and sweet dog. Except for her “terrier” barking and her “once in awhile” tinkling in the house she is perfect. We all love her dearly, especially me! Thank you for all you do to help so many unfortunate babies.

Tiko FKA Buddy

Buddy, Penny & Daisy

Buddy, Penny & Daisy

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since he joined the Wolf pack! He’s pictured here with his fur sisters Penny (c) and Daisy (r). Daisy has been a terrific big sister and is his bff.

Buddy had is first annual checkup and is doing very well, despite having inherited Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM, aka HMLD, Hereditary Myopathy in Labrador retrievers – he’s 3/4 Lab). HE doesn’t know there’s anything wrong with him, and just does what he wants until he’s tired. Then, he just lays down to rest wherever he is.

We couldn’t be happier that he’s part of our family.

Amber supervising yardwork

Amber supervising yardwork

Amber, mom to the “Gem” litter from January 2016), is spending her summer supervising her dad doing yard work.

Louise's baby Luna FKA Jasmine

Louise’s baby Luna FKA Jasmine

Louise’s little girl Luna FKA Jasmine, is spending her summer hanging with her dog brother and 4 human siblings (and has even attended some horse shows to watch her sister compete).


Speaking of Louise, we wrapped the week-end up with our Lather For Louise charity dog wash to raise funds to help pay for her ongoing vet care. It’s been about 3 weeks since she had her second set of injections to treat her heartworm and, while she’s still on crate rest, she did take a little time to go to the event to thank people for all the love and support. We saw a lot of TLC alumni who came out to do some splishin’ & splashin’ while the Mini Paws junior volunteers bathed them, and we’d like to thank everyone who came out to help us help sweet Louise get well. We’d also like to thank the fine folks at Dogtopia of Chester Springs for always being so very generous & helpful to us, and for hosting the event today!


Once again, thank you to all of you who helped put the fun in this fundraiser!



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