Apr 302017

We don’t know about you but we had a wonderful week-end filled with fine food, some pretty cool art, great music and, of course, puppy cuddles!  Yesterday, we had the pleasure of being the beneficiary of Woofstock at Osteria in Collegeville. We can’t thank local musician Tony Costello enough for pitching the idea to Osteria or the folks at Osteria for asking us if we’d be interested in letting them throw such a nice benefit for us. Of course we said yes because, have you had the food there?! It’s as fabulous as their customers and all the TLC adopters & supporters who came out for the event.

As if the week-end wasn’t great enough, we spent the day in Historic Yellow Springs today for the 44th Annual Yellow Springs Art Show. If you haven’t been to the show, it’s open through May 14th; don’t forget to bring your checkbook because you’ll be sure to find a few pieces you will want to show off in your home.

To top it off we’re pretty sure some of the pups met their furever families at the events. Mr. Triton, however, did not attend any events this week-end because he’d already met his match and has happily settled into his new home. Also celebrating gotcha day this week were Armani (now Chewey), Hopper & Miss Prue.


We received some updates this week, including one from Prue’s brother Murphy FKA Phantom. We also had some alumni come hang with us at the Art Show today!

Celly FKA Grumpy (Avery’s pup)

He’s 74.6 lbs and a gentle giant . We can’t thank you guys enough . Hope the family is doing well.”


Hazel Grace FKA Daisy

“it dawned on me that it’s been just over 6 months since Hazel Grace has joined our family. In that time she has truly captured all our heart. She is such a lovey girl who absolutely adores her fursister, Sofie. Everyday Hazel Grace needs to “groom” Sofie, none of our other dogs ever did that. She has earned many a nickname, including Hazey Gracey, Haze, Nugget, Nug Nug, Pupster, Little One and Sweetness.​​ Hazel Grace is a smart girl who has mastered all her basic commands plus a few “fun” ones: sit, stay, down, paw, high five, touch, come and the latest we are practicing are how to hop on her back feet, commando crawl, pirouette on her back legs. At just over 10 months she’s mostly done growing. She is Sofie sized, but only about 30 lbs. She has enjoys walks in the neighborhood and local walking paths. She has been such a great addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier with her.”


“Mr. Tank George Washington got his first “Big Boy” haircut today!!! Big difference from Shaggy McShaggerston earlier this morning. I love him shaggy. I love him like this. I love this pup more than I could ever explain. Thanks TLC for bringing him into our lives!”

Belle FKA Lydia & Bear FKA Laker

Belle FKA Lydia & Bear FKA Laker

Belle FKA Lydia & Bear FKA Laker

These two are now inseparable. Belle (FKA Lydia) is even catching up to Bear (FKA Laker) size wise!


Moe FKA Sanders

We are doing great. We love Moe. And so does everyone else. He’s the best.”


Daisy FKA Blossom

Thank you! We have named her Daisy and she is doing great. Everything we hoped for in our next dog. We love her.”

Mia FKA Jenny

We have re-named Jenny and now refer to her as ‘Mia’. She wasn’t responsive to the name Jenny so we did not see any harm in doing that. She seems to be responding already to Mia which is great. Mia is enrolled in the 24PetWatch insurance and we have updated her microchip information on there as well to reflect ‘Mia’. She is also waiting on her pet license for the state of Delaware so she will soon become official. Mia visited with our vet on Wednesday for a check up and some shots and though she was happy in the waiting room, was a bit timid once she got into the examination room. We get the impression she doesn’t like enclosed rooms as she also doesn’t like to come upstairs with us at night and be in our bedroom even though she follows us up during the day. Mia has shown progress though in regards to her timidness. She greets people warmly and even goes so far as to jump on us in greeting when we walk through the door (a bad habit she picked up from Rooney) which is more than she did the first few days she was with us. She truly becomes a different dog though when we step outside for walks. She has already seen a fox, a few cats and many birds and squirrels so she’s loving the area. It’s also been a great bonding experience for her and Rooney because we’ve noticed Mia warm up to him immensely since day 2 when we started our daily walks together. I think she trusts him more and she actually lets him give her tons of sloppy kisses. Our plan within the next few months is to have her signed up for training as we know this will be beneficial for us as well and help us all bond. So far the experience with Mia has been great. She has been adjusting very well and quicker than we expected, though we know there is still a lot more work to do. Attached are a few pictures of squirrel watching, dog kisses and just more overall cuteness. We are so happy to have Mia as a part of our family now and look forward to many more memories with her. Thank you all for making this happen for us, we love working with TLC!”


Murphy FKA Phantom

“Since it has been about two months since we adopted Murphy (FKA Phantom), I wanted to give an update on how it is going.  He is definitely growing and is very comfortable at home.  His favorite thing (well besides chewing things) is spending time outside, especially when we are all outside together.  

He also loves going to the woods and playing fetch.  We are all very happy to have him as part of the family.  “


Venus & Rex came to visit with us at the Art Show today


We have another action-packed week-end next week starting out with our Raffles For Ruffs fundraiser on Saturday and Malvern Blooms on Sunday. We hope to see you at one, if not both, of these events!





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