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Wednesday w/Monkey FKA Tyson

Now that we’re mid-way through the month, things have kicked into full gear. It was a very good week in TLC land as we got a couple of alumni visits, one in the form of blast-from-the-past Monkey FKA Tyson deciding that Wednesday is his kinda girl and adopting her.

Momma Avery celebrated her gotcha day as did all her definitely-not-dwarf pups Bashful (now Tyson), Doc, Dopey, Grumpy (now Celly), Happy, Sleepy & Sneezy.

Also adopted this week were Blake, Dawn, Davidson, Diego, Hazel, Ivory, Jesse (now Hazel), Kelsey (now Kira), Kip, Snowball & Zera.



We also had some updates including a visit from Fred FKA Apollo who told us he’s looking for a sister, and Jack Biscuit FKA Biscotti sent some pictures when he emailed us to say he’d love a baby brother


Puddy FKA Larry

Today we celebrated Puddy’s (formally Larry) gotcha day! We cannot believe it has been 1 year that he has been with us. He has a fantastic personality. He is such a momma’s boy, loves to be heard and protect our house from people outside and comes running into a room whenever he hears giggling because he thinks he might be missing something. Thank you so much for bringing us together!


Shemma FKA Bonnie

Miss Shemma (FKA Bonnie) is doing GREAT! She just turned 9 months old yesterday and has become such an integral part of our family. TLC’s description of her when she was a puppy couldn’t have been more true–she loves playtime as much as a good nap! Her favorite pastimes include going for walks (just saying the word makes her go bounding around the house), playing with her squeaky toys and watching out the window. She has brought endless joy to our lives and we can’t thank TLC enough for finding her and helping us to bring her home!


Keira FKA Vixen

Keira is doing well. She loved the snow and would bite at it. After two days of snow she went out this morning and let out a whine because there was no more snow.

Bella Belle FKA Britt

Just wanted to give you a quick update about Brit who we renamed “Bella Belle.”  My husband, myself and Bella are all fully adjusted to each other. My husband and I are very attached to Bella and we think she’s pretty attached to us, too. 

We’re so attached that when it came time for us to go away for a long weekend over the New Year’s Eve holiday, we wanted to cancel our plans. We didn’t want to leave Bella in kennel so what did we end up doing? Her grandma agreed to babysit at our place for the weekend! 

Bella had lots of fun playing with Grandma but she missed us and we missed her. 

Rather than work late, my husband and I find ourselves rushing to get home to be with Bella. She has brought much happiness into our lives.

And although she can be willfull, she is loving, sweet, respectful dog. She cuddles with us every night and most nights sleeps in in my husband’s or in my arms. 

Bella is very spoiled – we prepare organic grilled chicken for her to supplement with her dog food. Her dog food is Blue Buffalo dry Life Protection. Her treats are organic and she loves the turkey and chicken dog treats. She also gets “gourmet doggie cookies” peanut butter which she loves. 

Bella is my best friend and she gets lots of kisses, hugs and love everyday! Also, she loves going to the dog park. We found out that Belle is part Lab and Border Collie. Even at the dog park, she doesn’t like to see one dog rough housing it to much with another one, she will get in between the two dogs and put them in line. Such a border collie trait!

I know as you read this email you probably think I’m laying it on a bit thick but really its all true. My husband, Jim and I are so much happier with Bella in our lives. 

Clifford FKA Picford

Clifford FKA Picford

Clifford FKA Picford

he is right at home great dog














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