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Chloe & Louie

It’s been a busy week in TLC-land, what with a great day at Limerick Community Day yesterday, a hopping meet & greet today and a whole lot of adoptions too!

It was sheer luck that Chloe just happened to be hanging around during Louie’s adoption appointment because she managed to turn the situation to her advantage when her new parents decided to adopt her as well! Gwen liked her foster mom and TLC alum Willow FKA Bindi (mom to the cookie litter) so much that she decided to stay put & change her name to Leia. All 3 of our European litter (London, Italy & Paris) were as adopted as were Bailey, Buddy, Dewey (now Jojo), Faye, Freya, Floyd, Gabby, Genny, Harrison (now Houdini), Huey, Joplin (now Adelaide.”Addy”), Klay, Lily & Lorelei!

We also have some updates to share as well:


Sophie FKA Sophia



“It’s been a few years maybe 2013 we got Sophie from here. She is a wonderful dog , my sister and I have been so blessed by her, and her cuteness. We wanted to update you and share her today”






“I wanted to let you know that Sweetie (who we adopted in March) is doing great. If you remember, she was very malnourished but she is now nicely filled out and has come out of her shell and into the puppyhood she deserves! I’ve attached a few pics for you to enjoy. Thanks so much for helping us find our little love.”



Sally is now 35 pounds





Oz is doing really well since Bob and I adopted him on November 5, 2016.  He had his annual vet checkup last week and vaccines were updated.  Oz has gained 5lbs going from 17lbs last November vet check to 23lbs last week.  Every morning, he loves to chase the squirrels and chipmunks that raid the birdfeeder.  He loves playing fetch with his brand new toys – my new flip flops that he confiscated last month!    He gets along real well Dexter and Dinah as well as with my son’s two beagles that we watched last week.  Oz is still a little skiddish of Bob: but he warms up real fast especially when Bob takes him, Dexter and Dinah for their walk or when he gives him a treat. “ 



“Mav is doing great. He is still full of energy and goofy as ever! He loves hanging with his big brother Bo and going for walks, hikes or rides in the car. We have a 9 month old baby who has just started crawling and eating finger foods so I am sure he will soon be following her all over the house to pick up whatever snacks she might leave behind. She absolutely is obsessed with dogs so he might actually be running the opposite direction some of the time, haha!”


Porter FKA Mars

Porter FKA Mars

Porter FKA Mars

Thank you To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc., Mars, now Porter, is fitting in well!







She just graduated too! “


Tori FKA Paige

“Tori is doing just great. We love her so much and has brought great happiness to us.”


Maddie FKA Kayla

“Thank you for the email! I have been meaning to check in. As you know Maddie was a lot of work in the very beginning between her anxiety, excited peeing, shyness, etc. After multiple visits at the Veterinarian, and an ultrasound we found out Maddie has incontinence. She has been on a medication for about 2 months now, and has been doing great. Overall she is the sweetest dog ever, the biggest cuddles, and all around a good girl. We love going on hikes as a family, she loves the water!! She has made some really good doggie friends too who she looks up to a lot. She gains a lot of confidence when she’s around other dogs. Unfortunately she still pee’s everyday when we get home from work, we haven’t figured out what the issue is, we will contact the trainer Jeri again to go over it with her since she was so good with Maddie in the beginning. Maddie is a very shy dog, and unfortunately seems to have a lot of issue’s but i believed we saved her, and she provides us with unconditional love and that’s all we ask.”


Peanut FKA Wynne

“I know I can’t believe that August 6th was a year that we’ve had Peanut aka Wynne. She is doing great!!! She is such a happy and sweet dog. We really love her. I’m attaching some pictures of Peanut for you. We even got her a stroller so we could take her places she would normally not be allowed.”


Scooby Duke FKA Butters

Butters (renamed Scooby Duke) has been with us for about 2.5 months now and boy is he growing! He is now the same size as his 35lb adopted sister (and she doesn’t know what to do about it! lol).  Potty training has gone well, but he’s still quite the chewer (but that should go away in time). 

I’ve attached a few pictures of our growing boy including one with his sister, Leela.”



Lula FKA Macy & Gus FKA Maze

Lula FKA Macy & Gus FKA Maze

Lula FKA Macy & Gus FKA Maze

“Just wanted to send you a picture of Lula and Gus (Fka macy and maze) celebrating their first birthday! Happy birthday to all of the “m” litter adopted in October of last year!”





Chavo FKA Rambo

“Hello! Oh my goodness, yes…he is doing great.  Everyone is getting along wonderfully.  He is just attached at the hip to my son.  If my son is home they are literally never apart.  My son did change his name to Chavo, which means “boy” in Spanish.  He is catching on quite quickly to his new name.  And he is just such a good dog.  We have him off leash in the yard and he stays right here.  Comes when u call him, he’s just wonderful.  Couldn’t be better.  He fits right in!  Thanks so much for letting us have him.  We love and adore him!  :)”



“Kirby is doing well. I adopted him in February and it was tough for a while because he was constantly running away, even breaking through his invisible fence. It took quite a bit of work and patience to break him of that. 

I think he’s finally learned that he’s got a pretty sweet deal living with me, and the running has stopped! He’s a great dog – very sweet, gentle, calm…and terribly spoiled! 

Thank you for all your hard work at TLC.”


Zoey FKA Juno

Zoey FKA Juno

Zoey FKA Juno

“we are head-over-heels in love with our family addition. We have changed her name. She now goes by Zoey.  She loves getting to play in the grass (the higher the grass the better) she is a HUGE snuggle bug, and is a friend to EVERYONE 😃


She is so smart! already learned the basics (stay, sit, come) and we are starting on some additional commands so that she and I can one day jog together.  

our first week with her was a little rough as she struggled with puppy diarrhea. But our Vet is awesome and really worked with us to figure out what the cause was and we got things straightened out by week 2. 

thank you again for all your help and care throughout our journey to find her!

we couldn’t be happier with the beautiful dog we have brought home.”


Dizzi & Bella FKA Reagan

“I can’t believe it has been a month since we adopted Bella (fka Reagan) and Dizzi. Bella is walking nicely on a leash thanks to Dizzi showing her how to do it the right way. We took a long ride to Seneca Lake and the furbabies did great in the car. While Bella prefers sitting on the dock and sitting in the shade under the umbrella, Dizzi loves to sit in the sun and cool off in the lake.”











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