Aug 142016
Mic now Reggie

Welcome to the hot & humid dog days of Summer! We’ve, of course, been limiting the dogs’ outdoor time so they don’t get overheated and are saying not so silent prayers of thanks for the invention of air conditioning.

We’ve reached a milestone in fundraising for Louise‘s vet care and, in a few weeks, she’ll be ready for her orthopedic consult to discuss her surgical & rehabilitation options. We’ve also reached fever pitch excitedly planning for Miles For Mutts which is only 6 weeks away!

Of course, making happy tails come true was the focus of our week so some lucky ducks dogs were adopted: Curly, Daniel, Eleanor, Harris, Mario, Mic (now Reggie), & Rico


We had some fun pupdates too:


Oscar FKA Phillip

I can’t tell you how much we have fallen for Oscar (formerly Phil) He’s such a fun loving pup!  He has fit perfectly into our lives! 


Fred FKA Apollo

Hi all, it was almost a year ago that we adopted Fred and so we had a “birthday” party for him today. The kids had a blast decorating and making “pupsicles”. We were also lucky enough to have his original [TLC foster] mom, Gina, celebrate with us! We love Fred so much and we’re so happy we adopted him!! He’s been such a positive addition to our family!! In fact, we love having a dog so much we’ve been checking the website for a companion for Fred and addition to our family!


Haley FKA Mary

Haley’s mom sent us some pictures to show she’s settling in just fine


Gregor FKA Hampton

Gregor is so handsome & photogenic, his mom can’t help but document him growing up with lots of pictures (and we can’t blame her – is this guy gorgeous, or what?!). She’s also very happy that Gregor’s really brought out the playful side in his brother Hans.

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