May 012016
Luther (now Charlie) w/TLC alum Jordan

Luther (now Charlie) w/TLC alum Jordan

It wasn’t the auspicious start to May that we’d hoped for in terms of the weather but this has been a great week with Louise’s puppies being ready to find furever homes of their own.

Luther, now Charlie, found a great new home with two human brothers and a TLC alumnus, Jordan, to help show him the ropes. Luther’s litter mates, Liam, Lori (now Kenya), Lowry (now Patches) & Luna (now Denali) also found families of their own too.

As we mentioned above, Louise’s litter was finally ready for adoption so Ash, Clover, Huckleberry (now Prince), Iris (who found a sister in TLC alumnus, Bailey), Ivy, Jasmine (now Luna), & Onion parted ways to move into their furever families this week-end.

That’s not all because Cash, Jacob & Sebastian (who, coincidentally, is Louise’s grandson) also celebrated gotcha day this week too!



We also have some updates to share:

Skylar FKA Emily

Skylar FKA Emily

Skylar FKA Emily

She’s doing great! Finally stopped chewing when out of the crate and home alone with Savannah our other rescue, glad to say she is turning out to be an awesome puppy as we expected





Chloe FKA Jamie

We named her Chloe. She’s very happy here! Can you please email her spay documentation? She goes to the vet on Thursday. 

Here are some pictures! She’s very interested in the cats and wants to chase them. 

Remy FKA Dean

Remy FKA Dean

Remy FKA Dean

We changed Dean’s name to Remy. He’s settling in well now. The first week was really rough and he was very worked up and jumping/biting, but once he settled in and learned our rules, he began adjusting well. We’re using Deb Murray for training, and she’s been awesome. We use Dogtopia for doggie daycare 2-3 days a week which Remy loves.

We are excited to have him in our family.


Malcolm is fitting in very well with our little family. We decided to keep his name (it suits him).He thinks he is a lap dog and loves to snuggle. Katie likes to carry him around like a baby, and he enjoys it as well haha.  He loves his squeeky toys, but loves dirty socks even more.  We are in the process of teaching him the normal commands. He seems to be house-trained now, and can make it through the night without crying and barking.  All in all, he is a super sweet pup and we are so happy to have rescued him.

Kona FKA Madison

Kona is doing fantastic. She’s such a sweetheart and a quick learner she Already knows sit, down, paw and come. We were a little worried when we brought her home because she has seemed skiddish around other dogs, but we’ve started going to puppy classes near by and she’s really coming out of her shell. She really enjoys going outside and sniffing everything she can put her nose on.  Potty training is going pretty smoothly, she’s had very few accidents. After we found out she had kennel cough we also found out she had some worms so it feels like she’s constantly been on medication but it doesn’t seem to stop her at all from wanting to play or eat.

She’s such a great addition to our family and we love her so much! I’ve attached a few pictures of our little Kona bear for you.


Maddie FKA Kari

Maddie, Kari’s new name, is doing great! She has settled in with our family so well, and everyone loves her. She is such a sweetheart and a very good dog. She plays so well and is patient with our four year old, who wants her constant attention. My older boys, 11 and 13, take her on walks everyday, and she seems to look forward to them coming home from school. She is truly a delight, and we feel so blessed to have her. Even the cat doesn’t seem to mind her and is now sitting near her. I think in no time they will be snuggling on the same bed.

Maddie has gotten much more comfortable in the car and now goes into her car crate with no problem! She walks on the leash really well. Her only vice is that she is a big chewer; however, after the first two weeks, she has calmed down and now only chews on her bones and toys. I was hesitant to give her a stuffed animal toy, thinking that she would just tear it up, but instead she took care of it, carrying it around and loving it like it was one of her puppies. She must miss them!

Molly FKA Kara

Molly (Kara) is adjusting quite nicely. We are absolutely smitten. So thankful for TLC and all that you guys do!


Just wanted to drop you guys a line and say thank you for rescuing our dog, Ranger, who we adopted from you in June ’14. You brought him up from a kill shelter in SC. He has turned out to be such a great dog, still likes to look through the trash but otherwise just as loving a dog as you could want. He sounds pretty cool too.  We aren’t able to adopt another dog right now (2 at a time is our limit) but when the time comes, we will find you

TLC alumni Abbey (FKA Heather) & brother Duke, and Bimmer (FKA Michelob) completed training class with Jeri Wagner  this week. Also in the class was our buddy Ranger who, along with sister Riley & brother Roscoe FKA Elvis, fosters for TLC

Bimmer FKA Michelob & Ranger

Bimmer FKA Michelob & Ranger



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