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Ally now Sunny

Holy cow, are we the only ones who feel like the beginning of the school year just crept up on us?! We’ve been so busy planning Miles For Mutts, which is at the end of September (9/25 to be exact) that we missed the fact that it’s already the end of August and some kids are going back to school as early as tomorrow. The pups are a little sad that they won’t have much play time with the kids throughout the days but they’re ready to bust out their super-happy-yay you’re home-dance.



Both Ally (now Sunny) and Lanie are looking forward to celebrating first day of school with their new families, and making sure they kids know how much they’re loved every day.



We have some nice updates as well:





I can’t believe it’s been just over a year since I adopted Vanna from TLC. I thought now would be a good time to update you guys on how she’s doing. Adopting my own dog was the best decision I’ve ever made. Vanna, affectionately called Vanna Banana, has grown into being my best friend. She is happy, healthy, loyal, smart, full of energy, and loves meeting new people and dogs. One of her favorite things in the world is playing frisbee, and I’ve attached a picture of her after doing just that.

Thank you so much for giving her a second chance at life, she’s truly the best.


Duke & Abby (FKA Heather)

I can’t believe it has been over six months since Duke and Abby came home.  We celebrated our six month “Gotcha Day” anniversary on August the 5th; Frosty Paws all around.  They are wonderful dogs, yep, even Abby although she is still a handful.  Abby has gotten so big, she towers over her big brother Duke; she is on her third crate!  I had their DNA tested and found out that Abby is a English Setter and German Short Haired pointer mix (I thought for sure she was part Tasmanian Devil, but no).  Duke is all sorts of stuff, Boxer, American Staffordshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Chow and Golden Retriever.  Duke is a wonderful boy; he still has a bit of separation anxiety but he is getting much better.  He is a total love bug.  Abby can’t sit still long enough to cuddle, she is one busy girl.  They love to be outside in their yard. I have never seen dogs who love to run like these two; good thing we have a big yard.  They took to the invisible fence almost immediately.  I can not tell you how much we love them and what joy that have given us.  I wanted to mention, we have a wonderful dog walker from Pampered Paws.  I don’t know if you are familiar with them, but they are fantastic.  I can’t say enough about Diane and her team.  They discount for rescue dogs too, you may want to reach out to them just for some information.  I know many new pet owners, particularly those with puppies need their services.  Our plan was for Tibor to take Abby to work with him so he could feed her lunch and let her potty etc.  That didn’t work out, on the first day she beat up a co-workers Rottweiler pup and pooped under the lunch room table.  She was not very popular to say the least and was given a written warning in her file that day.  Sadly, after day 2 she was laid off.  Abby thinks it was because business was slow, we never told her it was because she doesn’t play well with others!    Anyway, Pampered Paws came to our rescue and the dogs LOVE Miss Stephanie who takes care of them three days a week when I am in my office.

Thank you for all you do!!!!


Duke FKA Dusty (not to be confused with his brother Duke, who’s still Duke)

We are enjoying having Duke (aka Dusty) as part of our family and are pretty sure he feels the same.  Duke enjoys daily walks/ jogs, loves to go to doggy daycare two days a week and to play in the yard with our three children.  He loves to snuggle and is very easy going. He even lets the girls dress him up like a princess.  Duke is such an amazing dog.  My husband and I notice that at the end of the day he will lay down and fall asleep so quickly.  I think that he knows he has found a furever home with us.  Thank you for all of your help with connecting us with Duke.  He is the perfect dog for our family!


Ollie FKA Trevor

Ollie’s doing great!  Here are a few recent photos of him.  I was wondering if you can share contact info for his siblings’ families.  I’d love to get in touch and see updates on them as well!

[editor’s note: we’re glad to say we’ve been able to connect Ollie’s family with the family’s of his birth momma (Trish), sister Tansy FKA Trixie & brother Trip]


BB8 FKA Yoli

We’re still happy as can be with our girl BB8 (fka Yoli). She’s about 9 months old now and is a sweet and energetic puppy. Right now we’re working on regular training and gearing up for a big drive together cross-country in the fall. You can follow her adventures on Instagram:


Toby FKA Prescott

He is a gem. He continues to do well in obedience class.  In October Toby and Jackson will start agility class. He is a love!  At day care, Toby is the one who meets new, shy, nervous dogs and helps them adjust to life at school. 


Dude FKA Chaplin

Dude FKA Chaplin

Dude FKA Chaplin

Dude had a big year… He lost an eye and gained a sister! Happy gotcha day Dude (fka Chaplin)!


Happy 2nd adoptiversary Dude, we’re so glad you have such a great family to help you through your illness and recovery!  Note to Dude’s littermate’s (Cooper FKA Calvin & Brutus FKA Chris) families: Dude lost his right eye due to uveitis & subsequent glaucoma that was not hereditary.


Bernie FKA Patriot

We’ve renamed him Bernie, and he’s doing well! He and Penny are getting along very well, and Laney (the cat) has adjusted also. Housebreaking is almost 100%, so far so good!


Lola FKA Pamela

Lola (Pamela) is loving life being a farm dog! John, Hank (her big brother) love her and she loves us. Lola is up at the crack of dawn excited for her work day! She plays with 5 other dogs and 20 horses! 101 acres of opened fields! When she’s done at work her and her brother rest up for when John gets home from work for some more playing! We are very happy to have her join our family!


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