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We hope you’re all enjoying the extended holiday week-end despite the cold & rain so far. It’s been a fairly low-key week for us as the kids have headed back to school and the pups are adjusting to extended periods of quiet. Our boy Jax may have found himself in need of a new home when his previous family decided that a new baby was incompatible with dog ownership, but he’s happy to turn the page of his story with a mom who will happily co-author all of the chapters of his life to come!

He’s not the only one starting the school year out by celebrating a gotcha day. Bailey, Bartles, Chucky, Ferris, Frank, Kyzer & Oreo were all adopted this week too!

We, of course, have updates to share this week as well:



“Mr Blue loving on his Bobbers He is feeling much better lately and will only eat the best food and will only drink bottled water LOL. He enjoys giving mommy paw and taking little walks. Big walks tire him out. still likes to watch the fish”


Gracie FKA Petunia

“We are very much in love! We have renamed “Petunia”… “Gracie”.   She has settled in much better than we had expected. She has responded to the crate beautifully (with the occasional whine) and slept through the entire night last night! We have been working on one basic command as we don’t want to overwhelm her. She is eating like a healthy puppy and chewing whatever she can get her little teeth on!  We do laugh! She will be going to visit our vet next week for an examination. She has been scratching frequently, so we’ll address that! Thank you for bringing Gracie into our lives! She is a sweetheart!! “


Stanley FKA Gunner

“Gunner, now (Stanley) is doing very well! He just had his vet appointment this evening! Still being treated for puppy worms, started a follow up medication, also the vet found one mange mite so he is now on a medication for that. Other than those hiccups he’s eating and drinking like a champ, going potty outside 98% of the time, loves playing fetch and cuddling! We have already reached out to a trainer to get him started on the right track! I will send some follow up pictures also! 

Thanks for reaching out, we love him so much already!”





“Yes, months have flown by. Peaches is doing great here. She has come out of her shell and started acting my like a dog than a hermit crab. She follows our other dog Zaya around. Samantha my youngest daughter who wants to be a vet someday has trained her to do some tricks. She still is very cautious if you approach too fast. When we first got her she did not like young children. She would try to snip at them when they would walk away. We have had many young visitors and she has become comfortable around them and no more snipping. She knows she is loved and we would never hurt her. We are very happy to have Peaches as a part of our family.”



“Eddy is amazing! Can’t express how much we love him! He is my little running buddy. We’ve been training for some upcoming 5ks. He keeps me very motivated. On the flip side he’s his dad’s gaming bud. The two of them sit on the couch together as dad plays games. I also take him to work with me a couple times a month. We have taken him to a dog beach. He’s gone on little hiking trips with us. He is loved every where we take him. Attached are a couple of photos. I could go on and on about him! We’re seriously so blessed! “



“Jackie seems to be happy with her new home.  At least one of us has been with her every second of the last week.  She is enjoying sleeping in our bed at night and has been found there during the day also.  We didn’t see any reason to change her name.  Our vet has her file and we will take her to be examined on Friday.

After her dinner she transforms into “wacky Jackie”  where she runs around and bounces off of the furniture.  Just as quickly she will lay down on the couch and take a nap.”


Vicki FKA Victoria

Vicki FKA VIctoria

Vicki FKA VIctoria

“Thank you so much for connecting us with Vicky, some three years ago now. She is happy and healthy and well-loved. Please let her foster mother (named Vicky, don’t know the last name) know that she’s doing just fine and brings joy to our household each and every day. Thank you TLC Rescue for all that you do”!


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