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Our pups may not be whooping it up with the families of the Daytona 500 drivers today but that doesn’t mean that they’re not as lucky as one of the Daytona dogs. TLC dogs would tell you they know they’re lucky to have beaten the race against the countdown clock at a shelter and happy they can relax in foster until it’s time for them to take a victory lap when they find the right family for them.

Happily now running around with bragging rights claiming their furever family are: Amber, Fillis (now Haley), Harris, Jennifer (now Jenny), Wess & Xandra (now Cassandra). I think they’d all agree that they’re celebrating a pretty big win this week!


We had all sorts of updates & alumni visits this week, including hearing the – very surprising- DNA results from a couple of alumni as well.

Gunnar FKA York

We wanted to send you an update on Gunnar. He’s doing great!!! Loves running around outside and doing tricks (we just taught him to shake paws). Here are some photos – please share with his foster mom too!!! He loves the toy she gave him. He’s growing too – up to 11.5 lbs.

Since the YO puppies were such a mystery we couldn’t help but do a DNA test. Just got the results. Please share with his sisters’ families too if you can. I know we can’t be sure they have the same dads but it still gives them some idea!! The results were pretty shocking haha.

Hope all is well. Thanks again for everything – we just love our little guy!

Lewis FKA Neo

Neo is part Alaskan malamute, American Eskimo, lab retriever and sheltie

Lewis FKA Neo

DNA results are in! Lewis formerly Neo is part Alaskan malamute, American Eskimo, lab retriever and sheltie! We love him! Thanks TLC Rescue




If you’re curious about what’s in the mix of your soul mutt, you can run a Wisdom Panel DNA test too. When you purchase your Wisdom Panel using TLC’s link, 10% of the purchase price of your test kit will be donated back to TLC.


Duke FKA Zeke

I can’t believe it has already been 6 months since I brought Duke home! It feels like just yesterday. He’s such great company and gets absolutely way too much lovin. I’ve attached some photos for you to see how much he’s grown. He’s 50 lbs.! As you can see, he loves the camera and looking out the window at the neighborhood activity.  

We were pretty bummed we missed out on seeing Santa during the holidays, so hopefully we’ll see you guys at an event very soon. As always, thank you for the support and reminder that you guys are there for us. It’s a great feeling to know you are.  

If you ever hear from Duke’s brothers’ and sisters’ families, please let them know if they ever want to get together for a play date I would love to.

Benjamin FKA Trey

Now, we have Benjamin in the house, and he is an absolutely and insanely adorable puppy. Funny part is that he reacts when we speak Russian at home – he does what he’s told in both English and Russian correctly and without any hesitation. It’s amazing!

We are doing great – eating well, running a lot, indoors and out 🙂 
That said, we can’t thank you enough for helping us for everything 🙂  We’ll be sure to keep in touch and will send you pictures along the way.

Sadie FKA Reina

I love my little puppy and am so pleased with the process that TLC has to rescue them. I rescued Reina, now renamed to Sadie. She is such a great puppy and loves everything and everyone. She was excellent at house and crate training and I have had no issues with her at all. She is only 30 lbs which is the perfect size for me. She loves the snow so much and just radiates joy to those around her. Attached are some pictures of her 🙂

Ella FKA Rachael

Just a note to let you know how well our TLC adoptee, Ella, is doing with our family. As a Southerner, she was not very happy at first with snow but now dashes about happily and thoroughly enjoys it.  She has been very good with our young grandchildren and has been eminently trainable. 

Thanks again for the positive experience adopting an older dog.  


We feel very lucky to have found Maverick (we did keep his name!). He is a great dog- very obedient, intelligent, playful but not overly hyper, and a total love bug. He loves playing with all of the toys and pulling the stuffing out of them! He and Bo are doing pretty good together, but Sadie is taking a little longer to warm up. We are working on getting her more comfortable with him in the house. Outside in the yard and on walks they are perfectly fine together so we are hoping it will just keep getting more comfortable for her the more time goes on.

I have attached some pictures for you, he sure is a cutie!

Thanks to TLC for rescuing and fostering these pups, we are so happy to provide a good home to Maverick. He certainly deserves it!


Attached is our newest family member after her first grooming here in Central NJ &  a pic of Sassy (on the floor on the doggy bed) and her new brother, Newman, who has a propensity of laying on my clean laundry!


Willow FKA Bindi (mom to the “cookie” litter)

[Monday was] our one year anniversary. Willow is awesome. We love her with all our heart

Pickle FKA Ash

Pickle FKA Ash

Pickle FKA Ash

We loved running into some TLC reps today at Pets Supplies Plus in West Chester. Pickle (formerly known as Ash) got lots of kisses and we learned some fun stuff about his litter mates. What fun!





Pepper FKA Helga

Pepper FKA Helga

Pepper FKA Helga

Hi! Just wanted to check in and send a pic of our girl Pepper (aka Helga). She’s doing great and coming up on her 2nd birthday soon. Thank you again!





Dinah FKA Di

Speaking of birthdays, Dinah FKA Di is approaching her first adoptiversary and celebrating her 3rd birthday today! She certainly has the life and is celebrating with home-made treats, playing with her sister Kacie and loves of love from mom & dad!

We were also sent some additional pictures of alumni & had a visit from Oakley too!



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  3 Responses to “Week-End Update: As Lucky As a Daytona Dog”

  1. So thrilled to see Gunnar “York” looking so happy and loved!…His DNA test results are quite funny….Give him a big hug from us!

  2. So excited to see Duke fka Zeke! We adopted his brother Zach, who now goes by Lucas. We would love to get together for a playdate!!

    TLC – Would you be able to give me contact info for Duke’s owners or perhaps pass mine on to them?

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