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Nate now Murdock w/Dixie FKA Sunshine

Nate now Murdock w/Dixie FKA Sunshine

It was an absolutely amazing week-end with glorious weather, a wonderful open house at Bryn Mawr Veterinary Hospital, a great time at last night’s Upper Uwchlan Block Party and, of course, culminating in a gorgeous day for all the fabulous father’s out there.

Our sweet, and initially shy, boy Nate has found the perfect family for himself. He and new sister, TLC alumnus Dixie FKA Sunshine, took an instant liking to each other and seemed very happy to make sure Dad (and mom) had something a little extra to celebrate this week.

Quite a few of this week’s adoptions were from families that are earning “frequent flyer” miles with TLC. Paco, now Peanut, joins a family that includes brothers Leo & TLC alum Murphy FKA Blackie; Osman, now Ozzy, is super-stoked to have Rocky FKA Earl as a big bro; and Pip, now Dani, has hit the jackpot by becoming TLC pup #3 in her large family (missing from her happy tail picture is Little FKA Tootsie).

Also joining the TLC multiples family is our lovely Lizzie who, in addition to being able to continue to spend time at a barn with horses (just like she did with her foster mommy), has also become “Aunt” to TLC Alum Willow. Missy, Morrigan (Jojo’s pup) & Summer round out this week’s “gotcha day’ notices.

Huck FKA Luke

We have some fun updates & pictures to share, starting off with Wisdom Panel DNA results from Huckleberry Hound FKA Luke who turns out to be quite the mix. This sweet chap, and litter mate Leia, came to us listed as “St. Bernard-American Bulldog” mixes and while we didn’t think think that was what was in their mix, we certainly didn’t expect Luke’s mix to contain Dalmation, Chow, GSD or Golden Retriever (since Boxer’s are in the bull breed category, we’ll pretend we saw that one coming).

Huck’s a growing sweet boy 4-8-16 to 6-17-16. Please share with his Foster family. He’s been going to work with me since the day after I brought him home…..working out nicely….. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone!

His mom is a nurse on an oncology unit and Huck serves an an unofficial therapy dog for patients on the unit.

She also forwarded Huck’s DNA results and said:

Mostly Dalmatian…. Aside his spots he has many of their qualities…. Two of my favorites are no dog odor and he’s extremely smart…. A tiny bit stubborn, but also eager to please. He’s a love bug


Speaking of Huck, we also received an update about his sister Charlotte

Charlotte FKA Leia

Leia’s new name is now Charlotte. She is settling well and likes it here. The cats are starting to come around to the puppy but it is getting better. Here are some pictures!


TLC Alumni, Niko, celebrated his 1st birthday! His adoptive family LOVES him and he is doing very well!! Happy Birthday, NIKO!!!


Hunter FKA Skeeter

Chloe and Hunter FKA Skeeter

Chloe and Hunter FKA Skeeter

Here is a pic of Chloe and Hunter (aka) Skeeter playing together. It wasn’t love at first sight but in a week they are becoming close. So glad I adopted Hunter!

Yesterday they both enjoyed a spa day together at Chloe’s favorite groomer.



Beretta FKA Trish

Thank you for allowing us the time we needed to ensure that Trish was the right fit for us. She needed extra time to decompress, and it shows. She is finally relaxed and accustomed to our routines. She fits right into our family and we are so grateful. We have changed her name to Beretta. We already have an appointment scheduled with our vet and have been in communication with Jeri Wagner since we first began fostering her in March. Jeri has been a huge help, and without her I’m not sure we would be where we are today with Beretta. We have updated her microchip and confirmed the pet insurance. Thank you.

Mack FKA Mitch

Big sister Mila is taking great care of Mack FKA Mitch

He is settling in very well and getting used to the new environment quickly! We changed his name to Mack. Thank you for the reminders about the vet, pet insurance, and training.


His family let us know they are so happy with him & that “he’s such a great little guy”



I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know Bear and I are doing great! He is adjusting to his new home wonderfully and has made tons of friends at the doggy park. I have tons of pictures to come once I actually upload them from my phone to my computer. He has also had his visits with the Vet and is up to date on all necessary shots and are scheduled to start puppy classes at the end of this month. Thank you guys so much for helping my find my new best friend!


Tucker FKA Teegan

Tucker is doing very well. He has had a few challenges but they were normal puppy challenges. He has lots of toys and loves to play. We are working on sharing. 🙂 He is really likes to cuddle. Charlie our other dog is not sure about sharing attention but they are starting to get into their routine. The first day of his arrival we had out of town guests for 3 days that also had a 4 yr. old dog. The later part of the week has definitely been a bit more settled. They are beginning to play together and become buddies.

He is already a real part of our family. We could not be happier. I have attached a few pictures .. he is growing like a weed… he is a good eater… and sleeps through the night. We got a collapsible crate and he sleeps next to our bed without incident. The best news is we have only had a few “accidents” in the house. We are proud to say he is starting to master the command of sit and he comes when we call him by name. He is a smart boy and quick to learn. His only obstacle for the foreseeable future is his lanky long legs.

Thanks for all your assistance. We have worked with other rescues and we have been truly impressed with all the volunteers, the systems, and the professional manner that TLC handles the care of the pets they rescue. The support systems and the dedication of your fosters is wonderful.

Lisa [TLC foster mom] was so sweet and Tucker really adored her. The package of toys she was so kind to bring helped. She was very generous with her sharing of his habits and giving us information about him. Her insight into his little personality was a big help.

We would definitely recommend TLC to anyone looking for new furry friend.

Penny FKA Summer

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since we brought Penny home!  She has just continued to add so much happiness to our lives as she becomes her own furry little self.  She’s opened up so much and she loves playing with us and with her four legged friends in our neighborhood.  We got her DNA tested and found out that she is a mix of Labrador, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Chow Chow and German Shepherd!  I attached some recent pictures of her (and one with her and her friend Marlowe) here!  Thanks for reaching out and for Penny, we just love her so much!

Lewis FKA Milo

We absolutely adore our little guy. He is almost full grown at just about 35 lbs. We did a DNA check to find out he is part malamute, sheltie and lab.  He was previously Neo and now Lewis. I forgot to call you back when I got a check up call. He is amazing. Follow him on instagram at: BrotherLewis

He has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Best to your organization and happy adopting.



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