Dec 172017
Pancho now Milo

Between the snow this week and the visit from Santa, the pups have really gotten into the holiday spirit. They were excited to have the opportunity to tell Santa all their holidays wishes so he can make their dreams of furever families come true.

He was even able to do some match-making for a bunch of dogs this week, so they can be settled before the holiday and he told the rest he’s still working on finding the right fit for them. Mr. Pancho is proud to announce that he has met his new family and he’ll have 3 children of his own to play with! He’s considering changing his name to Milo as well. Macy is very happy that both she and her baby Petunia (now Charlie) have found their, respective furever families, and Mocha’s found her place in a family that includes TLC alum Mason FKA Fabio.

Also adopted this week were Babbs (now Jazz), Dixie, Dolly, Gus, Hunter, Joey, Sylvia & Ty (now Murray).


We also have some pupdates for you




“He is doing amazing!!! He loves hiking with his backpack on”





Hunter FKA Sparky

“Hello! We wanted to reach out and update you with Hunter (formerly Sparky) we rescued him just over one month ago and he is doing very well! He plays with our dog Harper and they get along very well! Here’s a “few” pictures we thought you would enjoy!


He is a very happy boy!! And the best addition to our family! thanks again for everyone’s help. We truly appreciate it! Merry Christmas!”


Bella FKA Cookie Crisp

“I wanted to send along an end-of-year update on my Bella (FKA Cookie Crisp). As I was reflecting on this year and all the good things that have happened I realized that I adopted Bella in 2017…I feel like she’s been with me forever! She is the sweetest baby girl and I love her so much. She and her brother (a rescue papillon/yorkie named Beau) play and sleep all day. She loves going for walks and sniffing EVERYTHING. She also loves to snuggle under anything cozy and generally be on top of me in some way. While she is a pretty typical Chihuahua, she is very quiet and sweet.

She came from South Carolina, so I think this is the first snow she’s ever seen. She refuses to walk out the door now and, even with her snow suit on, hates being in the cold. We’ll work on it  

Thank you again for rescuing her and bringing her to me!”


Maggie FKA Jasmine

Maggie FKA Jasmine

Maggie FKA Jasmine

“4 years ago today we adopted our Maggie( aka Jasmine).






Ruckus FKA Donald (Macy’s pup)

“Hi! Everything is great!

We changed his name to Ruckus and it fits him perfectly. House training is going great as is crate training. We are so incredibly happy with him! He is such a happy puppy!

His first vet appt is tomorrow morning.”



“We just wanted to give an update on Ruby. We adopted her in October after losing two of our elderly Wheatens. Ruby is such a WONDERFUL FIESTY LOVING terrier girl. Our family is in love! I especially want to thank her foster mom. Terriers and small dogs are hard to house train and Ruby is both! We feel so lucky to have her.”




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