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It was a lovely day today, capping off a nice week-end of TLC Fun.  Last night was our Comedy For Canines event featuring: Dorito-lovin’ Dan Wilson;  Beauty School Community College dropout, Tyler Rotherick; that guy from the TV station, Benny Michaels; and our very own stunt “straight man”/Adoptions Director, Jeanine “Pamela” Makara and, today the pups enjoyed the mild weather by meeting new people outside the Pet Supplies Plus in West Chester.

It was a busy week for us, with a bunch of adoptions and updates to share. Benji was adopted this week, as were Bella Lou, Chandler, Clarice (now Luna), Clyde, Cory, Courtney, Ramsey (now Hank) & Randolph.



Jeter FKA Grant

Everything is wonderful. Jeter FKA Grant is probably the best dog ever! He gets along beautifully with his sister ans he has made our family complete. I cant thank you all enough.

Jax FKA Max

We adore Jax! Thank you so much for him.


Biscuit is doing great with pooping and peeing outside and we have not had any problems that required a call to the trainer but we have the phone number out a ready to call if we need anything.

Biscuit really is a great doggie and an amazing addition to our family!! We are totally in love with her

Thank you all so much for all your help and support!!!


Spencer is doing wonderfully.

She has grown nicely and become a fast friend to our 12-year-old English setter.
If you follow Affinity Vet Malvern’s Facebook page you will see her appear every once in a while.

Hope you have a great day and thanks for all you do.

Katy FKA Katie

Katy has been awesome! Her favorite activity is playing in the yard with the kids. She especially loves when my son hits the balls with the baseball bat. Katy is becoming very comfortable as each month we have seen her nervousness of new situations wean. Katy does shed a lot, but she loves her trips to the groomers and knows how pretty she is after her bath. Katy is super sweet and has made a wonderful addition to our home! People have seen us with Katy and we have encouraged them to seek their own adoption through TLC.


Zoe has pretty much stolen everyone’s heart! She has taken up residence in bed and loves to snuggle under the covers at the end of the day. She is a somewhat picky eater but has finally agreed to eat “Natures Choice” single serving containers. She’s fit in well with our cats and has become the queen of the castle; chasing and playing tag when everyone is in the mood! ☺

She is potty trained and has her own fenced in area. When the weather breaks we will start taking walks on the trail near our home. I am still learning “Zoe” language so the “bird” (her nickname) barks until I get it right. I am considering some puppy school so that she comes when I ask and stops barking if I can’t figure out what she wants. She is very much loved…


Going very well. Our family went to MD over Easter to my parents house. Here she is being taunted by the squirrels.

Sadie FKA Star

We can’t believe it’s been 6 months since we adopted this little ball of energy. She’s fit into our lives like it was a perfect match. She LOVES being outside, going on hikes, playing with sticks, and her favorite toy in our backyard which used to resemble a soccer ball, but she made it her own. When she’s napping, she’s a huge cuddle bug, and is so smart and well behaved (mostly). Just this weekend we learned that she also loves the water and swimming too!
She’s doing just wonderful, and I hope that all her sisters are doing just as well!!

See a couple recent pictures attached! Hard not to fall in love with this girl!

Pepper FKA Sally

We absolutely love our new addition, Pepper! She is a happy and crazy puppy who keeps us smiling and laughing!

Mili FKA Eryn

Everything is going great and I love her so much. I changed her name to Mili. I am attaching a picture of her in the dog park.

Ellie FKA Dory

We did rename “Dory”. We call her “Ellie”. She responds to it better and it compliments our “Jethro” (from NCIS).

She is doing so good. She seems to be settling in and has definitely come out of her shell (and found her voice). She is no longer cowering and shy … in fact, she has very much made herself at home. She and Jethro are so good for each other.

We are working with Jeri on a couple issues, but overall she is doing great.

We really love her – she is such a sweetie ☺


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