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To Love a Canine Rescue is looking for more volunteers to provide short-term, in-home care for friendly dogs & puppies until they are adopted. Foster families help us save dogs from euthanasia so we can find them a loving, permanent home.

Fostering prepares a dog for adoption.Think about it, if you wanted to adopt a dog into your home,which looks like a better candidate? The dog who was abused / abandoned / beaten and is now locked in a shelter because they’re too scared / unsocialized /untrained / territorial / etc, or the dog who spent the last month in a foster home adjusting, socializing, gaining confidence and training? The choice is clear. A dog who has spent time with a family – maybe among children – and proven themselves is going to be adopted infinitely faster than a dog with a dark history. A fostered dog is like a job candidate with experience and a reference on their resume.  – Jay Boehmer, Fostering: The First Step In Saving Lives 

TLC pays for all veterinary care, food & supplies, and provides you with support while a foster dog is in your care. Fostering is a commitment that can last from a few days to a few months so, TLC works with you to ensure your foster dog fits in with your family, & works around your schedule so you only foster when you want to foster.

If you are interested in learning more about fostering & how you can save the life of a homeless dog, please feel free to email us for more information or apply online.

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