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We don’t know about you, but we were pretty glad to have that extra hour this morning after setting our clocks back since it was a hectic week between Halloween & our comedy night. Shep was happy to be able to celebrate his first Halloween with his furever family, and looks forward to celebrating many more holidays and special events with them too!  Also adopted this week were Juliette & Rizzo.



We received some updates to share as well:




“We adopted Roscoe from you 4 years ago and he’s doing fine.  I took this picture on his birthday with 4 candles on a medium rare ribeye steak instead of a cake.

I have a question for you, do you know where Roscoe’s brothers and sisters are?  And how are they doing?  I hope they are all as happy and healthy as Roscoe is.”



“He is doing very well!   He sleeps with Bella & I at night and only goes in the cage when they are eating.  I will send pictures soon…I have a hectic day and I just wanted to reach out and let everyone know he is wonderful and loved very much!”


Tucker FKA Theos

Tucker FKA Theos

Tucker FKA Theos

“ We adopted Tucker (f/k/a Theos) in April.  He is doing great and has come a long way since then.  I have attached some pictures.  He fits our family well and it feels as though we’ve had him for years. Our youngest, who did not care for him at first, would now be lost without him.  We have taken him on a few camping trips and he really enjoys it.  Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Tucker!”


Mac FKA Versace (Guess’ pup)

“We eagerly spread the TLC word often. 

Mac is doing wonderful! He recently lost his obsession to chew EVERYthing, and enjoys long walks and morning runs daily. He is one of the kids and loves cuddly attention. He is still referred to as ‘bullet proof’-naps and snores with the best of them.”


Lambchops FKA Dreamer

“Hi still can’t thank you enough I couldn’t see life without lambchops now he fills my heart so much it feels like the first day of getting him we are very attached to each other he hates when he don’t see me so he goes just about everywhere with me lol hes so funny I guess he is very spoiled now he has his own closet for his warm clothes and jammies he is eating very well he is 5 pounds now and that’s a good weight he has a little belly so he filled out fine I’m sending some pics for you and I will send more again THANK YOU so much “


Royce FKA Reece

“Hey! I actually decided to change his name to Royce.. still very similar though so he’s not confused at all but he’s doing great he’s such a good boy!!

When crated he doesn’t bark, he’s very calm. He knows some basic commands and he’s honestly such a mush he just wants to lay on our lap after a long walk lol

He loves going for long walks around the neighborhood, he’s currently being trained on our wireless fence and is picking it up very quickly, he’s a very smart dog. 

Here’s a few pictures :)”


Harley & Bree

Bree and Harley

Bree and Harley

“Harley is a great name so we’re keeping it. Going to See Joe Hyduke at Malvern Veterinary Hospital next week and we look forward to enrolling him at Pepper Paws. Took him to Dogtopia for approval into daycare (socialization).

All is well – see attached “Bree & Harley” taking a breather. They play constantly.”


Ranger FKA Duke (aka Clooney)

“We wanted to send a little hello and thank you as yesterday was Ranger’s (formerly known as Duke) Gotcha Day Anniversary! He has been the greatest addition to our home and we just adore the little guy – quirks and all.  Thought you would want to know some things we discovered along the way this last year:


  • it is confirmed Ranger definitely likes sirens and still howls at them to alert all the neighbors when there is an emergency – we all feel safer bc of him
  • he absolutely LOVES venison
  • he is not a swimmer, but will explore lakes and ponds
  • he loves snuggling on the couch and our bed when we are not looking
  • he is an excellent co-worker (Employee of the Month 5 months in a row!)
  • wrestling with us is one of his favorite things
  • long walks every weekend wipe him out but he looks forward to them
  • he enjoys his house so much that he takes naps in it 
  • fireworks are not his friend
  • pillows always work
  • we had 28 thunderstorms between June and September – twenty eight!  and Ranger alerted us to all of them
  • rolling in the grass under the warm sun with us is quite possibly his favorite thing to do
  • we can’t imagine not having him in our lives.

Thank you so much for finding him, matching us with him, and making our house a home with his arrival. “








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