Oct 082017
Emily w/Cassie FKA Asia & Lucy

October is National Adopt a Dog Month and we’re celebrating the best way we can – by helping our dogs celebrate their gotcha day!

Eleanor’s pup Emily was a happy camper to realize she’d have 2 big sisters to play with in Lucy & TLC alum Cassie FKA Asia. This week’s adoptions also features the only type of failure that is actually a good thing in the form of “foster failures.” Miss Ruth may have changed her name to Mazey Grace but she will be staying in the family & continue to foster for us, shy-boy SPring has changed his name to Jeter, and rumor has it that Martin can’t wait to start sporting a brand new Live Long & Foster ID tag. Also adopted this week were Apolla, Athena, Bear, Caesar, Magnum (now Frankie), Ruby, Sammy & Zeuss.



We also have some updates to share with you




“Zeus is loving his new friend Gabby. He spent the weekend at parks watching Kids sports, walking around and sleeping (1st pic) and he and Gabby go back and forth from playing non stop to resting!! He’s a perfect fit for our family!”




Rocky FKA Prince

Rocky FKA Prince

Rocky FKA Prince

“He is awesome. Beautiful, extremely well mannered. Pretty much housebroken. Getting really big. Very happy with him. He does well with the cats and resident dog.”






“Our Chet has become totally part of our family and most times we revolve around him! We love him so much and he gives us so much joy! 

Thank you TLC for doing what you do!”


“Thanks for checking in! Sasha is doing great so far. She had some hesitation learning what stairs are but we fixed that with some treats the first night ☺. She is such a love bug and a very quick learner! She’s already got sit, down, and paw mastered.  I’ve attached some pictures from her first few days, she is a great fit for our family!” 



“Love this Dog, turned out to be best thing for Both of Us.”


Otis FKA Carlito

“Otis is settling in very well to his furever home! We had our first vet check Tuesday, which went very well. He sort of liked the vet since he got to meet kittens and is due to go back October 17th for his next round of shots. 

I’ve registered him with petwatch and it looks like everything is in order with his microchip. I’ve also reached out to a local dog trainer and Otis has his first puppy socialization class on Saturday! “

Lea FKA Rachel

“Lea is doing really well. She is a content puppy & is loving the country life – chipmunks, birds etc & every person she meets. Next picture is how she is with my 7 year old grand- daughter”


We also received an updated photo of Grace FKA Dory, who recently celebrated her adoptiversary, and Faith FKA Gabanna, who has been in her forever home for 6 months, as well as from Jackie who just celebrated her birthday with a nice nap in the sun.






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