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Far be it from us to complain about lovely Spring weather, it was so nice being able to take the dogs for longer walks and have our meet & greet outside, but it is kinda weird to be able to do it in the middle of February!

We hope you had as great a week as we did. In addition to spending some quality time with the pups, we also locked in dates & locations for our Raffles For Ruffs event, which will be held at Twenty9 on May 6th, & our 3rd annual Miles For Mutts, which is now scheduled on October 1st at Warwick Park. We also celebrated a few gotcha days because Jasper, June & Wanda were adopted this week!


We also have some pupdates to share with you:

Piper FKA Lally (Lady’s pup)

I hope you are well and I hope Piper’s siblings have come back with positive reports as well!

We wanted to send over a DNA test we had done for Piper. It turns out she is mostly Chow Chow and German Shepherd! Check out the full explanation in the attachment.

She is doing great with us. We went to puppy preschool at the Philadelphia Zoom Room this past Saturday and will have her in as many classes there as possible.

Bailey FKA Dopey (Avery’s pup)

Bailey FKA Dopey

Bailey FKA Dopey

TLC, this is Bailey. Formerly known as Dopey, from Avery’s litter. He is starting to grow tall. He’s a little timid around new people but we’re working on that. He loves all dogs. His best friend is an 8-year-old female white shepherd. This was his first snow day.





He is adjusting well, and the dogs loooooove each other. He has had a few accidents in the house, but I think it’s because he’s adjusting to the smells and from drinking so much water from all of the play!

He’s a cutie and so sweet. He is really bad with jumping when we initially get home because he’s so excited, but after that welcoming, he doesn’t jump. He walks so well on a leash too. We are working on the jumping.


Jon Jon

Hi! We are keeping his name, and he has his first vet check-up on Thursday. 🙂 I’ll attach some photos for you. 


Benjamin FKA Trey

Happy V-Day! 

Yes, it’s a match made in heaven. We were talking few days ago with the boys and we realized how bleak the times were before Benjie came into our lives. He is so amazing, my youngest son 🙂 Thank you for connecting us! We are forever grateful to you for that! 

Lady Bird FKA Edith

Lady Bird was adopted from TLC about 2.5 years ago and her mom decided it was time to see what, aside from Foxhound, was in her mix. We were wasting our time on speculation since, as it turns out, this lovely lemon is a purebred American Foxhound.


Hi!  We adore Curly, everyone that meets him does.  It’s funny I was allowed to bring him to work until he was old enough to stay home but I have found everyone wants him to come into work now so I still bring him most days.  He loves playing with my son and he and my husband ‘box’ it’s too funny.  He’s doing well and is a happy boy.  He makes all of us smile.  He is so loving and one of the happiest friendliest dogs I’ve had and I’ve had all great pups.


Bernie FKA Patriot

Hello TLC team,

All is well!

Bernie shortly after his arrival and guess who got into the bag of flour? Hint: It wasn’t Penny.

He’s not a year old yet, so still has that puppy floppiness and love for chewing everything not nailed down. He’s grown a bit and you can see how much his face has matured.

Penny thought I was calling her into the office to give her a biscuit, hence the slightly miffed expression. 🙂


Willow FKA Bindi (mom to the Cookie litter of February 2015)

Willow FKA Bindi

Willow FKA Bindi

February 15th is Willow’s anniversary into our family. She’s the best dog. So sweet! She likes everyone, 2 legs or 4, that she meets. She’s such a happy little dog. We love her dearly 💕



Roscoe FKA Elvis (possible father to the Cookie/X/S litters of 2015)

The Results are in!!! Turns out our border collie mix is not a border collie at all! Rosco your DNA makes such a handsome combo! Love you Buddy!

Charlie FKA Steinson

Charlie FKA Steinson

Charlie FKA Steinson


Charlie (yellow pup fka Steinson, adopted Nov 2016) and his big sister Bella are the ultimate example of #friendshipgoals





Chuck‘s mom shared a picture of him waiting for his human brothers at the bottom of the stairs. As it turns out, he loves his brothers but he’s not a big fan of steps.





We even had a visit with TLC alumnus Cookie at today’s meet & greet too!

For those of you lucky enough to have a long week-end for President’s Day, we hope you can take advantage of the day off to enjoy the glorious weather with your dog(s)!





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