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Well, we may have needed a bigger cup of coffee to adjust to Daylight Saving Time but at least the lost hour didn’t cause any embarrassing snafus in the form of people being late to adoption appointments!

Luke is happy to announce that he not had his wildest fantasy of hearing the words “I am your father” but that having a new dad also means he has a new mom and a sister! A bunch of Mittens’ pups were adopted, including: Beanie (who joins a family with TLC alum Remi FKA Danny), Boots, Flurry, Oakley, Polar & Tundra (who joins a family with TLC alum Molly FKA Nikita).

Also celebrating gotcha days were: Benji, Daisy, Dianna, Dream, Hercules, James, Sweetheart & Tia!



Of course we have some awesome updates to share with you.  On Friday, Daisy’s mom, Jasmine,  shared her story why she decided to volunteer with TLC after adopting her but she also shared some information about Daisy in the form of some very surprising Wisdom Panel results. Let’s just say the results were an equal mix of completely expected & utter shock!


Holly FKA Zelda

“We adopted this sweetheart in December. Her name was Zelda but was changed to Holly. Holly has been doing so well at her new home and getting along well with her her fur sisters.

Thank you so much for making this adoption simple and for introducing Holly into our lives. We couldn’t be happier ️ ”


Ledger FKA Richie

“Thank you so much for our amazing little boy. We love him so much.”


Big Ragu

“We are all settling in well. He understands “sit” and waits by his food dish sitting until his sister gets her food. Big Ragu is doing great! He starts puppy training classes in a week!”





“We love our “Lady Gemma” so much and she loves us too. We feel like she’s always been in our life. We hired a personal dog trainer to tell us how to work with certain problem behaviors and now we enjoy a great dog. We greatly appreciate the service to the community that your group provides and for allowing us to find our sweet baby.”




Frankie FKA Frank

“Frankie is doing GREAT!  He’s the best dog and we couldn’t feel luckier to have him in our home.  He has us wrapped around all four paws of his.  🙂 

We submitted pics of him to Petco so here’s hoping TLC wins some of that grant money!  Thanks for all the organization does! “


Pebbles FKA Cookie

“Pebbles (AKA Cookie) is doing wonderful.  She has gained about 1-1/2 lbs and her 2nd Heartworm test was negative.  She is taking agility lessons and doing well, and will most likely be amazing after she gets over her ADD.  She loves jumps and tunnels and is learning the contacts but she isn’t too sure about them.  As soon as she sees the agility bag come out she goes and sits by the door to the garage so we can’t go without her.

She gets along well with the other dogs and she and Freckles play and sleep together a lot.  She loves playing in both the snow and the leaves and barks at us when it is time for their big bone at 6:00.  Only down side is she doesn’t want to come in and I have to go out and get her then she lays down.  Can’t wait for better weather so I can put her on a long line, had her on one earlier but it caught on the shed in the back and she chewed it.

We think she is settling in nicely and seems to be happy here.

Here are a couple of pictures.”


Tucker FKA Wentz

“So far he is doing great, even with the crazy weather!  We have renamed him Tucker and have been working with him to learn it along with some other basic commands, he is already getting better with sit!

We have set up a vet appointment with Affinity in Malvern next Saturday, the 17th.  They came recommended to us from some neighbors and seem to have very favorable reviews on Google.

My wife is planning to reach out to the Microchip people to make a few minor updates (his name and her email address) and we will certainly keep the offer for training in mind, thanks!

Attached are some pictures from the first few days.”



“Kurt is doing great. He is now over 60lbs of pure love and happiness.

Our family is so happy to have him. He puts smile on our faces all the time!!!

I am sending some pics.

Thank you. “



“She has been a doll and a great diversion during our black out time. We received our electricity hook-up late yesterday. The difficulty. was well water. Just praying this storm leaves us alone.

Still trying to understand “Lets go for a walk” or “I have to go”. “poo” . If I don’t listen she goes in my bathroom. We are working on it. I will try a half hour after eating. She loves my window and the bird feeder. She sleeps with me. I really love her.

The snow on the ground this morning was different, but soon wanted to play. Have to do some work on my picket fence in spots for she can get her head through. For now it’s the leash in the yard.

I forgot to ask what treats if any to give her.

I will send pictures later.”


Rex & Deuce

Rex and Deuce

Rex and Deuce

“We are in love with Rex and his new TLC brother, Deuce!”





Penny FKA Lindsey

“I have decided to change Lindsey’s name to Penny. She is adapting well, the first night was a little rough, but she is coming along nicely. 

I have made an appointment with the Vet for her next week, and am looking forward to seeing her play in the snow today!

Thank you again!”


Riley FKA Maxine

RIley FKA Maxine

RIley FKA Maxine

“We did change her name to Riley. She was pretty much wiped out the first day but seems to be much more energetic since.

She seems very happy and is learning quickly both potty training and obedience, mostly normal puppy behavior.

She checked out well with our vet and received her rabies vaccine.


Riley seems like she is going to be a great member of our family, hopefully the good days continue!”



“Charlie (yes I kept the name) is settling in very well. Already comfortable on the couch and beds and loves my friends and family. She also enjoys the smells in my neighborhood (lots of trees and critters) and keeps that nose working on every walk. She seems to know sit and come but needs some leash etiquette and manors around other pups. She is already my best friend and follows me everywhere. We plan on starting training in a few weeks. Thank you so much for what you do and helping me adopt.”


Duke FKA Mike

“We decided to change Mike’s name and he is now Duke. He is settling in very well and has been a perfect addition to our little family. He’s been enjoying chasing one of our cats around, and the other tends to keep her distance. We recently took him to the vet (where he was a fan favorite) to finish up all his shots and for some loose stools early on and he currently weighs 22lbs. He is crate training well and doing fairly well with house training (almost there!). Along with house training, we are currently working on a few other commands. He is a super friendly pup that loves naps, cuddling, belly rubs, fetch, and meeting new friends!

We absolutely adore our little Duke and thank TLC for everything!”


Bucky FKA Blackie

“Hi! Blackie (now known as Bucky) is settling in really well, he and Teddy are getting friendlier and he loves the special needs cat, he bats his tennis ball back and forth with him!

We are starting training lesson this week, I’ll send photos of Lauren training with him in his Service Dog vest! “


Odin FKA Rudy

“Things are going very well with Rudy (known now as Odin). He is settling in pretty nicely with the family. We are taking it very slow trying to introduce him to the cats as Odin wants to chase them and the cats want nothing to do with him. Right now the cats are on the top floor and Odin stays downstairs. 

Do you think I should reach out to Jeri for tips on this area?

Odin went to the vet last Friday and they said he looks great!

We are very happy to have Odin with us. Attached are a few pictures.”


Odin’s mom is reaching our to our trainer, Jeri Wagner, for assistance


Asher FKA Spock

“here are a few updated photos of Asher (fka Spock).  He’s pretty awesome,  and we love him a ton!  The little dog finds him irritating sometimes but she always checks him over when we come in from a walk!  Lol.  Thanks again for all your help,  all of you, with adopting him.   “


Sallie FKA Sally

“Hi from Sallie and her new family!

My first vet appt my will be on Tuesday 3/13 at 0900, then my new mommy will go to the Bucks Co. courthouse in Doylestown to get my new permanent lifetime license.  

I am adjusting well to my new older but smaller brothers, Powder and Puff.  However, they had a little problem with me, maybe because this was the first time in their lives that they realized they weren’t big dogs!  Powder is not very social and is having the most trouble, he backs away from me whenever I stand or walk near him, but Puff will walk beside me when we are on our leashes, and he stands beside me when we wait to get leashes on or for a treat.

My new daddy is the BEST! Mommy thinks that I might have been more bonded with a male at my old home, but I love both my new mommy and daddy already!  During the day, when mommy sleeps, (she works overnight as a pediatric home care nurse) I sleep on the floor next to her side of the bed.  I tried to sleep with her in the bed, but she convinced me that I am too big!  She explains this to me just about everyday, because I keep trying, but it’s ok.  At night, when mommy is at work and daddy is home, I sleep on my new bed, just inside their bedroom door; my new bed is green and has sheeps’ wool for warmth and I took right to it!  Powder and Puff sleep on mommy’s side of the bed, right up by her pillow when she’s working, and down by her feet when she’s home.  Daddy goes to work early in the morning, (he drives a recycling truck for Republic Services, he works daytime hours), and before he leaves he takes me out for a walk, just the two of us, without the little brothers, and I’m so good for him, I usually pee and then we come inside and I get a “bacon bit” treat for being a good girl.  I know sit, come and shake; and am learning down means to lay down on the floor or my bed.  Mommy wants me to also learn fetch, but it’s too cold for that right now.  I have been a very good girl with no messes in the house! I did chew up some paper trash-an empty dog food bag with used paper plates and napkins that daddy left where I could get them. Mommy said he was to blame for that, and I  secretly agreed with her.  My food is Iams for adult dogs, and my bowers which were soft for my foster mom Gina, have stabilized and are firmer but not hard, and I poop once daily, usually in the morning for mommy.  My appetite is good, and I’m now getting 1cup of food in the morning, and 2 cups at night for supper. Mommy says when the weather is nicer, and we are all more active and outside more that she will adjust my food accordingly.

I have to say that it’s all going pretty good, and that I really like my new home, and love my new mommy and daddy, and the little brothers are ok.  This was the best idea for me to come here to live.

Thank you, TLC for finding me a new home with a good mommy and daddy, and also for the new little brothers,  Sallie”












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