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Christian now Copi

It was another busy week with us doing some meeting & greeting at year’s Limerick Community Day on Saturday and at the Pet Supplies Plus in West Chester today.  A certain little puppy almost crashed our applications dashboard because he is overwhelmingly adorable. When we first committed to pull Christian from the shelter, he was a teeny stray found all alone in a ditch and the initial belief was that he was a small breed dog who may have been a Shih Tzu or Havanese but, over the past couple of weeks with his foster mom, he’s grown a lot and his features have changed from a little ball of fluff to something a little more Sheltie(?)-like. If so, that’s an even more perfect match for his new family which includes his Aussie mix sister Daisy FKA Xandra (from Emma FKA Xena Nicole’s and, possibly, Roscoe FKA Elvis’s X litter of Dec 2014). Only time will tell and we hope that we’ll get lots of pictures as Christian, now Copi, grows up and shows everyone who he really is.

Of course Mr. Christian wasn’t the only one to get adopted this week. Curly Sue (now Daisy), King (now Tucker), Maggie, Marcus, Margaret, Patriot & Urso also celebrated gotcha day this week too!


We had lots of updates this week:

Hank FKA Yance

Been a year since we added this loving, webbed-footed maniac to our family. Best decision we ever made. Thanks to TLC Rescue for the opportunity to meet such an amazing dog!

Wanted to share some pictures and this message with you. We have donated in honor of Hank’s “Gotcha Day”.

Rascal FKA Darius

Here are a few pictures of Rascal having some fun with his sister and enjoying his furever home!



Our guy may not end up being all that small up to 16.15 lb at just under 12 weeks lol. Everyone very happy and healthy!! I’ve since also recommended TLC to my boss and his wife


Marley FKA Utah

Marley FKA Utah

Marley FKA Utah

We did change his name to Marley and he is doing great! He has only gone to the bathroom once in the house (that we know of-lol). He is doing great with crate training and he is learning how to walk in a leash (he is still getting used to the leash). He really seems to be bonding with everyone and he and Maggie play a lot. He likes to be outside. It was difficult to get him in the house on Sunday he only wanted to stay outside but we finally convinced him to come in. We did take him to the dog wash Sunday. I don’t think he loved getting a bath but he looks nice and clean.

He went to the vet today and everything was fine we just had to get the preventative meds. When he walks he doesn’t bend his back legs but the vet said there is nothing wrong with them he just isn’t bending them.

We were a little nervous about growing into a two dog family but thankfully it is going well. We are glad we were able to adopt Marley. At the vet today there was a puppy and my 9 yo asked the owner what rescue she got her from and when the owner said a breeder my daughter had to ask what that was. So it is good they are learning about adoption.

Thanks for our new addition, Marley!


We got Talon a month ago and it feels like we have had him forever. After a few initial health issues- conjunctivitis and giardia, nothing major- he is doing amazing. He gained 10lbs in 3 weeks- going to be big for sure. He LOVES our fenced in yard. He enjoys walking out and laying in the sun or playing with his stuffed alligator outside.

Training is going well, he is very good a sitting and staying. We have practiced this extensively especially at street corners and he can even sit and stay at the corner in our quiet neighborhood while I walk to the other corner without him budging! Then when he comes he is so excited, galloping over. We are still working on heel and laying down!

We take Talon everywhere. As many places as possible- out to eat, to the farmer’s market, to the canal, pet store. Talon loves kids. I am so excited to see him grow with Ryan’s son! He even gave gentle kisses to a three week old baby! We also have a variety of people letting him out during the day so he is getting acclimated to multiple people in his home. He is a huge mama’s boy (don’t tell the boys) and melts into the ground when anyone pets him, loving belly rubs!

Getting a dog was a huge step but he makes us smile every single day! On his chest he has a “7” in white hair, and he is truly our lucky dog!!!

I was wondering if you could give our information to the families that adopted Talon’s siblings. We would love a play date! Thank you so much!


Tanner w/little bro Parker

Tanner w/little bro Parker

I thought you might enjoy seeing this picture of the boys in a rare quiet moment. They are getting along very well but it is rare that they are both still at the same time. They would much rather be wrestling or teasing each other over Nylabones. I say teasing because that is exactly what they will do to each other. When one wants to play they will often walk up to the other with a nylabone and walk around in circles as if to say come and get it. Tanner especially does it to get Parker to play. It is really funny to see. Parker is doing great, no accidents in the house since his second day here and he has adjusted to sleeping in the crate at night. He waits to bark in the morning until he hears me open my bedroom door. We cannot thank you enough for bringing him into our lives. He is a great playmate for Tanner and a great addition to our family.

Tansy FKA Trixie (Trish’s pup)

We absolutely adore Tansy (formally Trixie of the tr litter)! She is the perfect dog- happy, playful, sweet, smart and even has a sense of humor! Tansy loves everyone (and everything) that she meets, doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. We enjoy her more than we ever could have dreamed of. This really is a ‘who rescued who?’ situation! Thank you so much TLC for all you do, you do it well! ♡

Attached are some photos of our furbaby over the months.

P.S. Tansy is so relieved her momma got her own forever home, too!

Trip (Trish’s pup)

Trip and I are doing great together. He was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Trip goes everywhere with me. He loves to go hiking and watching me rock climb. He just got brave enough to start jumping off the dock at our family lake house which is hilarious. Swimming is by far his favorite thing to do. He follows all basic commands still working on some training that is more difficult just on account of him having that puppy mindset and all that energy.

Stella FKA Fran

Stella FKA Fran

Stella FKA Fran

Stella is doing well, weighing in at 48 lbs.  Unfortunately, she is now the only dog in the household as we lost our 13 year old lab, Huck very suddenly on Tuesday evening.  Stella is still adjusting to being the only dog and will be a little lost without Huck as they were very close.  She enjoys playing with her human brother, Owen as he enjoys playing with her as well.  She has a great temperament and is very spunky and a little mischievous.  We love her very much. 


Nova FKA Joni

Nova FKA Joni & Pippa

Nova FKA Joni & Pippa

I truly want to thank TLC for giving us the absolute best sister to our first dog Pippa. I had 2 dogs a while back and 1 was severely aggressive so getting a 2nd dog was a bit scary for me. But Nova and Pippa are truly the absolute best friends!!! Never once have they shown any form of aggression towards each other. They are THE most opposite dogs ever- Pippa is terrified of ever aspect of life while It is virtually impossible to teach Nova “no” because she literally thinks every second is the best second of her life! Somehow they balance each other out and for that I am grateful! Pippa is so much better with other dogs and humans since Nova entered our lives! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you guys do!


Jessie FKA Harmony

Jessie FKA Harmony2 1/2 weeks in her new home and I’d say Jessie (fka Harmony) is loving life!





We’ve also received some pictures to share as well. Princess’s mom (aka Your Hometown Helper) posted a picture of this sweet girl to celebrate International Homeless Animals Day & get the Adopt, Don’t Shop message out. We see Shorty often as she is part of the Miles For Mutts planning committee but we don’t see her “aunt” Lucy too often and it was nice to get some pictures from a recent family get together. Peanut FKA Paco is visiting his sister Dani FKA Pip this week because his mom & dad got hitched and are on their honeymoon.



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