Feb 282016
Layla & Lyra

Layla & Lyra

We’re wrapping up the month of February – only Leap Day is left – and we’re starting to see signs of Spring already. The dogs really enjoyed the mild & sunny day today, and are looking forward to more days just like it!

Bonded pair Layla & Lyra are very happy to announce that they have found their furever family (and even happier to brag about how spoiled they will be).

They’re not the only ones with bragging rights this week though. Ace, Clarity, Kerri, Kota, Mark (now Bowie), Quinn & Trina also celebrated their gotcha days this week.

We received  Wisdom Panel results from Trina’s litter mate, Tansy FKA Trixie. We were guessing their mom, Trish, was a Lab-Bull Breed (Am Staff/Am Bulldog/Mastiff) but it just goes to show you that breed identification based on appearance, even of an adult dog, isn’t really accurate.


We also received some other updates to share:

Olive FKA Candy

Olive FKA Candy

Olive FKA Candy

Today is my little Olive’s #adoptaversary from @tlcrescuepa. I love that you are the happiest pup we know and how you often wag your tail so hard your whole butt moves. I also love your floppy ears and how your let ear is always slightly higher than the other. When I think of how you were in line to be euthanized at a high kill shelter it still makes me want to cry. You are safe now and we love you so much



Baylor FKA Quinby

We just wanted to check in…2 years ago today Baylor (formerly known as Quinby) joined our family. She is one crazy girl and we love her to pieces . Here she is then and now!


HarlanHarlan also celebrated his adoptiversary with a then & now picture





Boone FKA Harrington

Our Boone (formerly known as Harrington) is doing great!  He is over a year old now and we can’t believe we have him a year already the time has flown by.  He is such a lovable, handsome, crazy boy! He has brought so much joy to our lives and is spoiled rotten because of it. 

I will gather some pictures and send to you so you can see how he has grown !  

Thank you for helping us find our boy!

Lucy FKA Celtic

Lucy FKA Celtic

Lucy FKA Celtic

Hi Fellow Animal Lovers!

My husband and I just wanted to let you know how very much we love our dog, Lucy, who was adopted from your organization last April after a meet and greet at PetSmart in Exton.  She is so beautiful and lovely and sweet; in short, the BEST DOG EVER!  She get along well with our cats, especially the young male cat with whom she plays tag.  Here she is looking thoughtful. Thank you for bringing her into our lives!



“Sandy – One Year Later”… I can’t believe it has been a year since that timid little girl walked into our lives. She was afraid of almost everything but took to our other dog, Smitty, very quickly. With Smitty beside her she felt brave enough to face the world. I think the biggest fear she has overcome was her fear of men. She would hide anywhere she could and growl when a man was near. As time went by, and she felt safer with us, she became more confident. She has no fear of people now, not men, women or children. She has even done 5ks with me with no problem with the crowds! She has completed 2 levels of dog training at Camp K9 Paradise for Paws and the last fear we are working to overcome is her fear of other dogs. That will come. She has the sweetest personality and loves to snuggle. She and Smitty can wrestle around and play for hours and she has become buddies with one of our cats. She may have come from South Carolina but you wouldn’t know it by the way she loves the snow!

Thank you for saving Sandy and we feel lucky she ended up as part of our family.

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