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Teal now Sammi3It looks like Spring is finally rolling in, just in time for Easter. It was a fairly light week adoption-wise as people got ready for Spring Break but we’re happy to announce that Miss Teal has been adopted and changed her name to Sammi. Sammi’s folks checked in with us after she’d settle in to let us know how she was doing:

Just wanted to thank you again, we are loving are little Sammi. She is so fun, and Alyssa did a great job with the pre-training. Sammi has slept well these last two nights. Her house training has been a breeze so far, and I just love that she is a cuddle bug.

Sammi loves to play with her little tennis balls, and a nap is always due afterward.

eddieCutie-pie Eddie was also adopted, and we’re sure both pups will go on to lead very charmed lives.



We had quite a few updates this week:


“Just an update on Bryson! We absolutely love this guy, and are so thankful you brought him into our family! He had a bit of a snafu with a broken nail a few weeks ago, but after a vet visit and a week in the “cone of shame” he was good as new. Now he’s back to his usual sleepy self, being a couch-potato!!

We are on the lookout for a buddy for Bryson, please keep us in mind if you think any of the rescues would do well with a playmate!”

Smith FKA Xander

“Poor Mr Smith was hit by a car just before Christmas. Some early present. He survived with no serious injuries, except one. His hip was dislocated. I think it was the hip opposite the blow that was dislocated, probably as the energy of the car was pushed thru his body.
Rather than cage our free spirit (he was getting 2 separate hours each day in the woods, running free), which I thought he’d never understand, we opted for the F.H.O.
It’s been a very slow recovery, as Smith is so healthy, strong, and capable; he decided he could get along just fine on 3 legs! We attempted physical therapies, only to watch him walk basically on his 2 front legs, or hop on one back leg. Marlene finally saw a course on the internet which is like a ladder lying on the ground, where the cross members he steps over, can be adjusted in height. I built it the next day, and Voila, we were able to force him to step on that paw by restraining (pulling or holding back) his good back leg till he got the hang of it…treats required! After 4 or 5 weeks, he was practically running thru it for the treats, and penalized if he should hop while performing. He still has bad days (2 steps forward, one step back), but usually, we can walk him at our normal pace, and he’ll walk w/o hopping at all. And I let him run in the park,which he does fairly well, with some occasional favoring of his “chicken wing”!

I massage him quite often on that week leg…he knows how to position himself while I’m working at my desk, so that I can reach down and rub that leg. It’s cute how well he communicates!”


“Everything is going well with us! Bindi and Babyboy are getting along and we are all adjusting to our new lives together. I have attached some pictures. Hopefully we will see you again sometime and thank you for all of your help with our adoption.”

Mavis FKA Gretel

“I just wanted send a quick email letting you know how much we love Mavis. She fits our family like a glove. She is high energy and fun just like us. She is a smart girl! She already does a few tricks. She can sit, lay down, give her paw and goes to her crate. She is a kisser and loves to be outside especially in the snow!
She has made our family very happy…We love her very much!

Thanks again for helping us find her!”

Bella FKA Jolie

“A quick update on our princess Bella. Firstly and I don’t know how that’s possible, Bella grew twice in length and height since we got her! But boy is she a picky eater-will eat any dog food (and i tried so many canned/dry brands), so mommy has to cook her food ☺

She adores big doggy brother Remington and they play chase-something I cannot recall seeing Remington ever do (at least for the last 9 yrs). Remington was heartbroken over losing best pal Milka and wasn’t so sure about Bella at first but now we have never seen him so happy and active.
Bella’s big human brothers also love her and she cries when they leave for school in the am.
She is also warming up to her daddy -seems she is very afraid of men.

Bella has easily taken over Milka’s role as resident cat terrorizer ☺ and I have to make sure to keep them apart.

Bella has to sleep on mommy’s lap when mommy is working, though may not be so easy now that she got so big. And sleeps with us on the bed at night.

Again thank you for bringing us together.”

Hank FKA Early

“I just wanted to give you an update on Early, now named Hank. He turned 11 months old. He was loving the snow, neighborhood, and family. Unfortunately there is not that many younger dogs in the neighborhood, but he does get out on some play dates, and explores the trails in the area.”


“While we haven’t had a DNA test done, we have discussed it…. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
Here’s a few of Eanna taken today. Hope all her siblings are doing well and are as happy as she’s is. She has an awesome personality and are very lucky she chose us.”

June FKA Pooh

“We now call her June and she has adapted well to her new home. She enjoys trips to the dog park at John Rudy Park and also likes to watch the wildlife outside our windows… We all love her and we can’t thank you enough for what you do for these wonderful animals.”

Ellie FKA Eleanor

“Hope all is going well!! Just wanted to share an update on Ellie. Two weeks ago she had to have a surgical repair for an inguinal hernia and she got her stitches out today! She is doing fabulously and an absolute delight to have in our lives!! We love and adore her more every single day!

Here’s a pic from this morning. I think she likes it here ☺ That is a blanket custom made by my niece specifically for her. Nothing but the best for our Princess!!

Thanks again for all that you do!!”

Zelda FKA Shelley

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt Shelley! The family is so in love with her.”


“We would like to thank you for your time and effort in helping us find the perfect dog. We are very happy to say that our appointment went extremely well, and we decided to adopt Nellie! She is calm, sweet, and one of the cutest dogs we’ve ever seen! Everyone loves her to death, and we are all very, very excited to watch her grow with us. Here is a picture of her in her new home”


“Yes, I did keep her name. She seems to respond to it well. She is doing so well. Se had her vet appointment on Friday, and of course everything went well. I think I spoke a little about using her for a therapy dog. Monday was the first day that she came to work with me. She was a little timid, but she warmed up to it. Everyone just loved her! I can’t thank you and the entire organization enough for blessing me with such a sweet baby!”





 April 5, 2015  Happy Tails

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