Jun 052016


Despite the threat of rain all week-end, we were pleasantly surprised the sun stayed out all day yesterday – especially since we were outside at two events: the Chester County Pridefest & Mini Paws Saving Southern Souls Fundraiser at Rita’s in Malvern.

It was a light week for adoptions as people wrapped up the Memorial Day week-end & started getting ready for Summer vacation, but we do have a few happy tails to share.

Our shy but very sweet girl, Leia, finally met her dream family and was very happy that they welcomed her into their home. Abram, Tallulah, Tavis & Teegan were also adopted and will be picked up by their families when they recover from their spay/neuter.



We have some updates as well:

Major FKA Woodstock (Ziva’s pup)

Just wanted to touch base to say that Major (aka Woodstock) has been doing great! He is such a lovebug, always wants to be held, and has just a sweet disposition. Thank you for allowing us to adopt such a sweet boy 🙂

Jenny (Ziva’s pup)

Jenny is doing well in her forever home!

Thelma (mom to the pups with artist/musician names & daughter to Louise)

Thelma is doing well! Already an international traveler! Here she is testing the lake waters in Canada.

Chase FKA McCall (Rachel’s pup)

Chase (formerly McCall) is settling in great. He is so good with our cats but sadly they do NOT want to play with him. They are slowly coming around to the idea of a big puppy bouncing around their house… Chase loves going on hikes with my husband but he loves meeting new people even more. He is sweet and smart and we are happy to have gotten so lucky with him! I have attached a few pics. It was hard to pick which ones to send! Thanks for everything.


Preston's 1st Adoptiversary

Preston’s 1st Adoptiversary

Today is one year since I picked up a scared little boy named Preston. I was very nervous and so was he! Today he is confident, happy, loved and a complete scamp! Thank you for all the good work you do and for helping us find our special boy. Frosty Paws for everyone!



Lola checking in


Lola seems to be doing very well and loves to snuggle with her family





Hattie (Hayden’s pup)

Thanks so much! Here are some recent photos of our girlie, Hattie.  We love her!


Abner (Abbie’s pup)

Abner is great! We haven’t come up with a different name – Abner is kinda working for us – we’ll email you if we come up with something different.  Thanks again for everything… Sarah, James, Max & Roxie are smitten!


Bear FKA Zaiden

Bear & his family came by Rita’s in Malvern to show how happy he is. We can’t thank them enough for their generous donation to Lousie’s veterinary care fund!

This week-end marked the start of the 3rd annual Saving Southern Souls campaign. This year the kids chose Louise as the beneficiary. Louise is a very sweet dog who is starting treatment for Heartworm and will also need

to have her right leg amputated after she’s recovered from her Heartworm treatment. Right now, the estimated cost of her veterinary care (Heartworm treatment & amputation) is estimated between $5,500 – 6,000; we’ll have a better estimate when she is ready for her surgery and the orthopedist can advise us whether she will fare best having a full amputation or partial one & rehab with a prosthetic device.


Jen & Tanya enjoy a photo op w/ Miss Pridefest

Jen & Tanya enjoy a photo op w/ Miss Pridefest

TLC was also tickled pink to attend the first Chester County Pridefest, which was a really fun event held at Reeve’s Park in Phoenixville.

The dogs had a blast being social butterflies and enjoyed the opportunity to mix, mingle & make connections to find their furever homes.






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