Jul 092017
Ivory now Dolly

We hope you all had a safe & happy Independence Day on Tuesday, and that your pups were able to avoid being frightened by all the fireworks & other shenanigans going on while everyone was celebrating! Now that the holiday is over, a bunch of our pups have been adopted and some new pups are celebrating their “independence” from shelter life & settling into foster homes.

Our girl Ivory was adopted the other day, and promptly changed her name to Dolly. Baxley, Beatrix (now Rosie), Bo, Lucy (Bully mix), Lucy (Husky, now Lu Lu), Macey, Marcy, Mark,  Mary (now Fiona), May (now Thea), Maybelle, Rico (now Bosco), Sadie & William (now Willie) were also adopted as well.


We also have some pupdates to share with you:


“This is Mavis. She was born 8/6/16 in West Virginia, as part of the “M Troop”. She was the runt of the litter, and the last to find her forever home. We adopted her in October 2016. She’s a whopping 23 lbs!! She won’t get much bigger…which is perfect for our little house. She’s a spirited little puppy, with a lot to say. This little girl thinks she’s a big deal!! We want to thank y’all for what you do there at TLC. We couldn’t be happier that Mavis chose us to be her forever family”


Maric FKA Colonel (Annalee & Tito FKA Thor’s pup) w/ special appearance by Zevran

“Little update on Maric FKA colonel. He’s fitting into the pack very nicely! He’s learning proper puppy manners from dogs, humans and the occasional cat 😆. Alumni Zevran and him are inseparable and love to play and wrestle 💜. Zevran is very happy he has Maric as a fluffy play toy 😁.”


Celly FKA Grumpy (Avery’s pup)

“Celly formerly Grumpy is doing great . He weighs 104lbs. He is one of the boys lol. He is a certified service dog so he goes everywhere with us. We couldn’t imagine our life without Celly . We are actually considering possibly getting him a buddy”.


Wyatt FKA Randy

We love Wyatt 


Jose FKA Baxter

“He has settled in nicely. “


Meeko FKA Ralph

“I did decide to change his name to Meeko. He is doing awesome settling in to the house. There has been no trouble eating and no bathroom issues. We have been supervising him while with our other two dogs, but they have been doing great with him we’ve had no issues. He tries to play with them and sometimes Kala (the more dominant one) will play!

I attached a few pictures. I am thrilled with how well he is doing and absolutely love him!”


Lola FKA Patty

“Lola is doing great! She is truly loved!

Thanks for checking in and letting us adopt our sweet girl.”



“Hi everyone! Tank wanted to check in and let y’all know he’s doing great. We are a little over a month from turning 1 year old!!!!! What fun ways should we celebrate?! He’s about to go get a trim so expect some after pics soon!!!!”

[editor’s note: we told Tank the best was to celebrate was to visit us, so he came over for a bit to brighten our day!]

Quinn FKA Sage

Quinn’s DNA results are in!


We also received some additional pics


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