Jan 072018
Jingle now Shadow

Well the holidays are over and, just as we had to adjust to regular work schedules again, we were hit with the nasty reminder that it’s winter.

We started the year off with 2, completely expected, foster failures when both Jingle & Ella’s families just couldn’t resist the charms of these sweet pups. Jingle has decided the holiday themed name was way too twee and changed his name to Shadow while Ella opted for a slight adjustment to call herself Stella.

Also adopted this week were Chandler, Charlie, Courtney (now Ellie), Deirdra, Peety & Sheba!



Speaking of Shadow FKA Jingle, his brother Jangle checked in with us as have a few other alumni:

Arthur FKA Jangle

“ Arthur (his new name) is doing great!! He is very playful and loving. He is also super smart! He is taking to his training way faster than any puppy I have ever had. We are ecstatic to have him as the newest member of our family and appreciate your help.”


Audrey FKA Irish

Audrey FKA Irish

Audrey FKA Irish

Miss Audrey (Irish) is looking pretty in pink! Happy New Year To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc. and thank you for all you do!”





Lilly Michelle FKA Lily



“In September 2013 I met and adopted my best friend. I saw her pic and profile on adoptapet.com and I knew the moment I saw her she was my dog. She dog gives me so much life. She’s sassy, feisty, adorable, and lovable. I’m grateful to TLC for introducing me to my puppy. She rescued my heart.

She was listed as Lilly and we kept that name. My baby Lilly Michelle ❤”


Rayne FKA Sassy and her pups Stella & Sophie FKA Spirit


“My Stella has a personality that seems much like a Border Collie — I’m on a facebook page called BorderCollie Anonymous, and I see her personality in many of the postings there.  She could play ball all day long, and at Christmas, she knows she’s getting a gift and is more excited than the kids are to open and play with her new toys.  She also is quite demanding for affection – if you pet her and stop petting, she will place her paw onto you to indicate no, you are not done petting.  And sometimes she’ll force a pet by physically putting her head under your hand if you are not forthcoming.  I’m constantly amazed by her athleticism. “


Rayne is very motherly and such a joy to have. I swear she understands us humans when we talk lol feel free to share the pictures as well. He she is sitting pretty after the groomer and the next is her watching my son’s karate class. Love her!”

 We also have a picture of Sophie FKA Spirit

Abby FKA Monica

“Monica is adjusting very well and is a perfect fit for our family. We have changed her name and she is now Abby. 

It’s been quite a busy few days but so much fun welcoming Abby into our family and figuring out our new routine. Abby has been to the groomer and the vet and spends most of her day in someone’s lap taking naps. I reviewed her microchip information when we came home and updated her account with her photo.

Thank you for all the hard work that you and TLC do each and everyday to save the lives of over 2,000 dogs! The process was simple but thorough and we are very fortunate to have Abby join our family. “


Here are some other photos we received this week:

 We hope you’re managing to stay warm. Remember that, in addition to making sure your pups aren’t outside too long, you should keep an eye on their paws to make sure they’re not being damaged by snow/ice/de-icer products.



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