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Carlo's birthday  bounty

Carlo’s birthday bounty

Wrapping up National Volunteer week on Saturday reminded us of not only how great our volunteers and their children (some of whom joined our Mini Paws program and dragged the rest of their family in to a life of volunteering) are, but also how generous kids can be.  Like many local charities, our hearts are warmed by all those kids that are taking it upon themselves to raise support/awareness for causes near & dear to their hearts and many of these kids are eschewing things like birthday presents, and using special occasions to raise money & collect donations. Carlo Filiberto is one of those great altruistic kids and, for his 9th birthday, Carlo asked all of his friends to gift him with donations to Darlington County Humane Society, the southern shelter from which we pull many of our at-risk dogs.  He’s pictured here with some of his collection because his friends are still dropping off donations.  It’s really heartwarming to see that the kids are making sure the ripple effect of their good deeds go beyond what they & their families are doing for TLC.

Happy Birthday Carlo!  We’re really glad to have a great kid like you as part of the TLC family.


The happiness doesn’t end there, a bunch of great pups joined their new furever families this week as well.  Crystal, Christine, Cordelia, Destiny, Elf,  Mona, Monty, Sophie (aka Clover) & Tori are all livin’ large now.


There were updates to share as well:


Grayson (from the G litter of September 2014)

Grayson is doing great! We currently have him enrolled in puppy classes and he is doing so well. He’s smart and picks up very fast. He loves the dog park and to run around and play with his toys. He has gotten so big since we got him.

Skipper FKA Johnson

Our Skipper is doing great! He graduated from Bark Busters training class as well as received his Canine Good Citizen. He is a really good dog and we are enjoying him as part of our family.  He has his first camping trip coming up and is going to the Outer Banks with us this summer.  Thank you for such a great rescue dog. 

Sophie FKA Julie

I just wanted to share a pic our Sophie… She is now a big sis as well as a best friend with her baby brother.. Thank you for bringing us together. She is our ‪#‎PrincessSofia.

Renwick FKA Jagger 

We celebrated Jagger’s (fka Renwick) birthday today! Thanks so much to everyone at TLC rescue for making it possible for Jagger to be part of our lives. He is a wonderful boy and I truly don’t know what I would do with out him 

Naveah FKA Cillia

Naveah is growing and healthy, she is doing really well and is such a joy. She love everyone and they love her also. Great decision i made adopting her. Thank you all so much.

Augite (aka Augie) FKA Cory

We just wanted to send a not to you and all at TLC for helping to bring Cory to us. Following in our tradition of naming all our dogs after rocks and minerals, we have named our little boy Augite. Augite should be pronounced with a soft “g”, but we are intentionally mispronouncing it with a hard “g” so that we can call him Augie Doggie, or just Augie for short.

Augie is a sweet puppy and we are so happy to see how he and Bo (Bojite) are getting along. We are looking forward to seeing them grow up together.

We have attached a few photos of Augie so you can see how he is doing.

We also got some pictures of a playdate between littermates Rocky (Earl) and Hank (Early)




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