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We don’t know about you, but after the awesome day we had at Sproutfest today, we are exhausted and know the pups will sleep well tonight! Thanks to everyone who came by to spend some time with the dogs, and alumni who came to catch up! We suspect that some of the pups may well have met their furever families today and are hoping they’ll be starring in next week’s happy tails post but, for now there are a few dogs who are excitedly announcing that they’re off the market.

Bailey was adopted early in the week and, as you can tell from the look on his mom’s face, it was a match made in heaven! Our sweet Susie Q had a bit of a rough go for a while there but she’s come out none the worse for wear and found a great family to star in future chapters of her happy tail. Also adopted this week were: Alvin, Caramello, Chubbs, Davidson, Dixie, Huey, Kipper, Kirby, Rose (now Maya) & Sweetpea!



We also have some updates to share too:

Calvin FKA Sam

“Calvin is doing great and adjusting well!!!! He’s such a great dog and he’s very spoiled! He loves playing with my mom’s dog! He seems to be very afraid of water so we plan to work on that.

Thank you again so much for everything! “


Geno FKA Eugene

“Geno and I are doing great. He is with me 24/7. He goes to the office with me every day. Perfectly housetrained. Not an accident or a territory marking yet.

He loves everybody , kids and adults alike. He also likes all dogs. Everybody loves him too. My almost 5 y.o. granddaughter adores him. When I walk him in the park near my office after lunch almost everybody talks to him and pets him. People always comment on his very unusual for a G.S.D. reddish color. I bought a doggie DNA kit to see what he might be mixed with other than GSD. 

He is a predator. His main goal in life is to get a squirrel or rabbit, He lunges at them and tries to chase them on our walks. He crouches down and stares at them and  tries to stalk them. He also barks and lunges at birds. He bites bees out of the air. He gets them with his teeth and has not been stung yet.

He is still skinny. He weighed 75 lbs when I had him weighed at his vet’s office a couple of weeks ago. He might be a little more now. His vet advised me to feed him puppy food. I give him Eukanuba GSD puppy chow. I always mix some kind of meat with it. He also gets something from me whenever I eat. He is skinny but very strong and otherwise healthy.

I am not sure what his prior owners did to him. He has broken teeth. I assume from biting on a metal crate or on a metal chain. Luckily it does not affect his eating. When I raise my voice to him (rarely) he crouches down and almost crawls on his belly to me for forgiveness. But when I tell him he is a good boy or that I am not mad at him or give him a pat he is so happy.

He loves his walks. When I put on his leash, he literally hops around and “talks” to me until we get outside.

Thanks again for rescuing him and approving me to adopt him.”


Wiley Jones FKA Joseph

“Wiley Jones aka Joseph is doing really good! The little guy is so sweet and is settling in nicely.  He was like Velcro in the beginning but I think he is starting to know this is his permanent home. I discovered he is afraid of squeaky toys so I have a product line of cutting them out and sewing his toys back together. lol.  He is a little shy with some strangers we encounter on our walks which is understandable.  Each day he gets a bit more confident. And, he is eating really well too.  I mixed some steamed peas with his dried kibble and now he seems to be in love with it!  He did well with his bath too.


We went to my vet Tuesday night so he is all setup there and they recorded his microchip as well. I got some pet insurance for him too just in case.  


I do want to get him some training as he has some manners he needs to improve.  We are working on sit and how to walk better on a leash.  I will likely reach out to one of the two trainers you suggested.


Thanks again and here are some pictures of the little guy!” 


Cassie FKA Cash (aka Jelly Bean)

“Everything is going well with Cassie (formerly Cash).  She hasn’t broken through the invisible fence in months. Her “cousin” dogs (my daughters’ dogs) have made her acquaintance and tolerate her insatiable play requests.  She is friendly to all and a good dog.  Unfortunately, my husband passed away at the end of August so she and I are both adjusting to a new routine.”


Stanley FKA Stan

“We decided to change his name to Stanley. We are starting to settle in. He was a bit nervous for the first few days. He is still working on letting us know when he needs to go outside to go to the bathroom, and he does not like his crate during the day, but we are adjusting. He seems to be learning his name and learning to sit and walk on a leash already.

We went to the vet yesterday and everything looked great. He got a shot for Lyme, and the vet said he is doing well and to give him a few weeks at least to adjust. So everything is going pretty well!

I think I will contact one of the trainers for a little help with crate training and with his barking at other dogs. He seems fearful of other dogs especially bigger ones, so we would like a little help with that. 

Thank you for checking up on us and for all of your help! Here are a few pictures of Stanley. He loves to sleep next to us and get his belly rubbed. We love him already!”


Greysyn FKA Rocket

“Everything is just perfect, we love Greysyn (previously known as Rocket) so much. He amazes me everyday with how intelligent he is, he is such a sweet dog but he still is very leary of strangers. He truly makes me laugh everyday with the way he throws his toys around and runs around like a nut. He seems very happy and very eager to please. He’s my little snuggle bug! He really helped me with getting through the loss of my beloved Pomeranian and I couldn’t ask for a better fur baby. 

Thank you again for your assistance in helping me find him.”


Noli FKA Renee

““Renee” is settling in great!  Her and my current dog Baby are getting along amazingly!  While I think Renee is a very pretty name I’ve decided to rename her “Noli” short for Cannoli.  She is scheduled for a check up with the vet. Next week and I’ll be verifying the Micro-Chip info this evening.  Crate training has been going well…though I do feel like a monster putting her in at night and when I leave for work! (She’s getting a little better with it everyday). “


Abby FKA Kali

“Thank you for the follow-up email.  Yes, I have change her name to Kali.  She is still getting used to it, but she will get it in time.  I have a vet appointment set for tomorrow afternoon.  We verified the microchip info while I was at the center – it was wrong the first time, but is correct now.  I will look into the training, but Kali is really well behaved and may not need much.  I think since she is 3 it makes a difference or she just is a good sweet girl!  She is good with the house and made herself right at home!  Taking over my bed and pillows!!!  Still getting her used to the neighborhood.  She doesn’t like cars or trucks and living in a town, we have a lot, but she will get used to this also.  But she seems to love her enclosed backyard!”


Gracie FKA Jannece

“I just wanted to update you on my adoption of “Gracie”.  We got past the beginning car sickness and tapeworm and she is doing quite well. I couldn’t be happier with her and I think she loves me (I love her, too) and is very affectionate to my husband & family members, as well.   She is SO AFFECTIONATE!  We take long walks every day and she gets plenty of attention and treats.  Thank you for all you and your rescue do.   If you all did not save these dogs, they would never get a loving life – or any life at all!  I cannot imagine this dog being put down – she is so loving and always wagging her tail!  She deserved a good home and I think I gave her one (with your hard work)!

Thanks again!”


“Thank you for checking in! Higgins is settling in very well so far, it has been almost a best case scenario with how him and Cappi have been getting along. “


Vini FKA Vincent

  “Hi! Vincent is settling in quite nicely! We’re keeping his name, but i think he responds to Vini so that will be what we use. He went to the vet Monday and tested positive for giardia so he started medicine for that today. I left a message with someone to contact his foster family, as they have other dogs there who may be affected. Vini has been a little shadow to our Doberman Kavi. They are adjusting to each other well.  I’ll attach a pic. Thanks for checking in. He is an absolute sweetheart! “


Skyler FKA Marley

Skyler FKA Marley

Skyler FKA Marley

“Thanks, all is well with Skyler (marley)! She is a great pup.”







“Max had a great time on his first camping trip!”


We also caught up with Piper FKA Maggie May & Lucy FKA Daphne (who met her mom at last year’s Sproutfest)!









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