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We know a lot of you were wondering what the results of the 2017 Wags For Warriors campaign were and we’re pleased to announce that TLC received $8,460 in donations to the campaign this year! TLC and our beneficiary veteran’s organizations were each eligible to receive up to $3,000 in matching donations. Donations to TLC from Giving Tuesday (Nov. 28) through the end of the year were automatically matched up to the cap and the pay it forward donations were distributed across the other organizations as directed by our donors.

To make sure the benefiting organizations had the best chance of reaching the maximum pay it forward donation, we let the donors know when orgs reached the cap to confirm they were OK with the match to their donation being split across the remaining organizations (we also directed the match for donations in which the donor did not specifically designate a charity/respond to our emails to organizations that hadn’t met the cap).

All in all, we’re pretty happy with how things went! Alpha Bravo Canine & Fund for Veterans, a program of Mission First Housing Group each received $3,000 in pay it forward donations while  Veterans Multi-Service Center received $2,460. 

When our benefactor overheard a call with Metropolitan Veterinary Associates about one of our dogs in their care, and the cost of the bill for that dog alone already reaching $4,000, the benefactor decided to double their match to us and donate $6,000! Additionally the benefactor’s employer has an employee giving program that matches employee donations which means the $8,460 in donations from our wonderful & generous supporters ultimately raised $37,380 in funds for 4 fabulous charities!  If you’re trying to wrap your head around that math:

  donations to TLC through WFW campaign matching/pay it forward donation from benefactor benefactor’s employer match total
TLC  $8,460.00  $6,000.00  $6,000.00  $20,460.00
Alpha Bravo Canine    $3,000.00  $3,000.00  $6,000.00
Fund For Veterans    $3,000.00  $3,000.00  $6,000.00
Veteran’s Multi-service Center    $2,460.00  $2,460.00  $4,920.00

If you made a donation to this campaign and your company has an employee giving program that matches donations, since TLC is designated as a 501(c)(3) charity by the IRS, your Wags For Warriors donation to us may be eligible for a matching donation from your employer.  TLC’s IRS identification number (EIN) is 46-2618710; if your employee giving is through the United Way, our United Way code # is 51921. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need to provide your employer with any additional information to have your donation to us matched by your company.

On behalf of all of our dogs & our 3 beneficiary veteran’s organizations, thank you all for your support and for making this campaign a success!



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  1. How fabulous! So glad to see TLC supported as well as the Veterans!

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