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Sweet Louise has been adopted! Yes, you read that right, after a pre-rescue life story that reads like a soap opera, our wonderful momma Louise finally met her perfect match and we couldn’t be happier for the happy new family.

Louise wasn’t the only Shepherd mix with a sad back story to meet her match as our boy, Eugene, found a great dad this week as well.

Also celebrating adoptions this week were Fargo, Farrah, Ham (now Newman), Jannece, Koba, Sheba (the black lab, not pictured) & Timber.

We also have some nice updates & pictures to share:

Nova & Ginger

“Nova had opportunity to visit with his cousin Ginger last week along with his two-legged brothers. Lots of car rides, pool time, and squirrel patrols. Both pups are doing great and bring us smiles everyday. Thank you for everything TLC does”


Toby FKA Jacob (Jannece’s pup)

“Jacob (now Toby), is settling in great!  He only cried some the 1st night home, which I expected and anticipated and once I got him to settle down he slept without a peep the rest of the night.  Since then he has been doing great with crate training and sleeps great at night with 1 bathroom break in the middle of the night.  He goes right back to sleep until 6:30.  

Potty training is going great too and I have started obedience training at the house with our family.  I am waiting for his first vet visit, which is scheduled for the 12th right now and is the soonest I could get him on the schedule.  I am working to see if I can get a sooner appointment through cancellations. 

He really has been a great addition to the family and we couldn’t be happier.”


Rachel (mom to the Mc pups of May 2016)

“Everything is great.   Rachel is really fun, and we’re keeping an eye out for a second dog to keep her company during the day.  

Here are a couple pics”


Tucker FKA Tonka (special appearance by TLC  alum Oakely)

“Tucker is doing great! We’ve got him to a healthy weight and he is happy as ever. Just two spoiled TLC alumni pups.”


Bodie FKA Washington (W litter from Oct 2016)

Bodie FKA Washington

Bodie FKA Washington

“I wanted to let you know Bodie and I are doing great! Every time we leave the house people tell me how unique he is. We recently finished all levels of obedience school, and I’m looking into agility course training next. I also found a local place where I can let him off leash, which he loves. I couldn’t ask for a better dog!”




Melba FKA Carly

“I wanted to let you know about our family life with Carly now after 2 weeks of having her. Please pass along to any of the others who would be interested in knowing.

First, we did change her name to Melba, formally “Melba Toast.” Because she is a companion to our dog Waif (formally Waifer) we thought the two names sounded cute together. Waifer is not quite spelled like a “wafer” but we sort of think of her name in that way.

Melba enjoys life here and oh boy is she people friendly! She definitely takes the more aggressive role between the two dogs. At first I thought it might be an issue but Waif has learned it’s not a mean thing but just Melba’s nature. Melba can be a little stingy when it comes to sharing people attention but I will tell her she can’t get all the people attention because Waif is looking for some too. Melba is starting to learn to share the attention.

Melba has also befriended our male cat Timmy and Timmy loves that he has another canine buddy. Waif and Melba both sleep together in my office at night where they each have their own bed and last night I was saying goodnight to them and Timmy insisted on being in my office with them. He slept the entire night with Waif and Melba.

Melba has been on a couple of short car rides and looks forward to them. She gets all excited when you pick up her leash and put it on her. She even takes part of the leash in her mouth and helps walk herself. I know she needs a little correction on that but honestly it’s quite funny to see.

In a nutshell; Waif has less issues when going through the doorway (one of her panic areas) and she is a little more confident and more relaxed since Melba came to live with us. We laugh because we have two very opposite dogs now! Melba could sleep all day and Waif could play all day. Melba wants all the attention and Waif is still a little people shy. Melba could use a little less waistline and Waif is sleek as a gazelle. It’s a perfect match!

Thank you and TLC Rescue for giving us the opportunity to adopt a companion for Waif and our family.”



“Chloe has been such a joy to have, she’s so sweet and loving! We decided to keep her name and she has gone in for her initial vet checkup. We’re working on some basic training at home but plan on enrolling her in classes once she masters the basics!


Her doggie days consist of car rides with my husband, Ben, to drop me off and pick me up from the train station, long morning walks, lots of playtime with her new friends at the dog park, and, of course, snuggles, naps and treats!

Here are some pictures of her doing her favorite things!”


Shelli’s (FKA Shelley)

“ Absolutely wonderful. Adjusted within the first few hours. Take her to the dog park and have met many dogs there and around and 99% of the time she is great. “


Macoby FKA Edgar

Macoby FKA Edgar

Macoby FKA Edgar

“Hi TLC It’s Macoby fka Edgar I’ve been living here for 2 years now. As you can see I’m living life to the fullest. Mom and Dad had my DNA done and it turns out I’m German Shepard, Dalmatian, Chow, Boxer, Glen of Imaal Terrier and Lab Mix. They call me a Delaware Bay Retriever cause when I’m not floating in the pool I’m surfing the waves of the Delaware Bay. Thank you for my furever home 🐶”








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