Dec 242017
Baby Groot w/Leo FKA Dillon

Christmas Eve is a magical night and this holiday week-end, in addition to celebrating the holiday, we’re also celebrating the milestone of finding furever families for 2000 dogs!  We knew the milestone was coming up but it was extra special when it turned out the adoption of Jack, in the middle of the week, was when we hit our target. It’s a huge accomplishment in only 4.5 years of operation, and one we’re very proud of. We’ll share a nice video of Jack’s meeting with Santa & his family tomorrow; for now there are other happy tails to share as well.

Groot was not in the best shape when we rescued him from the breeder

Groot was not in the best shape when we rescued him from the breeder

Baby Groot came to us after being used for breeding purposes for 5 years. As many dogs used by breeders, he was not treated the way we and our adopters care for their beloved dogs. He wasn’t clean, needed some very basic vetting and some dental work because of the conditions in which he was kept. We got him the vet care he needed, a nice bath & grooming, he was neutered so he can’t be put to work again, and we gave him time to decompress in foster care to learn how to be a family dog. He was ready for adoption this week and is very happy to say that he’s now, happily, sharing a mom & dad with TLC alumnus Leo FKA Dillon and they plan to have the happiest of holidays.

Also adopted this week were: Demi, Gail, Kiwi Frita, Lobo, Meeny (now Rocko),  Patricia, Peter, Porkie (who was adopted by TLC Alum, Eanna), Stuart & Zelda!




Some updates on alumni


Gregor FKA Hampton

“And an update while I’m at it…this guy is a scream. Every day he does something to make us laugh. He couldn’t be any nicer, or lazier! We did nosework classes for about a year. He’s very skilled but he’s so lazy we just kind of fizzled out on it. “


Jessie FKA Harmony

“Merry Christmas! Christmas pampering for these girls!! Bella (LaMancha 2010) & Jessie (TLC 2016).




We also received a picture of Hope, the beautiful shepherd pup who spent a couple of weeks as a stray crossing the intersection of 202 & 926 about 2 years ago







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