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We’re in a celebratory mood this week, and not only because both Chanukah & Christmas are less than a week away. Earlier this week, Charlotte was the 1,500th TLC dog to find her furever home! Last Sunday, she told Santa she wanted her very own home for the holidays and he granted her wish just a few days later!

Santa also helped a few more adoptables find a home before the holidays too: Angie, Eclipse (now Gatsby), Harry, Joey & Squirt were also adopted this week.



We also have some updates & alumni pictures to share with you as well

Heath FKA Rocco

Heath FKA Rocco whose adoption day was 7/30 of this year has stolen our hearts! Here are a bunch of pictures of him! He is obsessed with tennis balls and spends almost every waking minute playing fetch! We will send you some pictures of him with his newly married parents after our wedding this Saturday!


Gidget FKA Wanda

Gidget FKA Wanda

Gidget FKA Wanda

We just wanted to share that Gidget (aka Wanda) has settled in pretty nicely. She and the cat are already hanging out and sleeping in the same room even if they are giving each other space. We are working on down, here, and walking nicely on the leash.



Wilson FKA Boomer

Yes, time has flown. Wilson (Boomer) has experienced his first snow dusting, Christmas tree shopping and gotten a holiday collar. He still doesn’t play with any toys – but is mostly a good listener and has learned sit, up, down.  In the spring we are getting our backyard fenced in hopes we can teach him to catch. He loves his walks and would walk every hour, every day if you let him. 🙂

Scarlett loves being his big sister and he is really just a cuddle bug. Happy holidays! 


Karla FKA Belle

Thanks To Love a Canine! I adopted the puppy “Belle”, now named Karla….a few months ago, and she is the perfect pup for us. And growing like a weed!! We love her


Tansy FKA Trixie (Trish’s pup)

 Thought you all might get a kick out of this update: Tansy’s 1st birthday party! (Formerly Trixie of tr litter, mom Trish).

Enjoy! And thanks again for all you do! 


Sully FKA Farris

Sully (fka Farris) is doing great and his human sister Kaitlyn has taken every step needed to make sure he is well & well cared for. It seems he is also a Houdini who can get out of its crate.

Tank (Walter’s & Wendy’s pup)

[Editor’s Note: Tank rejected his parents attempt at re-naming him Winston and made it clear that Tank is the perfect name for him.]

Tank Check-In time!!! He LOVES hanging out with me in the office while I work. He has 2 or 3 spots he loves. 1) Laying on his mound which is composed of his bed, blankets, towels, and whatever else he adds to it. 2) Laying in front of the vent. He LOVES the warm air that comes out of there. And of course anywhere in the room with a pigs ear, or bully stick. He’s a happy, healthy pup who just loves life! He also went to his first week of puppy training on Wednesday where he met some new friends! Needless to say he’s loved by all!


Ozzy & Dexter

Ozzy & Dexter

I thought you might like to see an updated pic of Ozzy with his brother Dexter.  Dexter has never shared his bed, the sofa, or “his chair” with another dog, until Ozzy!  Ozzy thinks of him as his big brother, even getting Dexter to play, which Dexter hasn’t done in years!  

Ozzy loves to eat, loves his stuffed animal squeek toys, especially “Hedge Hog”, and loves to bury himself under the bed covers or to sleep on top of the pillows. He gets along very well with Dexter and Dinah and loves going outside, investigating the territory. 

Ozzy now knows how to “sit pretty” for a treat and is now working on giving a paw.  I’m still working on Ozzy’s fear of Bob, most times he just distances himself from him and seems to fear him most when Bob comes into a room, coming too close or even standing over him, especially to give a treat.  It’s strange, because when Ozzy’s up in our bed, he’ll sometimes sleep real close to Bob and in the morning loves to play and give Bob “puppy kisses”.   This past Monday, Ozzy received his booster shots for Lyme and flu at the Vet.  Again, he heads for the corner or tries to hide under the bench.  Undoing Ozzy’s fears is a work in progress! 

Here’s wishing you and yours a happy holiday season

JoJo (mom to Leiliana, Morrigan, Varric, Wynne & Zeveran)

Jojo's Christmas card

Jojo’s Christmas card

JoJo is doing well.  We love having her as part of our family!

Toby FKA Prescott

Jackson & Toby FKA Prescott

Jackson & Toby FKA Prescott wish everyone a Merry Christmas

Toby has been very busy decorating his home for Christmas 🎄. He and his brother Jackson had their holiday picture taken at puppy palace. Toby loves his day care where he runs with his friends.  Not to brag, but Toby is an official greeter at day care. He helps new kids adjust.  He completed his agility course and will begin the next level in January.  

We ❤️ Toby and are blessed with his presence

Wishing everyone at TLC a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year🎁🎊


Some additional alumni also checked in with photos


We hope you are all as excited for the holidays as we are. We’ll be posting some tips during the week to help make sure the holidays are as safe & healthy for your dogs as they are for you, and hope all of your holiday wishes come true!











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