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Tonight’s update is a little bittersweet as a story we should be listing as a happy tail may will have a delayed start that we’re all praying will lead to a happily ever after. Sweet Heather was adopted this morning but slipped away from her new family when they made a quick stop at the Wawa on Rt 29 in Malvern on their way home. Update: Thanks to some very dedicated TLC volunteers, Heather has been found and is safe & sound. We thank everyone who helped look for her and posted flyers/shared her story on social media in the hopes to reunite her with her new family. Extra special thanks to Bob Lewis for his guidance and Team Louie for their support.

Also adopted this week (and keeping their paws crossed for Heather) were: Charlie, Dennis, Dusty (now Roo), Everleigh, Gia, Hank, Henry, Hinton, Huntress, Irving (now Chase), Jasmine, Kirk (who moved in with TLC alum Frazier FKA Blue Boy), Macey, Maverick, Maximus (who moved in with TLC alum Marshall FKA Ben), Mimi, Mini Me, Porter, Potsie, Sarah, Sonny, Stella, Tex & Valentina.



We also have some updates to share as well:

Ruckus FKA Donald

“Hi…just wanted to let you know how things are going.

We just love Ruckus (fka Donald). He’s completely house trained…great in his crate but prefers the bed at night. He’s so much fun and we’re working on some retrieving skills. Attaching a few new pics…”


Otis FKA Carlito

“Otis has also finished his pre-puppy preschool training and is enrolled to start basic obedience in March. He is such a wonderful dog, we could not be happier!”


Abby FKA Gail

“Abby is doing great!!! She is coming out of her shell, very playful with the other dogs, and I believe she is feeling very comfortable with us. She is quite the snuggle bear. She is so quiet, likes to just sit at the window and look outside, and very well behaved. We are all very happy. She listens very well and is eager to please. She definitely does very well with rules and guidance. She got so excited one day when I put my coat on and ran out the door, But when I called her to come back she came right back I was so proud of her.”


Gordy FKA Ian

“Ian is adjusting very well and seems to be quite happy here. I changed his name to Gordy but since he’s so young he’s still working on getting it. We gave him his first bath last night which he loved, and now he smells like cherries! We’re planning on taking him to be seen at the vet soon. Thanks for checking in!


Nachi FKA Prince Charming

“Hello! Prince Charming is now Nachi and he is adjusting well! He is shy, understandably, and very playful. He seems nervous at times, again I understand he is adjusting.
We also rescued a little girl and they are absolutely best friends.”


Thor FKA Cole

“Hi.. we renamed him Thor and we love him to the moon !! He is such a good dog..good with people other dogs and house trained. He is smart as a whip and easy to train. Thank you for keeping in touch !!”



“That  little doggie with airplane-wing ears!

She is perfect in every possible way and smarter than I could ever believe and has adapted beautifully to my way of life.

I love her so much, I can’t get enough of her! And she doesn’t mind how hard I squeeze her when giving hugs! I get lots of kisses and Trix loves to snuggle! I could go on for hours but I think you get the picture of our love affair!️ Thanks for checking in… Hope all is well with you!

(P.S. I don’t dress her! A friend knitted this for her as a Christmas gift)


Bella FKA Jo

“Bella” (formerly “Jo”) is doing great!  We love her so much, she’s seriously the BEST! She has tons of doggy friends in our neighborhood to play with and walks with us and the kids to and from the bus stop everyday. She loves her 2 kitten sisters and enjoys hanging with us on the couch and playing in the backyard with the kids. She’s really a joy to have around! 

Thank you for helping us find her!!  



“Chloe is doing so well. It’s taken her a while to be totally comfortable but in the past two months we’ve really seen her personality come out and it seems like she’s become more attached to us. She’s incredibly well behaved and has quickly become best friends with all of the dogs in our apartment complex – she lives for her nightly play dates! She’s put on 15 pounds and a ton of fur since we adopted her back in July which is great! I’ve attached some pictures too.”



“I loved Turbo the minute I saw his picture.  He came home with us Friday night and immediately settled in.  No stress, no issues.  It’s like he’s always been here.

I forgot what it’s like to have a one year old dog and left out some socks and slippers which didn’t survive the Turbonator, but it’s small price to pay for such a cute, happy guy!

We’re going to keep Turbo, since he responds to it, but the nicknames have already started (I call him Beebo and he responds to that, too).

Here are some pictures.  Sorry for the not-great resolution.  He blends in nicely with the house  …”


Cinder FKA Uhura

“We are doing pretty good, working on potty training 1st and fore most. Uhura is now named Cinder, after her beautiful coat that reminds us of cinders and she is re acting to us when we call her. She is sitting and working on shake for a treat.

She vet to the vet on Monday the 22nd, got a good report and lyme shot and another month of Revolution. Our vet has a blue heeler so he loves her! We gave all your paperwork to our vet girls and they copied it all for her chart.

Tomorrow we are going to PetSmart to claim our coupon book and some goodies! and possibly a little coat for her.

So ..so far so good, will send pictures soon. Thank you for all you guys do and to foster mom Mary! I will spread the word about your rescue.

God bless”


Gus FKA Mike

“We renamed Mike the dog to Gus right away. A half hour after Laurie and the fosters left gus was curled up by my feet while I made supper, as if he’d been around for a long time. People always remark how he seems so comfortable and at home. They have been surprised to find out how new he is to us!

In June we had a baby girl. Gus is SO attentive to her. He’s got a very sweet relationship with my 4 year old son as well. 

I started selecting some photos to send you all and all of a sudden I was up to 16! So I pared it down. Hope you all enjoy. 

Thank you again for a great adoption experience and a wonderful dog.”


Chief FKA Champ

“Chief is doing well.  He has come a long way since being adopted.  Trainers from two separate classes he is involved in give him praise for his growth in learning.

It was challenging and still is to take care of him, but has gotten much easier.   He has had a couple trips to the Vet for loose stools and for vaccinations but overall has remained healthy.   

He enjoys the weekend where he plays with my sister’s dog. The two of them wear themselves out by Sunday.  

He has a long way to go but has been doing well in his training.   

Thanks for your email and offer of support.   Have a great day!”


Murphy FKA Terk

“Murphy is doing well! We’re working on getting him used to us. He’s quite smitten with my two daughters! He’s warmed up to them the quickest. He’s doing amazing in his crate training and house training! No accidents today and really only a few since we brought him home. He’ll be visiting the vet on Monday and we have plans for lots of walks and playing this weekend! Thank you for all you’ve done for him! We love him 🐶




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