May 222016
Shiloh and Cody

Shiloh and Cody

The rain managed to hold off for the most part for us to be able to enjoy our day at Coventry Woods Festival. We had the opportunity to catch up with our good friends at Chester County Food Pantry and had visits from Cookie’s mom & Cincy (who brought his parents by to say hi).

Of course, the highlight of our week were celebrating gotcha days. One of this week’s adoptions included an update because Cody FKA Gingerbread decided he was ready for a brother and adopted Shiloh. Of course, he had to spend some time catching up with us and showing how incredibly well trained he is and all the cool tricks he knows. We can’t wait for Shiloh to join in all the training fun and see what great things they do together!

Also adopted this week were: Ziva’s pups Aspen, Moon & Rayne; Abbott, Abe, Jenny, Justice & Winnie!

We couldn’t be happier that our pups found such fantastic furever families and hope you all keep in touch.

Cincy FKA Ray

Cincy FKA Ray

Speaking of keeping in touch, as we noted above Cincy swung by to visit with us at the Coventry Woods Festival.












Cookie wasn’t in toe when her mom stopped by to visit with us today but we did get an update about her earlier in the week.

Cookie’s doing great. She is such a good girl. She loves the outdoors and running so we are going to get lots of exercise. Here is a picture of her enjoying the sun in her favorite spot outside my house.


Ellie FKA Faye

We love little Ellie as she has become a part of our family. Please take a look at her recent pictures on Instagram @ eleanorrigbythedog


Things are going great with Lily. She is right by my side as I write this to you (she usually is these days!). We decided to keep her name. It suits her and she seemed to know it already. She is adjusting really well to life with us. She has really bonded with me and my husband, but me especially! She is gentle and sweet with my kids and pretty much just a great dog all around! I’m so glad we found her!

We did take her to the vet and she got a clean bill of health and we did activate our free month of insurance.

I do have a few pictures that I will try to send to you soon!

Thanks so much!

Snickers FKA Bridget

snickers FKA bridget

Snickers FKA Bridget

Snickers (formerly Bridget) is doing great!  She loves playing fetch, taking her walks and following us around so she doesn’t miss out on anything!  Taking an afternoon nap in the sun is also one of her favorite things.  Training was very easy and we didn’t encounter any problems.   We feel so lucky to have her as part of our family-thanks for helping us find her!  I’ve attached a recent picture – she grew up fast! 


Fern FKA Natesa

I just wanted to let you know that the puppy (Natesa) we adopted yesterday is settling in beautifully! We love her. Even our old westie has been enjoying her- acting like a (little) big brother, helping her get used to our routine, etc.- he seems 5 years younger & has been so patient (when she jumps on his head, wanting to play, etcetera). Since she didn’t yet know the name ‘Natesa’ we have decided to rename her “Fern” (since they are growing in the spot in our yard where she likes to relieve herself! J Again, Thanks so much. You guys are awesome


Nash has come a long way in a short amount of time! We are really enjoying watching him open up and start to trust us. We have had several tummy rubs and he is starting to play a bit (with caution!) we haven’t heard a true bark yet, and only a bit of whimpering. He is a very quiet pup so far! House training is 50/50. We love this guy…the boys are so happy and are working hard and being patient for Nash’s comfort. We all decided to keep his name as Nash!

We’d love to hear if you have updates on his siblings too!

Thanks so much, we’ll be in touch with photos soon!

Callie FKA August

Her new name is Callie and she is settling in very well!! She loves her new sister Bella and they are getting along great! Her vet appointment is tomorrow (we think she may have a UTI – as she is peeing a lot today) but other than that she is eating and drinking normally. I think having Bella around has allowed her to come out of her shell. Also, I did confirm the pet insurance – thank you for providing us with that! We are looking into signing her up with Petsmart training classes like we did for Bella, but will definitely utilize the other trainers if needed! I’ve attached some pictures so you can see her at home! Please feel free to Facebook me to stay up to date with her! Thanks again!

Raynee FKA Rani

Raynee FKA Rani

Faith & Raynee FKA Rani

Just a quick photo and update on Raynee. She has settled in and is doing well. We are still working on potty breaks and going to possibly teach her bell training to help. Raynee loves having a big sister to romp around with and she has a very loving personality.


Wilson FKA Boomer

We changed his name from Boomer to Wilson. He loves to cuddle and take long walks. He doesn’t play with any toys yet but he is starting to learn table manners and the command sit. He LOVES to cover everyone in kisses. He is crazy loveable. He loves so lay under Scarlett’s feet on car rides. He sleeps at the bottom of our bed. His skin seems to be “itchy?” I plan on asking the vet about that. He really is just so very sweet – we are so lucky he choose us. Hope you have an awesome day.



Thank you so much for helping us find our perfect dog! We are absolutely loving Kamala (we are keeping her name). She is such a great girl and so eager to be part of our family. She is settling in very well and we are keeping her busy with lots of playing and attention. She had her vet check-up today and is very healthy. She is getting along very well with our cat, Spooky. Kamala has been so gentle with him. Our kids are thrilled and so are we. Everyone we worked with and met from TLC was wonderful. We can’t thank you enough.










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