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I think we can all agree that dogs are pretty amazing animals. They are capable of giving an inordinate amount of love to make our lives better. They are members of our family and, for many, being our constant companions and providing us with emotional support is a job for which they are well-equipped without any special training at all. Some, however, seem to have a special calling and ability to train to become a service dog and what they can do in that role is monumental to their human. This week, Abbey took her first step towards her ultimate goal of becoming a service dog: they met the humans who will work with Main Line Deputy Dog to help them achieve the esteemed rank of service dog.

Our buddy, “Big Max” the Beagle-Border Collie mix also found his perfect furever family as did Arabelle, Moses, Razberry, William (now Finnegan), Zelda, Zola & Zion! Zelda & Zola would like to thank Coldwell Banker for their annual Homes For Dogs event since their met their new families at the event!



It was a busy week-end for us with the fun Upper Providence Community Day event on Saturday and a few of our pups did some meeting & greeting at the dedication of  Mandy’s Memorial Playground in Phoenxville this afternoon. We were honored to be invited as our pups know that, if you can’t be as lucky as Dodger FKA Jacoby & Bailey (FKA Buttercup) were to be adopted by a DiGirolomo, you may be lucky enough to be DiGirolomo adjacent by getting adopted by a friend or neighbor of the family. If you’re in the area, the playground is a bright, colorful and safe space for the kids to play and a great addition to the community.


We also have some nice updates to share as well:

Maverick FKA Legend

Hi there! 

Thought you guys might enjoy some pictures of our big baby. Maverick (previously legend) is 7 months now and almost 60lbs! He loves his off leash hikes, playing tug of war, meeting new people, playing with other dogs and belly rubs! 


We were curious if you have any pictures of his brother icon. If so we’d love to see. “


Rocky FKA Patrick

Rocky FKA Patrick

Rocky FKA Patrick

“Rocky (formerly Patrick) is excited for football season”






Leia FKA Gwen

“Leia’s up to 11lbs 14oz at 3 months. She’s a sweetie. Spunky and cuddly. She’s had 2 puppy classes and now knows “sit” & “down”


I had her DNA tested to see what her “breed” is composed of:  25% German Shepherd, 12.5% each- chow, boxer, and lab, 37.5% mixed breed (terrier, herding, Asian, & middle eastern).”


Dolly FKA Ivory

Dolly FKA Ivory

Dolly FKA Ivory

“Perfect fit.”





Jax FKA Checkers

We have renamed Checkers his new name is Jax.  He is settling in great.  He and Boone are doing very good together we brought Jax home on Wednesday and Boone did okay but Sunday was a real turning point he actually let Jax lay with him now the cuddle on the bed and Boone’s “chair”.  Of course they are like little kids and if one has a toy the other wants it so but I couldn’t be more pleased with the transition. I definitely send you some pictures.

Thanks for checking in and for all the Great Work you do to get all the animals great forever homes.”


Jax FKA Spuddy

”Jax is doing great! His nickname is shadow because he follows us everywhere. He is always so happy, tail wagging and smiley. 

Jax gets along with all animals and people. One of the best parts of my day is waking up to his huge wet Pyr nose in my face.  He has put on a good amount of weight and is starting to look like a healthy mature Pyr 🙂 He also graduated from the crate and is allow to roam the house when we aren’t home. 

We recently started fostering puppies through TLC and Jax has been a great playmate and role model. Can you remember the Jax we brought home? You wouldn’t recognize this well behaved dog! He was the perfect addition to our family and we are very grateful for everything TLC does to help save these sweet pups. 

Here are a few recent pictures! “



“Dean is doing very well, and I couldn’t be more happy with him.  He’s super smart and already picking up on the housebreaking training I’ve begun.  He’ll be staying Dean, by the way…I just love the name.  He loves my two kitties and hey love him back…they’ve been running around the house together.  I’ll be sure to post pictures to TLC’s Facebook page periodically. 

He’ll be visiting the vet next week for an initial check up, and I’ll be bringing copies of all his medical records.  Once he’s old enough to be neutered, and the procedure is done, I’ll contact you to coordinate the refund of that neuter fee.

I haven’t checked the microchip info, but will do so ASAP and make any changes should they be necessary.

Thank you and your team for bringing him into my life.  He’s already brought lots of joy to my every day.”


Leo FKA Dillon

“We ended up renaming Dillon to Leo. He is absolutely the best pup and is doing so incredibly well ! We are so impressed by him every day. We had our Vet checkup this past Saturday and will be going back in 3 weeks for some more shots. Our vet recommended to wait till Leo is 6 months old to get him neutered. I’ve attached a couple pictures of Leo for you guys !

Thanks so much !”



“Thanks for following up! Bailey is staying Bailey, and she is doing well! She settled pretty quickly into our family, and we’ve started to learn her likes (chewtoys, sticks, peanut butter) and her dislikes (going outside in the rain!)

She has her first vet appointment this Thursday, and we have signed her up for insurance through PetPlan. She’s been very good at learning good doggie behavior, but we’re hoping to reach out to trainers soon to help work on her jumping. We are so lucky to have found her, and we can’t thank you enough for matching us up with her.

We have a few pictures attached to this email as well.”


Maxwell (2017’s Saving Southern Souls dog)

“Max is settling in well! We have been visiting the dog park daily along with daily walks. We have a vet appointment scheduled for this Friday. We have been working on training- Max now wears a gentle leader on walks due to pulling, but is becoming more comfortable with it. I am also working with him on basic commands. Thank you again for bringing him into my life!!”



“Thank you so much for your email. Kurt is doing great. We decided to keep his name. He is such a sweet puppy. The entire family is in love with him…he is already good friend with our neighbor’s dog and loves to walk to school with all the kids. “


Pebbles FKA Cookie

“Cookie is doing well, she quickly learns what we expect of her and slept all night in a crate next to the crate of our 2 other dogs.  Since we always ask the dogs if they want a “Cookie” we figured it would be best to change her name.  Yesterday we decided on Pebbles and she seems to respond to it already.  We have a vet appointment for her next Wednesday.  I was going to take her to Berks County Dog Training Club but it is the same night as Freckles Agility Training, I am looking for another place to take her.  I completely agree that training is necessary.

All my dogs, current and past, have had training for obedience, therapy dogs, CGC and agility training.  I will most likely take Pebbles for agility training after Freckles is finished.  

One of the best benefits of getting Pebbles is that she and Freckles (the rescue that we got last Sept.  and is afraid of dogs) get along famously and Freckles is even playing with her.  I will try to get some pictures of the 3 dogs together

If Freckles and Pebbles get a little too wild and start growling at each other our 10 year old pom will go and stand between them, it is so funny, he just stands there until they stop then goes and lays down.  I think that she is the perfect addition to our house.”

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook, we had some nice updates posted to our Facebook page

Cali FKA Carolina
Hello to love a canine rescue. Back in April we adopted a beautiful puppy by the name of Carolina. Thought you might like some pictures of her since she has grown a lot. We have since changed her name to Cali.”



We can’t believe that’s been a whole year since Angeline’s fluffballs were adopted. We knew they’d get big and we were right . . .

Utley FKA Bentley

Utley FKA Bentley

Utley FKA Bentley

“What a year! Today marks the one year anniversary of when we adopted Utley! He has made his mark on our family and we can’t imagine life without him

















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