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We knew it was going to be a great day when the morning started off with our girl Rachel making a love connection with her new dads, and we were right. In preparation for the Super Bowl, we spent the morning/early afternoon watching the Puppy Bowl at the wonderful Maddie’s Castle in Phoenixville. We met a lot of nice people, had a great time there and Kayla had the good fortune of catching the eye of some approved adopters who quickly made an appointment & adopted her this afternoon!

Two pups lucked out and were adopted by TLC alumni: Ally was adopted by Tucker FKA Harlan & Tonka was adopted by Oakely! Benson (now Murphy), Bodie, Gunner, Lois & Nova also landed great families and celebrated their gotcha days this week too.



We received a lot of pupdates this week:

Kayla was the last of her litter to get adopted and we got updates on two of her littermates

Kira FKA Kelsey

Kira FKA Kelsey

Kira FKA Kelsey

Kira’s mom posted a picture of her on our Facebook page to let us know that she’s an absolute delight and is becoming quite the social butterfly





Toby FKA Klev

Everything is going amazing…we decided to change his name to Toby and he is almost there with knowing his new name. Tarmac and Toby get along wonderfully…at times Toby can get a little mouthy with Tarmac but Tarmac is very gentle with him and shows him that is not how he is supposed to play. He really does not enjoy his crate time but settles down after being in there only a minute. We have had him around our young nieces and nephew and he absolutely loves children. We are still working on potty training but he will now go up to the door and sit to tell us he has to go out to do his business. He has learned a few new tricks too! We learned sit, lay down, shake and wait for his food. He is definitely a smart little boy and so lovable! He loves the outdoors and is beat after a long weekend running with the bigger dogs outside. Both my husband and I are extremely grateful to TLC for providing us with this loving little boy! We will definitely give you some updates along the way!


Wendi FKA Wednesday (& Monk aka Monkey FKA Tyson)

Just a quick update on Wendi and Monk.  It is our 2 week anniversary and they are doing very well.  They are playing together well; sharing and stealing toys and antlers!  Chasing after each other.  They walk really well on leashes. I walk them together and I am still up-right!

Wendi is starting to get into a schedule for going out.  The first week was a little rough but she is coming along.

Wendi is an adorable little girl. We are so glad to have her. Her spa day is Tuesday!  Can’t wait to see how she looks all groomed and trimmed up.


Bear FKA Copper

We are head over heels in love with Copper (now Bear)! He has been amazing! He loves affection (which he gets plenty of), he’s great on a leash and he’s settled right into our world. We are thrilled with him! He’s still trying to charm Lanie, but each day they are getting along better. Thank you so much for all you do! We were so impressed with your rescue! 


Hazel FKA Jesse

Hazel is doing well.  She’s getting better with potty training and crate training.  The vet checked her out and she is very healthy.  Attached are a couple of pictures of Hazel and her big sister.


Luna FKA Laurie (Lady’s pup)

Laurie now Luna is settling in wonderfully now. It took her about a day and a half to warm up since she is a bit on the shy side. We are working with our bulldog on her sharing skills. She doesn’t get mean but tends to hover over her so we are watching them very very closely to work on that. They are doing great though playing tug of war with each other and running around the house like the crazy pups they are! Haha We only decided not to keep the name Laurie because of the amount of people we know with that name. I have made an appointment for Luna with my vet for the 6th of February to get her 3rd set of shots. Her incision is still looking great and I check it at least twice a day since the two of them are always playing. She is doing very well with potty training and even knows to use the potty pads we laid down for her in case she couldn’t hold it. I’ll attach a few pictures of her on this email. I will be updating the info on the micro chip this week. Thanks so much for such a wonderful adopting experience! We love the new addition to our family! ❤


Lawler will get a new name as soon as we can agree on one! Lol. He seems to have settled in and has made himself right at home. He has his vet appointment tomorrow morning. We’ll continue to check in as he grows, and we’ll check in with a trainer if we need one.

Cooper FKA Laddie

Cooper FKA Laddie

Cooper FKA Laddie

Laddie is now Cooper   😁 we LOVE him.  He’s very smart and super curious.   He’s learned to sit. Housebreaking is tough but he’s getting it a little bit.  We can’t wait to see what he’ll look like as a big boy.  He’s such a joy. Just what our family needed. 

Thank you so much.  Your rescue is so professional and well organized.  I’ll be recommending you.  People are already asking.  It was a very easy, well planned adoption. 


Piper FKA Lally

Piper just had her first vet visit on Monday. We also ordered a DNA test today as we are very curious about her mix. We will send you the results as well.

She has been doing great and we are so happy to have her!


Taz FKA Darius & Addi FKA Dara

Everyone is doing great!  Taz loves having a sister and Addi is growing up to be a great dog.

We are so grateful that we have 2 TLC dogs!


Maulik FKA Blitzen

I AM so happy I found Maulik!!  I am in love with him! He seems to be the perfect dog for me!  He is doing very well. He had his vet check up at Banfield Pet Hospital at the Pet Smart near where I currently live. The vet said “Maulik was welcome back anytime” (I got the impression she didn’t say that to all the dogs)  She also said he was an “All Star” as he was very well behaved for baseline bloodwork and his lyme vaccine. Banfield vet and staff also commented on all the records I had from TLC and said it seemed like a very organized and well run rescue!

At home he has been a complete love. He is eating well and all bathroom business has been done outside. He loves his toys! and does well in the crate. Maulik is curious about Niko, but not persistent or aggressive in any way. Niko is still not sure…..lol….to be continued. I feed him in the crate and have not seen any signs of food aggression. However, I gave him a Busy Bone and he did growl when I came near him while he had that.

We are going on at least four walks a day. The easy walker harness makes a big difference. He does very good on leash unless a squirrel runs by.  Initially he got super excited when he saw another dog. So we went to the dog park early in the morning before any other dogs were there so he could sniff around and did long walks when the dog walking traffic was low. He is now at the point where he notices another dog near by, but doesn’t get so excited and goes about his day. 

We’ve done two dog/dog introductions this week and all dogs did great! 

I would like to do a basic obedience class with him and also try Agility Training with him. (he leaps and jumps like no other dog).  

He has already fulfilled a part of my life which had been missing something. I feel like life is full now with Maulik by my side!

Thank you TLC!

[editor’s note: we had discussed Maulik’s resource guarding, and the work we’d already done with him, with his mom prior to adoption and have referred her to our trainers for additional training]


Ellie FKA Jill

Ellie FKA Jill

Ellie FKA Jill

I did change her name to Ellie and she is coming along fine.

In fact, she’s with me right now in the car. Ellie really loves riding in the car! See the picture.

Before the trainer begins the process we need to bring her out of her emotional  shell and let her bond with me, my wife and the trainer.

Ellie is so gentle and sweet!!!!


Bodie FKA Washington

Bodie FKA Washington

Bodie FKA Washington

I adopted Bodie in October. He’s settling in quite nicely, my house really feels like a home with him around now.

He loves meeting other dogs and new people, especially kids.  The neighbors love him and my parents enjoy showing off the grand dog.

I discovered he super inquisitive and smart.  I had him in line to vote and all he did was sit patiently and people watch for an hour.  He’s also picking up new tricks pretty well, we’re showing progress on fetching his leash.  I’m enjoying watching the wheels turn as he’s learning.

We’re working on coming to the gym with me, but if his playmate isn’t there (another dog adopted from your rescue) he gets a little too hyper.  I just had him in Lowes last night and he loved the attention he got!

I’ll keep the photos coming!

Thanks again for letting me adopt Bodie!

[editor’s note: we received DNA results from Bodie’s litter mate Gigdet FKA Wanda and posted them in last week’s update. To be honest, we were a little surprised at the notion of GSD in their mom’s lineage but these pics of Bodie certainly lend credence to those results]


Lovey’s family let us know that she is such a Lovey-dovey they kept her name. They’re tickled pink with her.


Celly FKA Grumpy (Avery’s pup)

Celly … he is king of the house . He is a big boy about 35-38 pounds a gentle giant. He has a vet appointment 2/18 and we will see if he can get neutered and we will be doing a DNA test for curiosity. He fetches, house broken and loves the cold . He goes to the ice rink with us and he’s the hit of the place. He goes everywhere with us. We were approached to see if we would bring him to assisted living homes to cheer people up. Yeah he’s that loving.We absolutely adore him, I truly understand now when people say I didn’t save him he saved us . Thank you guys again.


We also received pics from some other alumni





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